Monday, June 29, 2009

My life over the past few days.

Indeed i ended up getting a tad lazy. On the blog writting side that was. I had 3 planed and following Saturday's night out i felt i had the makings of yet another blog.

So to fully use my Super TITLE's system, which i now feel should be Super Tags...
I will rattle on about the topics i wanted to discuss in my own way all within the same blog post.

It's Life Jim..... Really i thought it was a green alien i could fuck?

-Several day's in one self-critique.

So this part of the post would normally and nominally be much larger. But since i have the super title's i can spread out what i want to talk about and keep them in context.

So talking about my life i will just say what i did do over the past few days, then discuss them in depth else where. Although i'm sure there's more i'm supposed to say but for the life of my little fingers i don't know what it is just yet.

On Thursday i went to the cinema with DS. Following that we did our usual Bromance thing and discussed our love of film while browsing through the various collection's of HMV, Lazer and Tower Records. It wasn't always this way. It used to just be the cinema, but the longer he was in scotland and the less we were in school together and so on, like when we were actually in school together, the more it seemed this was a neccissary addition to our outings. Now we have many a story of our walk and talk moments, but this one was like any other day, just movies galore and plans and so on. My examblor problem came up but i openly said that i didnt want to talk about it. The same could be said for that night.

It was a High Society event, and i will discuss more later. Basically we said good-bye to I-T as he jetted off to the Lone Star State and the bizzare presance of "Air-Con". Considering our mini-heat wave that was very present on Thursday this seemed like a wonderously bizzare idea. Moving air about to both keep cool and warm? INSANE! Sure we boil water and run it through pipes! Some of us just burn smokeless-coal! But Air "Conditioning" how god like! We Catholic's couldn't do that, we're meant to be wet, miserable and greatful for our Temperate potato friendly climate....

Speaking of friendly climate. It was. But i couldn't exactly relax. I didn't know all there to well. And with my Examblor result's a longer story of my own hap-hazard making and my reluctance earlier to mention it i had shot myself in the foot, social-discussion wise. I was left with little to add to conversation after that point. I'll mention more later.

In the gap between seeing DS off and meeting Society folk i went to the computer's in College. I retrived my current story i was typing. For the entire academic year, from my failed repeat's to this summer's exams i had slowly been working on this and i had forgotten to email it's latest update to myself. So i sent it on home so to speak and did my facebook thing. I saw that Boop was talking about American Psycho and how it's graffic nature as a book might not be something she was preparred for. I then realised what else was written and adapted from books by that author. Curiosity drove me to Wikipedia to realise the name. Knowing the balance of my walet i though, why don't i buy some books. So off to the 2nd Science building i made use of it's wash closet facilities and then went back through Campus to Dame Street. Hodgis Figus. Note pad out i started to write down what i wanted. I looked straight away for "The Rule's of attraction" by said writer of American Pyscho, it wasn't in stock. I saw Twilight on the shelf and grabbed it, loving the movie and discussing it's apparent disapointment in book form with several people i though i had to. I then saw "On the Road" close to where i was looking for my first book, it was a must so it was added to my pile. Aware of the sexual leaning's 2 of the books i wanted or had in my hand had i took out my phone. Remembering True Blood and it's sexy vampire way's i searched for the name of the first book at it's Author. This book also was not on the shelf. I then looked for a Chuck Palahniuk book. I either wanted fight club or one of his others, and then i saw Choke. I loved the film, hilarious and about a sex addict, i must have it! Then for reading i knew i should do i sought out 1984. In tring in vain to search for True Bloods origin's i asked a Clerk for assistance, both books i was looking for were out of stock. So i bought my books. I crossed DIRECTLY across the road into Waterstones. They were far more empty due to it being 7-52 and i asked the desk clerk about the same 2 books. He instantly knew that due to request they were out of True blood but he walked me over to Bret Easton Ellis's section and unfortunatly The Rule's of attraction were not there. SO i decided on to eason's. I had time, although it may have been closing time. So across the liffey and up the "TRUE" main street of Dublin. Into Eason's i found the section i was looking for. I then found The Rule's of Attraction. But i couldn't find my sexy vampires. Peeved i kept looking. No avail. I then saw High Fidelity. I love that movie, i've seen it several time's, it was on my mental must list of reads, oh well i said, and i picked it up. Now with no money left with any more than 1 drink and maybe some chewing gum i resigned to the fact i didn't get the book i wanted.

I was already reading Ross O'Carrol Kelly's latest and had it with me. I'm not a book reader as it is but i have been following him as a cultural means of necesity akin to Adrian Mole as an introduction to Adult humour and puberty that all teenager's should read. As a dubliner and a southsider who attended a very upper-middle class school of lower sporting class this was also a must read that i got into very late. Only reading the last 3 books and not the first one's.

I sat on the boardwalk to the left of o'connell bridge facing south. It was covered in rubbish, and assorted immigrant groups and inner city residents. I sat and updated my facebook status on my phone, tweeted on twitter and sat back to look at my books. As i sat a drunk easern european sat beside me. He had 3 can's of beet and one in hand. He then asked me if he could "connect" his brand new iPod suffle with my iPod. I informed him of the technical implausability and i was then informed how he got it. He was in a casino, i didn't know we had any, and had put 2 euro in a vending machine. It had various random prize's and he won. He recieved a 1GB iPod Shuffle, making his evening apparently. He then chatted to me briefly and friendly about my books and i discriped 1984 to him. Albeit ignorantly claiming it was a Fascist regeime. Easy mistake but the introduction didn't make it any clearer. It is a Totalitarian state and a horror story of the kind of things that happened in Soviet Russia at the time but it's not quiet a Socialist state or communism. I was right in comparing it, sort of, to the totalitarian and Demi-god nature of Nazi Germany and not of Soviet Stalinist Russia. More because of the constant state of war and so on. But in truth it's the motherland all over, not the fatherland. But i felt this was a pointless distinction to explaint to an inebriated eastern-european migrant worker who was at that time chatting up an Asian girl with a thick inner-city dublin accent. So i read on. I then briefly was a baby sitter for his 3 un-oppened beers while he went to the toilet accross the street. A roving pack of Sub-asian's of Malasian or Filopino relation dressed like African-American rappers had breifly eye'd up the beer and this was why i was "minding" it. The Happy Gambler returned and soon after was joined by other people of similar european extraction and spoke in their unidentified eastern language. I know small amounts of german, east of that it was all far to similar for me to distinguish. I finished the introduction to 1984, inspired, confused and in awe and moved off to the pub.

Friday was quiet enough. Sort of fell short on my house cleaning duties but i think EYES WELLING at the constant news and music of Michael Jackson was possibly a weak excuse... But my dad did have chore's for me. We cleaned the back yard. i then spent the rest of the day trying to get my Mp3 player to work. Yes it arrived. And it was a bloody nightmare. One i will discuss later. And of COURSE there was the Tennis! You can't clean the kitchen when you have Tennis to watch! O' YOU SO CAN'T! What if you missed a single point, what if it rained? What if McEnroe was more hilarious than normal. IT JUST CAN'T BE MISSED. That and the highlight of that day, for me any way was a sign in the crowd. It read:


Amazing to say the least possible thing i could say when trying to comment on how brilliant, witty and well referanced i thought that particular piece of cardboard was.

Saturday and Sunday, a mini-adventure:

Saturday, out i went again. This time for Lenn's 22nd. Now arriving in town i was early. So i walked around a bit. I was looking for Exchange Street because a Society Friend now had a place there that was basically his for a youth art's centre. Amazing unto itself but i had no idea where it was and it's not exactly furnished or open yet. Even looking for a free Fire Insepection according to facebook.

Now i didn't fid it. I looked at every road i knew in what i thought was the "limit's" of temple bar. Now i don't think there is limit's to temple bar. I count across the river along the boardwalk and that street off of the Ha' Penny Bridge as "Temple Bar". I also count the area South of Temple bar stretching down George's street and in alley's and so on Toward St Stephen's Green as a Mini-Temple bar. It has tourist stuff, cafe's, art-house video stores, the x-box centre, a market, well known and infamous pubs, even a cobbled pub filled alley. It so is Temple-Bar South. But to my shock the next morning, across the street from the road facing Town hall, is a mini-enclave that is OFFICIALLY also part of Temple Bar. I didn't even know it existed, i thought it was a tini strip of buildings before Christ Church and Wood Key. Apparently it was bigger than i thought. Okay so it's full of flats, but still, is it really any more "Temple Bar" then the area's south of it or it's appendage's across the liffey? Acording to the map of Temple Bar yes...

Now when i arrived in town it was 8 o'clock. I bought some Super-Caffine drink in Centra on Westland Row. I then gave 2 euro and a Murray Mint to a homeless guy. Now he appeared to be falling asleep, had an actively burning cigerette in hand and was easily identifiable by all western citizen's as a homeless or hard under person. As he rose his head and smiled a thanks and was surprised by the mint i could see i did a good deed. Now it wasn't poisoned. I am a student nurse after all. But as i saw his smile and lathargic nature i knew straight away that he was something more than the usual street obsticle that people treated him as. No, in a rather disgusting and almost biggotted idiation in my head i gave a name to my realisation that i was going to include in my blog. I gave him the moniker of a Class M homeless person. The Mercedes Benz of lower socio-economic person. He's a methodone dependant person. But by his nature and wry smile not just of thinks but sluggish nature he must also still be a current "intravenous drug user"/IVDU/Heroin Addict. Now people are people, i am after all a hypocritical Socialist. And i felt for the guy. Regardless of his reason for being on the street i was going to give him a mint. The 2 euro on the other hand could have been used in a consumerist way, but would have been far more wasteful in my hands. Or at least i wish to believe that. I didn't need it, and i can't say who would have spent it best. But then again alcohol and cigerette's are heavily taxed so i was indeed doing a better and biggoted thing by believing i was in-directly paying for his treatment and welfare by allowing to continue pursuing his vice's....

Now why i had mint's was simply because they were in my dad's car as a drive-time amusement. But they eventually bite me back in the perverbial.

Now while waling around Temple bar. In my rather odd attirement of a Black Blazer, White Shirt, Purple patterned Tie, Blue Jeans, Black scuffed fromal shoe's that i ware on placement, and a shoulder bag baring the my very own name but in Corporate Logo form, because i get that particular company as a slag name a lot. I walked among weekend revelars, sports fans, hen nights with tiger suit bikini's and pink wings and wonds, tourist's with children rather shocked at the crowds and the shiteness of templre bar all at the same time, and of course PRIDE Week. Now you couldn't mistake them, they are a usual site for night's out as it is, but this time out in politicial and GAY as in happy and load ways. Rainbow flags were everywhere and every hair colour imaginable was also present on some of the more stereotypical Lesbian women. But one interesting note was that i was breifly stook walking slowly behind a group of three DEF Lesbian's who were not quite stereotypical but with the added weight of being hard of hearing it was interesting to say the least. I know they were Lesbian by the lack of virtue of knowing my stereotypes. This being the Rainbow flag wrapped around one of the woman's shoulders, their rather manly attire, their closeness as a group, their hair style's and colour and the rather excited party like face of the def girl in the middle who hand to keep turning to read the words of her two friends.

As i conceded i couldn't find what i was looking for i noticed the mint's were having an effect on me. I hadn't eaten much all day. And mint's are in larger quantities a laxative. I had had about 8 at this stage. So i held the rumbling and descending feelings of the paristaltic motions in my small intestine and colon for as long as i could. Not seeing any public toilets on the map of temple bar and knowing, most of it, in my mind i went to the next best choice. Mc Donalds of Grafton Street. Despite it's heavy foot traffic of "riff-raff", goth's, tourists, students and lower socio-economic types it is a very clean and well run location. Due to the size of the number's it recieve's for healt and saftey it would have to be. And for someone desperate with a need to sit on a clean bodily motions recepticle it was a very nice sight! Wow, that was not a nice experience. Starting a night out sick on a Mc Donalds toilet, usually it's the other way around. I guess that as i don't drink i had to experience it some way or another. Now of course for the drinking population it's usually out of the mouth they get sick, the odd aditional embarrising addition of the other end but not as stereotypical or frequent. Once all terror had passed out of my lower body. I washed my hands heavily and left. But i then knew i should eat.

This was a tough choice. I was in Mc D's. But i went for Burger king instead. I ordered the Recession Buster with sprite. I sat down, alone upstairs amongst happy couple and troupes of people having a good time. As i ate i resigned to not using my mp3 player. My phone was also out of credit. So i read the posters and ate in silence. Cocking an ear to listen to the music comming from the ceiling. I then glanced at my drink. Seeing it was dark in nature i sipped it, curious as to why it looked like a form of Cola. Upon sipping i knew it was a type of Cola. I then lifted the lid, it was a type of cola. I then looked at my receipt, it said Sprite. I then thought about consumer laws, what i had ordered, The item's i had with me and the effort of going down stairs. I thought of eating without drinking and producing the drink as evidance to get sprite instead. But i was eating, i needed to drink the fluid aswell. So i continued, partially wary of the bad luck surrounding a run to the bathroom and an incorrect order.

I arrived at the planned pub and saw that i was early. I will cover this all later.

Now i wasn't as i said staying at Lenn's or anywhere else. My intention was to find a public space, warm and well lit for the night and to finish my book and start 1984. I went to Eddie Rockets, or Empty Pockets as some call it. And had a Malt OREO Milkshake and a glass of water. A rather friendly Sub-Asian, most likely Indian waitress felt it was neccissary to advise me on the consumption of the malt. Warning that it could melt. I smiled and thanked her and continued to read. I finished the book and eventually my 3 glass's worth of Malt and 1 glass of water. I did have more change but decided not to buy food even if the nice waitress did keep asking if i wanted anything else. So i went to the bathroom and left. Oddly i though Bus Aras would be open. Unfortunatly that wonderful Transportation Hub was NOT OPEN. It was unlike the airport and only had drunkards and late night travelers waiting for coach's that would arrive outside without a conductor and then move off in the night. The entire ugly poorly designed megalithic monstrosity of a Bus station was closed. So was Connolly station. So I went to an internet café. Opposed to their signage of 1 euro per hour it was 1.50 per hour. They also wanted cash up front, a most insane concept. Now i couldn't see the price's inside, good tactic. I did my email thing, read facebook and blogs and then watched Michael Jackson video's on youtube. I also checked my walet, i could stretch maybe 2 more hours but it wasn't worth it.

Now i checked bus aras again as it was now 4am, like that made a difference. So i thought, the sky's getting blue, maybe if i walk the full length of the docklands i can phtograph the sunrise.

So i walked on. Down Mayor Street, now possibly the new longest prominade of inhabited buildings and shop front's in the city. Apart from a gap in the yet Unfinished Spencer Dock that is. Now i had walke this area few time's in curriosity and boredom to see how the Luas Extension was progressing. Well, i'd have to say. It was Foggy, my camera's flash kept going off in the confusing blue-grey haze of pre-sunrise. It was a light mist, the distance was obscured but this was maybe 50 metre's distance or further depending on where you were. But my camera caught the moisture like it was rain drops. Every photo of what to my eye were AMAZING views of foggy sky lines, abandoned streets, unattended construction material and the newer building's i hadn't seen before. But my camera is not as powerful as a human eye. It see's the moisture, which i can't, and it see's fuck all light, which i can. It was a beautiful understated dark haze. It gave an eery quality to the deserted sprawl of Boom-time money appartments that were still being added to and finished in the previously industrial area. Spencer dock is now far more finished than it was. I corssed a bridge into sections that were previously un-accessable. The New appartments and offic complex's were all already occupied, or partially despite the boom. Mere month's ago this large "quarter" had no road access at all. It was one massive Construction site. It now had a bridge and had reopened a road that ran through it, as well as building a new branch of Mayor stree that has never before existed on maps, despite the straight line it runs in towards the O2 at the far end of the docks. The convention centre is VERY far from the city. This is at most 20 minute's walk from the IFSC. The Luas really is neccissary here. It has a stop at the college, the spencer dock park, an nother one in the origional house's of the area and it's final stop at the "Point Depot"/O2. It's a very long walk. I stopped in the park and felt awe at the site of a building's skeleton just barely visable in the fog, a work in progress. The crane's tops were not visable and i was standing on fresh grass. So fresh that the sculpted green area wasn't actually landscaped. It was lumpy. A fire access hydrant was randomly placed in the lawn. There was park furniture there and a sculpture but this is a fraction of the "square" that is due to exist. A teaser if you will.

Now i moved on again. Wishing i had walked barefoot in the moist fresh grass but i didnt. 2 Security gaurds approached me on Segway's. Luminous jacket's and all. This was hilarious as the people i had seen throught the docklands were all drunk stumbling creature's heading home in the fog. The deserted landscape and ghostly feel making their presance menacing and reminding me of Zombie movies. But there had been no incident with any of the drunks so far. I was the only sobre person walking in the entire north docklands. This circling and rather odd Security men asked me if i was okay, and soberly i said the wrong thing as if it wasn't a problem. I was currently looking at a scale model of Spencer Dock through a window in one of the buildings. I replied "I'm Just looking." Now to a security person at 430am on a sunday this is the worst thing you can say, or imagine it would be. "I'm mentally and literally raping your significant other", would probably be worse. But i was sobre, disheveled and sobre. I walked on. They didn't seem to do anything but hover and make sure i walked on. Those crazy neo-post-modern reccessionary Private security contractors and they're pointless 2 wheeled toys.

Now i walked further on. Spencer dock is still incomplete. So i walked along the river and then cut back to the Luas Line. An empty street with small Corpo stlye house's all probably worth hundreds of thousands, but possibly millions 2 years ago if they were for sale. Unfinished bus stops littered the side streets. In the distance and behind me taxi's skirted across the place like wild dogs in a ghost town. Preying on the drunk and whisking them home or to other parties. And there was far more than one still going. What do you expect they're irish, they lived in impossibly over priced apartments in the docklands. Most of the revilers must be Mortgaged up to their eyeballs, and drunk and broke in even worse similies. One party was echoeing from some unseeable point in the disance across a vacant lot that decended at least 20 metre's into the ground with a concrete support wall surrounding it. It had formed a mini-lake due to it's dry wall keeping water out but not taking it out. The Docklands are re-claimed lang as it is. But who ever own's this site must be kicking themselve's. It's full of millions of gallons of water. It has a wall to stop that from happening to the foundations of what ever is built there, but it doesn't have a drain or pump or main's access. This undeveloped site is a massive, at least 4 acre gap in the development of the area. Close by among several large appartment building's, at 5 am there was still a loud party going on.

Further down another party next door to the O2 Arena was still going on. On a balcony recessionary dublin youth drunkingly bellowed out Slurred line's of Micael Jackson's Thriller over and over and over. A Taxi arrived and a Chiverlous young man appeared not to be joining the party but collecting someone. I then reached the Liffey again and took a few photo's of Grand Canal dock, to foggy to see, the O2, a Damaged Lighthouse boat and a row of small pleasure craft stretching out into the fog of that blocked the view of the sea. I crossed the Toll bridge, the last crossing. I was now in "Ringsend." The first street i entered was confusing to say the least. I had now entered a Dock-workers style 19th or early 20th century terrace. These house were all 1 story and TINY. But the first few cars parked either side of the road were.... All Geman, and all less than 7 years old. Merc's and BMW's outside what should be "Corpo" house's. It was odd to say the least. I guess the resident's had all cashed in on the future development's that had yet to reach east of the River Dodder on the south side of the docklands. U2's Tower and other building's have yet to get full permission for this area. The origional house's still stand, most still occupied.

I walked further and reached a main road. It led straight to a bridge over the doder as it entered the Liffey. I then crossed another bridge soon after that was beside seemingly abandonded and MASSIVE industrial building's that resmembled gain silo's or a brewry. Also in-view down one side street was the old Gas-o-Metre. Now with a circular appartment building sitting inside it's footprint. Conservation and modernisation side by side. I then turned left in grand canal dock just to see a very curious site. The Grand Canal Dock Theatre. It's red lighting, park area and open jetties and waterfront were odd to say the least. The Theatre itself is also far from finished. But it's outside is open and used. It's also exposed to the water's edge. In Dublin, and Ireland this is just crazy. Public saftey seem's non-existant in that planning. And very few ring bouy's in view. Now i'm all for bringing the water to the venue. But this is GRAND CANAL DOCK. It's not exactly free flowing or natural. The canal is full of rubbish in it's urban length, and so infrequently used that it doesn't drain well enough. To think that all that water runs through the boarder of Inner-city centre and outer satilite village's all the way to this large area beside it's entrance to the liffey. It also meet's the Dodder at this point. A river that used to flood 1970's development's in a first sign of our Greed. To the relief of southside protestors flood defense was built that increased the speed of the Dodder and now frequently Threaten's the Dropping Well Pub in Milltown. Without natural flood area's that river is not always safe. So it also flows out into the Liffey near where i now stood...

A Female Policewoman cycled past me in the fog, to chatty drunks stumbling behind me, now walking faster than my aching unfit legs and blistered feet. I walked through and around the appartments and office's of the liffey's south bank that i had never seen before that night. Too far down, out of the way, not on any main road or transport route. At this point the liffey road is 2 way as it doesnt have a road bridge connection as you head east. This means it's actually a smaller less imporant road, like most of the area. A small cluster of house's and former industrail site's that was growing slower than the northside area's. The Gas-o-Metre was a nice example but it's vaccant. It couldn't sell all it's over priced appartments. It is now "halls" for D.I.T Students at a discount from the developer. Which is just a story i had to tell. In all the wonderful development of the Docklands Grand Canal Dock, Ringsend and "Irishtown" were not getting the same attention as the IFSC, Mayor Stree, Spencer Dock and the Point Depot. Mainly because MOST of the northside area's used to be Rail yards, Canal basin's for the Royal Canal and other dock structure's like warehouse's. With all that gone CIE, the state and the politician's and their friends made a fortune, so did the Docklands development sceheme. But no one else. The residents, the new residents, the new tennants. They're all paying throught the nose for what is now all over priced locations. It's still not finished but the whole concept of this Ghost town area at 5 am just seem's like a joke.

I eventually made it back to The IFSC and the CHQ mall. I walked to connolly which was closed, then Bus Aras, Still Clossed. Connolly again, it wasn't going to open till 7am. It was just turned six. I was limping, my bladder was full and my blisters changed my gaite into a slow painful shuffle where my knee's barely moved and my toe's supported most of my steps. I looked for a place around the back of the station to go but all the door fronts had camera's. And the sky was now blue so any early bird resident of near by buildings could see me. I ducked into some bushes and did my thang.

I hobbled down Talbot street and reached o'connel street. The battle damage was evident from last night's festivities. Dublin Corportation workers and street sweeping trolley's, skips and trucks were out in full force. I stopped at a Londis/Subway beside the top of Henry street and got a 6 inch halm sandwich for 1.99.

Concious of my injured and tired state i walked to the boardwalk i was the other day. A cleaner with a skip slowly picked his way along while hobo's slept on the bench. Above in the contra-flow bus lane a crowd had formed. A Coach sat facing the wrong direction in the lane shwong off it's European Left-hand drive. The crowd appeared to be Romani Gypsy's. They were not leaving the bus but getting onto it. I thought about it and theorised that they might not actually be The same group "expelled" by racism in the North. But it was possible. I read 1984 for around an hour and put my sandwich wraping's in the skip when it came close. Seagull's and Pidgeon's fought over rubbish and bread strewen across the deck. It was an amusing site to say the least. Eventually the sun started to peirce the clouds and i could feel it's warmth. I was tired but i dedided to move on. I stopped by the Londis on the foot of O'connel brige's southside and bought to can's of Coke Zero for 1 euro. I then cut into Temple Bar on Fleet Street. Surveying the damage so to speak. Also determined to find Exchange street, as seen on the map. I eventually got there. The construction material for new pedestrian crossings around College green were untouched. And so was a small site beside Purty Kitchen. Exchange street is an odd enclave. Appartments, a deralict site. Out of the way to say the least.

I then cut back to Town hall and Dublin Castle. I payed a memory jogging visit to The Sick And Indigon.... a house at the gate's to Dublin Castle that has a interesting history. A personel one too as a childhood friend used to live in it. The Dublin Castle park used to be my playground when i was at his. I then walked up the alley way that used to be a site for revilers, mainly from the George to retire for certain reasons only known to themselves. It was one of the reason's my friends family moved, that and the 60 acre farm they bought in wexford for relatively cheap considering it's size, (about 2 million). I then went through part's of "mini-temple" bar and back onto college green. I looked back and saw a Female Gardá standing infront of blue tape in the square infront of Central Bank. So i hobbled that way to ask what had happend. "A fight" she said. I then scanned the scene with my eyes again. The main area under tape had nothing, but nestled between a circular planter and a bench was a pile of bloody rags and blood stain's on the bench itself. I didn't photograph this but walked on.

I entered trinity and walked across front square. Considering it was summer and 8 am it was weird. A "walk of shame" in disheveled cloth's from a night before. A slight coke stain on my shirt. Hobbling on the cobble's as i walked in the warming sunshine. An attractive jogger passed me. By the time i reached The Player's theatre she was on her way back barely breaking a sweat. I then entered the computer huts that had been my place of study for exams. The door was oddly wedged open. I closed it, anyone could get in, it was dangerous and agaisnt it's security feature's purpose's. Several computers didn't have network acess. Poetically the same computer i used on Thursday worked. I sat there and did my email thing. And Facebook and so on. I was knackered, i dosed a bit. Then someone entered. I closed my eyes again and dosed for maybe half an hour. Then started typing. I typed my story. Adding to what i had emailed home on thursday. But this time i did send it to myself again.

I left town on the 130 enterprise. Recieving money from my mother to do so as she was working on the sunday afternoon due to a busy schedual. I bought an ice cream, Mint Feast and a can of Monster energy drink. Home i went. TIRED.

The life section was a few dozen paragraphs longer than i thought, to save pain for readers. I will post the other trivial analyses in another blog, at another date with the right tags.

Examblor results tomorrow, that could nix blogging for a while. Fingers crossed and all that.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Brief Update

I have 3 possibly even 4 blogs pre-planned based on recent events.

1 for a day i will most likely not forget.

Another for the sad passing of an icon.

And another for a socio-political-cultural theory/musing of mine that i've been toying with for a while and has been fueld by recent events.

Inluded about the place, most likely the first post will also be:

Some talk of Bromance
Some talk of movies
Some talk about books
Some talk about multi-cultural Ireland
Some talk about technology and my new mp3 player and the hell to get it's cheap ass to work

Also expect High Society boy in the corner reports from I-T's passing and possibly Lenn's Birthday tomorrow. The latter all depending on delegation, communication and liver metabolism.

I'm zonked. My New toy is finally read for music and movies, and my rash is back. Talk to y'all soon.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A day of sun, garbage and light lifting.

It's Life Jim... but hell if i know anything about it:

-Chore's galore:

Ah yes. I woke at 8am. Slept. 830am. Slept. 905 am. Slept. 915, i got up. I went to the bathroom as you do. On with the trousers socks and shoe's. A brisk walk to the kitchen, close pantry door, unlock back door and let dogs out of cage. Then stand against the red Merc in the shite covered stone back yard and notice how the swealtering sun of a mere 9 am had woken me to witness a clear blue sky. It's alien, it's warm, it's sticky, it's so bright OH GOD IT HURTS!

Yeah, i'm a bit of a night owl and Irish, like the rain that runs through my veins and into my bones. Sunshine is painful for me. I burn easy enough. I suffered through in Oz and didn't get burnt (too much) as i had factor 25 on every inch of exposed skin. Here at home i have no cause for such good moisture and uv protection regeims. But indeed there was sun today.

So i fed the dogs. I fucked off to my bedroom and started my usual lazy web search. Then installed a game, and didn't play it, more later.

Then at about 11 or so hunger got the better of me and back to the kitchen it was. Poridge. Bathroom break. Eat. Wimbledon highlights. I then cleaned. Yep, i wiped the kitchen surface's clear. I also let the dishwasher, overflowing from the night before (when i had put a tablet in as cutesy to my tea drinking parents, alas they didn't tidy up their cups). So i wiped all the counters, even the one with the phone that NEVER has food on it, but is NEVER cleaned. I then fucked off again and played my games. It was then that i noticed that the truck sounds i had heard earlier were a delivery, to this house. No, not my Mp3 player. No it was plaster board and fiberglass foam. All for my dads megolithic garage (going on 3 years of construction). Upon his return i had to do some lifting. Now the boards, all 12, weighed nothing. But when mowing a tiny stretch of grass gave my tighs pain, this was no easy feat for my deteriorating state of fitness. My hands were slipping, my biceps and triceps screaming that they were indeed in real proper use. I needed gloves for grip after the 4th board. My finger joints still ached but it was all good. I got it done despite ache's. They soon subsided, but damn were they alarm bells.

Then the dreaded yard. Oi Vay. Those damn puppies. You see Rosie like's to scavange. She ripped open all the garbage bags. Now it was all dry stuff or recyclable material's, but it still made a mess. Once again i had to clean this up. The second the Federer match was starting at that! The injustice! So in my annoyance and sweat i got the black sacks, i got the brush and i went to town on that damn mess. Well sort of. I gathered the free radicle's, and then the rubbish. Bagged the flying debris in a white bag. Re-sacked the open black sacks of bottle's and jars that were all fermenting. I then locked the puppies in and dumped the bags in the "alley" between the two garage's. And after that i swept up the dust, dirt, soil, woodlice or woodlouce i noticed, and stones. I piled them all together and cleared around the back door step for beautification reasons. I then sat back and enjoyed the tennis, satisfied.

I later in the evening traded pleasentries with Ming as he sat on a seaside cliff beside his home while i ate pizza in sunset watching a good 5 setter on the kitchen tv. I also arranged a cinema outing with my good olde mate DS. He's finally home, thank fuck, i miss movie's so terribly. I also arranged for it to be possible for me to pop in to see off I-T and catch up with everyone from The Society.

I had missed Percy's private b-day party on monday. This was due to not mentioning it to the parentals or facilitating any way of getting there and back. So i missed that occaision. But this one i will hopefully not. After all I-T is not a bad guy, sure being an american is a minor disadvantage but he's sound as a pound a talented speaker and i'm sure we'll all miss him on several level's.

In conclusion expect a High Society and Cinephillia post tomorrow or on friday.


Try, try and try and test my time:

Last night i gave in to temptation and dragged out a game i never really got into. You see i LOVE Sim City 3000. I play it several time's when ever i can, and recently played a good few cities and so on. But sitting on my desk for at least 3 years has been Sim City 4. On olde Bertha she didn't work. On Lorraine she was grand but i couldn't get a good game going, and it ate up space, so i removed it.

Now several year's later i tried to give it another go. For a while i was a good boy. The Tutorial city was almost going well. But then i got ahead of myself and it went tits up. Money was draining out so i upped the taxes and i couldn't get a profit any more than about 50 Simoleons. Which is pants really. So i cheated. This didn't help much. Only a grand at a time is a shit cheat. And it didn't help. But some how this effort in vain kept me awake till 2 am. Damn god games, so addictive!

I had also been eying up my Civili(z)ation Chronicle's box set. Civ 1, Civ 2, Civ 2 Test of Time, Civ 3 "complete" and Civ 4. I play civ 2 all the time and i had for a good while kept the disc constantly in my computer to run it when i felt like it. It run's in the back ground and doesn't do anything unless you move. So it's perfect for surfing the web and controlling boredom. Or good for late night procrastination as my teenage years proved.

I installed Civ 4. I had played it a few time's before. Again taking up to much space on my old computer it was removed. I liked it. Infact it is really good. But FAR too short. I was peeved at that, same goes for smaller worlds. I'm sure there was a balance to be found. I loved what i played, and it was easy, i didnt even have to cheat for added fun. But by installing it and reading the box i remembered and saw that Civili(z)ation 2:Test of Time was in the collection.

This meant that the partial 3d "sequel"/Add on to Civ 2 was on my pc and i didn' t even realise it. So i searched deep into my programe files and lo and behold it was there.

I think i played it at some stage in the past. And was very annoyed at it's far darker palate. If Test of Time was a Emo with white make up, Civ 2 is a naked hippie on acid at Candle Fair in California's forest fire season. Well not really, but Civ 2's background colours and feel is very very bright and pastel. The game interface is a simple understated light pencil grey. The grass is bright and creamy and so is the ocean. The unit's are simple, made of very few colours and bit's and basic. Test of time however is Morbid in it's darkness. it's hard of detail despite it's abundance. It's all animated. The unit's are nice and all move but are far harder to distinguish. For some unknown reason everyone is african or indonesian. They're very hard to make out compared to the darker green's of the game. The game interface is also a VERY DARK Black and grey and is just so much more sinister and unforgiving compared to Civ 2's pastle simplicity.

I have been playing Civ 2 since 1996. I am nothing but an avid recreational and insomniac user. I have played hundreds of games. I used it as excuse's for not doing German homework! It is a large part of my life. Now the more i played test of time the less it bugged me today, but the colours are still FAR too dark. The game play the same if not easier. And my current game is going well, okay i'm cheating, but on easiest mode and with a big world the time is going by slowly, and this is great. I get to build up my empire and advance mile's ahead of my enemies and neighbours. It's going well and i'm sure i will play it a lot in the near by future.

One massive problem. I started Test of Time just to see if i could play old Civ 2 saved game's in it. Unfortunatly this is un-possible. Which is the biggest crock of shite ever. Absoloutly evil. About 11 years to late to complain but it's the principle of things!

Lounge Athlete

It's Raining it's pouring, and Wimbledon highlights are boring!

That little ditty was mine from about 2007 years ago when it was very wet. The year nadal took around 3 days to play one match because of rain delays. The year Federer was still the top dog, and stylish with his 3 Racket monogrammed blazer.

Fast forward to now and Nadal, last years winner, and the world number 1 is not there. The talented powerhouse from Spain is so damn good that his knee's gave out on him. His KNEES! Yep, he's so athletic and stong that balance and running about the place has shot his knee's and he has to rest for a good bit. He suffered in the French and was beaten by the rising Soderling, who is through to round 3 of wimbledon today.

Nadal's absence as we all know mean's Murray, britain's number 1, and the worlds number 3 is almost un chalanged in his half of the draw. Leaving it to the back bencher's to fend amoungst themselve's to step up to the net and challange the Tim Henman spirit that is backing Murray and is fast track to Federer in the final.

Now not to dismiss the rest of the men's draw. There are other amazing players out there. Andy Rodick, 2001 Wimbledon winner Leyton Hewitt, "dyockavich", Soderling and a few others.

In today's action Federer went through pretty easy, seeing a pattern in ole Willy Garcia-Lopez's play and demolishing him in 3 straight sets.

But following Federer on Centre court was the entertainment match of the week so far. Sam Querry vs Manin Cilic. WHO you may ask. Well i knew of Cilic, i had heard his name at least last year. Only 21 apparently. He was up against an american hopeful that McEnrow was giving big kudos to.

The first set went to Querry. It looked like he had it in the bag. As it started, the commentators and myself were begging for a 5 setter. It seemed like the right thing to do. And early play's seemed so even. But as the set slipped away from Cilic he seemed Lathargic and depressed. It looked like a shame. But Wait, he got the second! It was a tie break. He had a spring in his step and it was looking good. He then broke Querry's serve in the FIRST GAME OF THE THIRD SET. Querry matching him perfectly but taking the same mind set as Cilic earlier in the match.

It wasn't full of amzing dive's, it wasn't too insane. I didn't have Federer or Nadal Quality but it was damned even and a great battle. The 4th Looked like it would be Cilic's as well. But it was even all the way and led to a tie break. And it ran away from him, match point never came easy enough. Querry fought back and got it. He was on a roll. The crowd Extatic and staying in the cold of a sheltered Centre court as the sun slowly started to set after a hot day in Wimbledon. And the tension and talent was just as hot on the pitch.

5 Sets. It was 8pm! And 5 bloody sets. BBC 2 stopped it's coverage, but i had a red button. ONWARD! It went fast. They were playing for 3 and a half hours and some how they looked like they could go for longer. Eventually it happed that Cilic broke later in the set and managed to win it. The crowd were raring to go, there was a mexican wave only a few games before. They were loving it. They would have loved it to got in to the ten's or 20's before it was over. Game's that is, as the 5th set has to keep going. There's a record of something like 27-25 and an 11 hour match or something. A similar record being set in men's double's a couple of years ago by the Brian Brothers because of rain delay and their talent. Although they were playing together...

Cilic won the match: 4-6 7-6 6-3 6-7 6-4

A Great Day to be a Lounge Athlete.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Photo's of my toys.

So to show you all what i own. I will take photo's of the multitude of gadget's i seem to posess.

Plus some links and image's of thing's i would love to have...


All my Toy's:

Click to enlarge.

This is the break down of what is there:

4 Disc men. Only the one on the top left still works. The rest all broke for varrious reason's over the space of 2 1/2 years. Yep i'm gifted at breaking things.

My Alarm clock. Not very good but i need it to wake up to feed the dogs.

My Portable Dvd player and remote. Great for watching Frasier Dvd's in bed, or movies.

On old normal camera who's ownership is a mistery but i have it anyway.

My old camera. It's slightly damaged so i only use it to transfer photo's to my computer. The batteries in my very good Kodak waste easily, but this older one work's as a webcam so i use it to upload all my photo's via it's sd card slot.

My First phone. A Motorolla T 2288. One of the first WAP phone's and the generic version of their well advertised "fm radio" phone of the time. It's at least 9 years old now, still works. New batteries, new arial. Still goodish condition.

My 3rd phone. In the interum between this phone and my first was a cute little Sagem for about a year and a half that i had after 5 years of using the Motorolla. I then got this baby. She's a Motorolla E770. They don't make 'em like they used to. It was a Vodafone specific mobile with Videophone capabilities and an improved wap service. It lasted me more than 2 years. It wasn't a well selling phone because of it's "size" but it was perfect. I got very good use of it. Although the videophone was never used. Great light on the back of it as well. Very handy for adult affair's in the dark trying to find that damn profalactic. I switched it over to Meteor to save money. This rendered the wap useless and it's java games bought farely eventually stopped working. I switched from it only 3 months ago in favour of the next item.

My INQ1 Social Networking phone. Oh i love this little thing. When i have good coverage, ie when in an urban area it's amazing. It can do so many internet related things. Facebook is in built and so on. It has a moderate camera as well that is good for quick photo's for blogging and so on. I've mentioned this phone a lot and it has it's own label. I love it. Although i could upgrade eventually...

Creative MuVo TxFm. This was my "2nd" mp3 player. My first was a first generation iPod that wasn't really mine. This little baby is one hardy little thing. I didn't use it too often. Favouring my plethora of Disc men and my cd collection. She had limited space of 512 MB so she wasn't exactly sizeable. But she also has fm radio. I let it go through the washing machine and it still worked. But in time it's power button stopped responding due to fidgeting with it. I used it mainly as a USB stick for college. Although recently it stopped doing that also.

Tevion 5937. It's not actually mine. It's my dads. I mistakenly swapped it with my dad for my Warfedale Mp3 player which i bought the week before i got my iPod Nano 4th generation widescreen. Which is a different story. I swapped for this to use it as a sort of usb stick for college stuff. Unfortuntly my old computer didn't detect it. It also doesn't take any random file. So it's a useless lump of 2gb of space that is worth nothing to me. It has a weak interface and is frankly nothing special. I don't use it at all.

Pray for my Wharfedale. It was also a black mp3 player. 4 gb, great mini-jack ear phones that could defen you and could carry any file types like a portable hard drive. I liked it. It only had one problem, it's stand by didn't save power. If you paused it it would continue to run and it would drain the battery. I didn't get much use out of it. I bought it with house sitting money for about 60 quid in Argos. But when my parents returned from the UAE they arrived with an iPod Nano 8 G. A death sentance almost for the Wharfedale. But it was still a portable hard drive. I then swapped it. And now my dad has missplaced it. Nay good for that little thing.

My iPod Nano 4th Generation widescreen 8 GB. I have used this baby for over a year now. It's earphone jack is slightly damaged and thus several earphones either only play on one side or end up breaking when used with this iPod. The current one's i'm using seem to be lasting a good bit longer so fingers crossed they don't break. I have at least 1 spare pair left. But i don't want to chance it. It's nothing special. It's an iPod. It is too thin to play games on without giving my pain's in my thumbs. It's powerful, sleak and nice. It was out of date within 2 months of getting it but it's going to keep working for at least a year or so more. However i am starting to struggle to fit JUST 8 gb worth of music onto it. So i recently bought a new mp3 player on ebay.

This is what's to come:

It's a 16 GB touch screen Mp3/Mp4 player. It's a knock off of the iPod touch. But it feature's SD card compatability, an FM radio and a copy of the software used to run the iPod touch. It also support's any java games. I got it for 35 euro on ebay, a bloody bargin. I should recieve it soon.

The last item there is the auto tuner for my Guitar. I haven't used it or the guitar in a good while but i have it none the less.

Oh btw this is the guitar:

It's a Stagg. It's basically just a copy off a Fender Stratocaster. But it's built by a company called stagg. I don't use it that often any more but she's a beauty. I pick her up now and again, ye know to relive those teenage dreams of being able to play or even better be in a band.

Thus complete's my Q-Rated bragging about my gadgets.

A Handbook To Madness 2: A Manifesto

The last handbook to madness was one of the earliest posts. After a request from my then only reader, Kaffee, for an explanation of the Anonymity system i posted a guidebook of sorts to who's who in my little world. Well that was pointless considering so many more people are now on that list and complicated things have happened over time and so on.

This Handbook is different. This handbook, this great flight of fancy and imagination. Is a means to consolidate and update my blogging into one coherent and organized structure that will take care of all my random posting's. It is both a Manifesto for change and a guide to the contents of my blog in the past and what i intend to include in the future and possible events in the near by future too!

Table of Contents:

Super Title's and what they will each mean

Le Future: Things that could happen in the nearby future, and my intentions for my blog and life on certain paths...

SUPER TITLE'S And a new Method To My Madness:

SUPER TITTLE'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes this is what i will call Each section of my blog and how they will appear. Basically for each blog post i will fit what i am writing about into one of several SUPER TITLE'S and then rant about them within that heading with optional sub-title's. They will also, be distinguishable by being in bold or caps and separated. They will also now be the main and hopefully only thing included in my Label's. This will be to facilitate search's for other occurrence’s in each Super Title.

There are 19 SUPER TITLE'S that i feel will cover both wickets/all base's or whatever metaphor/simile i need.

It's Life Jim (but not as we know it):

(Diary entries of any or all content) Label's: Life, It's Life Jim, Diary.

This will most likely be the majority of my posts and will require sub-title's more than most. But hopefully with the Super Title system will be broken up more and will not be required as much as you may expect. My life, my thought's on my situations that don't fit super title's and so on.

High Society:

(The Society, debating, campus politics and friendship/kinship/brotherhood): Society, College, School.

This one's a no brainer really. It already exists as it is. But with my involvement not being what i want it to be due to my failure to vote for myself and the busy nature of next year but i will still include this part of my life and all the friendships and interesting stories gained from it.


(An old blog of mine now contained in this blog): Cinephillia.

As with the nature of the old blog this will be a look at my love of movies. Movie's i have recently seen, Whether in the Cinema, DVD, TV or Online. It will also cover any critique's i may have from time to time.

Music Or Misery

(Also an old blog now contained in this blog): Music

Music is a big part of my life. I listen to it all the time. I therefore think i have a certain taste and opinion related to what i like and why i think it's good. Of course that's just snobbery. I in my liberal mindset believe Music Criticism is impossibly wrong and heavily biased. But i'll happily critique what i know about and like. Basically I will talk about artist's i love and how or why i love them and the odd time put down others because i don't like them at all...


(Older, new, and moded computer game's and why they are amazing): Abondonia.

Abondonware is the name given to software that no longer has a platform that can utilise it and or is out of date, hard to buy and rare. It is also a name given to older computer games. I play a lot of older computer games. They're just better. Also my pc isn't top range and i don't have the thumbs for Console's so PC games of yester-year are my go to joy. Open TTD and Civili(z)ation II being my main joys in the life of gaming. Plus other games that i have lying around and so on.

A nerdy gaming SUPER TITLE that you won't see to often, but it's a SUPER TITLE none-the-less.


(My view of the celeb world and current stories): Celebs, Celebtastic

I read several things around the web about celebrity and so on. It's called boredom, we all have it sometimes. So in an effort to remain relevant or to show i exist in the same plain of reality as the rest of us i will occasionally mention why Slut A is drunk and why Douche B is well a Douche. Stuff happens out there, we can't help but notice it and hey, i might as well mention it.


(News is happening 24/7, i will mention some...): Newshound, News, "insert popular news story or twitter trend name here".

As i said news happens 24/7. If something is happening in the world i will mention my thought on it, however opinionated or brief. I will endeavor to weigh in on what is happening and hope to inform as well as develop comment on it. It is after all a main facet of the blogosphere to comment on the world around us and the NEWS is how it is usually done for us by various media.

Lounge Athlete:

(my occasional interest in that alien world of Sport and physical activity): Sport, "insert sporting event here".

I am NOT a huge fan of sport. I don't follow any team in any sport. I do not follow any particular sport. But i do, like many follow big sporting events. The World Cup, The Olympics and Wimbledon. I never miss these things, they are my main and only sporting fix. If anything Wimbledon, being annual is my main area of sporting knowledge. And thus i will talk about Tennis with more fact's than i will any other sport.

Love, Actually:

(Love is the thing.) : Love, Love Life, "insert current fancy here"

Shocking as it may be but everyone has a love life. And even without a love life it is still called a love life despite lack there of. So in my quest for a partner in life and so on i will comment on it from time to time here. From fleeting fancies, to hopeful suitee’s, to anyone i may date or experience intimate moments with. This will be the Tunnel of Love and so on. It will mainly be full of whining and postulating, but if things look up here and there it could be all mushy and gooey and you'll hate me for including it.

Brick O' Brack:

(You can't have one without T'other): Misc, Brick O' Brack

Random thing's that fit no label, or fit more than one and hence for sake of ease will go under miscellaneous or Misc.

Video Kill's:

(Youtube and other viral flash boxes): Video Kill's, Youtube, "insert funny viral video trend here"

As is the nature of the web in this day and age there are these things called video's that play moving image's that entertain us. If one entertains me and i find it worthy of my blog i will added it to my blog and show it off to you.

This will break my blog though and cause it's feed to my facebook not to display the video or any words in the blog. Why this happens i do not know, but the same go's for photo's.


(It's Where it's @) Web-watch, web, interweb, "insert popular website here"

I am a prolific web user. I use it all the time. This SUPER TITLE will mention every part of my web use that i wish to share with you. From the blogosphere to Twitter Trends, to Web Browsers themselves, to New "IT" websites, To old one's, To place's where "it's" @.


(Academia, my college study life and so on): Examblor

As a nursing student, it's something i can't avoid. It's the monster in the room, exams, and so on. It is a big issue and so is my academic side as a whole. So i will cover it from time to time as it will have important factor's on many part's of my life.


(My story's, Lyric's and idea's, patent pending..): Muse's, Writing, Screenplay's, Lyrics, Poem's etc

I have what i would like to call an "active imagination". And with that i have many idea's and thought's which form many of my untapped "talents". I want to eventually write several books and create several tv show's or movies. I also from time to time write lyric's/poem's and i may share a few with you. I also have idea's from time to time and it would be nice to share some of them as well.


(Gadget's and how i love them): Q-Rated, Gadgets.

I am a man. Hence i use gadgets, it's a given. I have several Mp3 players of various make's and size, i have a webtastic INQ 1 mobile phone that i brag about a lot, i have a pile of broken disc men, a portable dvd player and i have 2 camera's. I love gadgets. If i could i would buy several kick ass mobile phone's, mp3/mp4 players just to test them or to have them. I would also love a laptop or notebook or pda, scratch that a touch screen blackberry/pda. Basically i would like many a thing i can't have. But it doesn't mean i can't educate myself about what kick ass gadget's and manly toy's are out there. So i will mention it all here, all very Q-Rated.

NB I would get a pink Nintendo DS/DS lite just to have a DS!!! No matter what condition or colour, if it works i'd have any gadget!!!!!!

Health & Illness:

(Health and healthy living and illness's and poor life behaviors): Health & Illness, Nursing, Health, Illness, H+I, "insert health scare/pandemic of the moment here"

As a Nursing Student, a human and citizen, a mental-illness groupie and a socialist, this is all very important to me. Health and it's opposite illness are very important thing's for society and humanity. So i will mention these things many a time in various forms and weigh in my thoughts, official and abstract... (sometimes sterilisation, genocide and quarantine seem too tempting to logical to ignore...)

Snap Happy:

(Camera's and photo's i've taken or love): Camera, Snap Happy

I'm no professional. I don't know or understand the "rule of thirds" but i do love photographs. I love them in all shape's and size's. From early lithographs’ and Auto-chrome's to my own snap happy way's within my "social life" and for recreational use. Camera's and their by-product's are an important part of life and with the disposable nature of digital they are even more common. Even my portable phone and telegram machine has a camera. So expect awe inspiring old timey photo's from by gone era's or interesting nugget's snapped by my hand.

On The Box:

(Television and it's shows): TV

I watch tv. We all Watch TV. It's just a case of what we like to watch. Well i will tell you what i watch, why i watch it, what i think is good and why it is so. So stay "tuned" and don't pick up the remote.

WARNING: Crime Drama, Medical Drama, Sci-fi and British Soaps/Drama and Comedy/sit-coms/Panel Shows feature heavily.

So that is the SUPER TITLE'S list. To recap the SUPER TITLE'S Are:

IT's Life Jim

High Society


Music Or Misery




L0unge Athlete

Love, Actually

Brick o' Brack

Video's Kill





Health & Illness

Snap Happy

On The Box

This is all to facilitate easier search's and to also break up my blogs. I also hope that it will allow me to run trends of several smaller blogs throughout my posting. Thus separating each field of blogging under these SUPER TITLE'S and letting you all know what the hell i was on when i wrote each entry.

It's Life Jim:

The Future:

Well what's in store for the rest of the summer? Hmm well first we have to see the result's of Examblor and then study, work, and grovel accordingly. It's an extensive situation and i will discuss it under an Examblor post next week.

Other items of interest will be that DS is home. This Means cinema trips soon. So more Cinephillia is inevitable. But also his 21st is this summer. And there is a provisional plan for a trip to Amsterdam. So that could possibly happen. Provided Examblor result's are not to evil and snarling, festering and draining of my life-force.

A reading of the new Ross O'Carrol Kelly book, and inevitably a post in the style of that most popular dubliner.

It all hinge's on that Examblor post next week, so hush hush, stay tuned, Xo Xo and all that jazz.