Monday, March 22, 2010

I hate me some drivers!

I really do. All smug and  cosey in a bus eireann coach i looked upon the single occupant affluence mobile's with scorn!

These people shouldn't be driving! Look at yer wan, she's looking at her nails and not the road!

And that truck driver, he has ear phone's in, ever hear of a radio pal? Or Hazard perception? Gobshite.

And that one, he's readin' a newspaper, for the love of god whats so important on a page other than page 3 of the sun that it warrents a viewing on your steering wheel?

And this nordie fecker, a full length truck and gobbuldie gooke license plates and he's on the phone! The phone for fuck sake! That's Two penalty points right there for liftin' a mobile while driving! Don't bother hovering it beside your ear, your still using it!

Bravo misses, you have two kids in he car. Good for you, would you mind keepin' a safe distance then and letting the pricks in 4x4 couches merge?

Oh and this idiot, breaking every ten seconds. Hasn't he heard how each break light is acts as a wave that spreads back for miles in traffic. Feckin' idiot....

Oh wait, he's the bus driver, never mind.

The horror's of the M1 Southbound at 830am....

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Brief update...

I would love to write more often, i really would.

But with no computer to call my own i spend most internet time, procrastinating and reading shite.

Not blogging or looking for work, or anything heavily constructive....

On Monday's i am continuing to volunteer with Exchange. It was a good 4 hours or so, more friends and got to know the people i met before a little bit more.

It's sort of hard to know what to do and so on, since it's all ad-hoc. But also i was nervous and mumbling, or felt i was some times. A lot of the time when trying to explain the place to people i sort of gave a quick story and passed them on to have a look around. I failed several times to really connect with them, or to sell the place. And since that's what i am meant to be doing, i felt i wasn't doing very well.

At the same time i spent a lot of the time on the pc, a linux super slow machine, but with firefox. I spent a lot of time doing my usual internet Thang. But then started writing or rather re-writing the screenplay concept for my super hero idea. Which i worked on for a while.

I also saw 2 movies that day, Green Zone and Legion. I payed for Legion, but the price was so high, and i had so much spare time that i just popped into Green Zone as well.

I would do a cinephillia review etc, or talk about my love of film and want to do those course's but i don't really want to talk to much about that right now.

This week has been rather uneventful and i would love if i had actually done something. But being short of money, not on the dole, indebted to my parents and stuck at home with no form of transport. I just seem to be overly relying on this isolation to not really deal with anything. And to fob off my feelings and rash as added reasons to not do much and to wake up late.

I might do more if i had the a pc. But at the same time i would also procrastinate more.

I have to come up with a schedule of what to do each day. Take control, and get things done. Find out what i need to find out and help myself get better and get work and eduction, and make friends.

All if's and buts, and candy and nuts etc.

My parents and i keep feigning-ly mentioning that we should all be on diets. But we keep not doing anything about it.

My mother said she'd get a low GI diet cook book for us to use, and that i should cook all the meals since i'm here all the time. I'm not a chef, but i'll do it.

The more time i spend at home the more i keep thinking that Chores, the dishes, mopping, cleaning etc should be featured in my stories to show people living. Cause so far it's the only living i seem to be doing, and it's half arsed at that...

Become organised, enjoy things more, get out of the house more. And earn money. Can't be too hard? Been avoiding it for 7 years....

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

a day of networking and free books, plus some catch up...

Well how could i not mention what i have been up to lately.

In regard to college, i may have briefly mentioned that when i went to get a form signed for applying for the dole, the wise people of Trinity told me i was down as off books.

A few weeks later i got around to calling my tutor and i saw her last friday.

It turns out the mother of all technical fuck ups happened. A computer input error of some kind means that i now have a 3rd chance to do 2nd year, providing i can pay the fee's.

I don't have to decide anything until September, but still its one hell of a fleuk-y jammy chance.

Before i am due to go back i am also going to be recieving my CAO results. We can't afford paying for 2 whole years of another course compared to just 1 of nursing before my other free fee's kick in, so this may or may not be mute. But i don't have to decide until then.

So on Friday, as well as phonning my parents, and going to the carreers office in Trinity to book an appointment i also went to a debate for the laugh. See old friends etc etc

Well it didnt exactly go as i'd hope, infact i was so out of the loop so to speak that i barely talked to anyone i knew and very little to stay. I sort of latched onto some people i barely knew and had just met but even then i wasn't exactly dazzling people with verbal calistenics and trope's, meme's, anecdote's and banter. No mainly i was pretty mute.

By the time the rather good debate was over i couldnt really see anyone i had anything to say to in the crowd, and it was A CROWD. I sort of got negative thoughts, a but panic-y and just left.

In other news i joined up with a Exchange Dublin and am now volunteering for them, and hope to get involved in a few of their groups and projects in the near future.

I was actually there today, on my first "shift" watching the place and meeting people from 3 til 7.

It effectively is a meeting place, of people and idea's and frankly as one guy said to me, it's far better than sitting in the house not meeting people and not talking to them about things.

Not only will helping out one day a week be great fun, with free tea, if i drank tea, but also wi-fi/ a linux computer at the front desk to toy with. New friends and connections to be made and the art/drama/photography/poetry and shared dvds and youtube findings of Dublin and even the worlds aspiring young adults and bohemian layabouts.

I discussed everything from the futility of a must see movies book, the amazing trips you can have stoned on european railway's, helped a cyclist with some bruised ribs while a german tourist got scared away from the bizzare gallery we crazy irish were in, recieve advise on the "proper" conduct when applying for the dole and i also rumaged through Oxfam's Rubbish in order to score free books that were being thrown out.  I could have gotten more, but it was cold, i didnt know when the truck would be there and my Hugo boss bag is not the property of Merry Popins, ie it has a spacial limit.

All in all it was a good day slash weekend. For the foreseeable future i will have to start looking for work, hand in those belated forms to the social welfare office. Study drivers theory test, read all my new film themed books that i was slowly buying with food money while my parents were away, and maybe even start my own amateur film's?

I'm also cotemplating returning interest in The Society and running for election in order to be "active" in college and get on certain people's good side's if intend to return to Nursing, maybe even do schols or try and get a room on campus in 3rd and 4th year??? Somewhere in a paralel universe i may do just that, and more.

Who know's. Oh and of course, blog more often, how could i leave that out?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

2 very good video's same song?

The Choir/Marching Band version.

I think the first one is by far one of the best video's ever. But when i first saw the choir one a few weeks ago i thought it was rather good, but of course not as good as what Ok Go are most famous for. This little gem: