Monday, December 14, 2009

It all looks different with hindsight...


Like the apove picture of Reagan visiting Russia it would have looked just like a normal stately visit back in the 80s.

Now it looks like Former President and current Premier  of Russia Putin was part of the crowd as a planted KGB member with a family, there to ask pointed and pre-scripted questions to chalange the western leader.

(BTW, he's the one in the left with the Camera, behind the boy)

I mention all this because i've read back over some of my old posts and i have to say this blog does need some sprucing up when i get back to Ireland. And by this I meand Re-writing history just a little, and making it all a little easier to follow and understand.

Currently i am posting on Reticulating Splines, although it's early day's and it's all quiet here in terms of actual things to say. But that's where my blog's are at at the moment, with the odd one on Social Media Dullard too.

This blog however needs some fine Revision. Some Editing, a lick of paint.

I thought about it before i left, and now i feel i have to actually do it. This blog needs some fixing.

By this i mean, A helpful index of what went on in my life in the past year or so, a guide to what are the key posts and not just narcisistic wankery. And even rename some of those posts so that they are easier to find.

This will also include fixing up the label's and making sure they are all in order.

As well as even sticking in annotations and links to further posts to guide any readers of my back catalog what happened when etc.

I don't actually know when i will do that. But it will be done eventually, and soon. Some time over the next 8 months while this blog is quiet. So expect to see that Helpful Indexing and Guide sometime....

In the Meantime follow what i'm up to or thinking on Reticulating Splines, and read my opinions on my Internet and tech blog Social Media Dullard.