Sunday, June 20, 2010

Snap Happy #21

Because i've been lazy, and mean to my blog...

Is it just me or are the Iron Man movie's a lot deeper and better then what you can see on the surface?

I think it is, and so does this guy

This is rather good:

No i love the idea of Library's, but i would be member of one that would have me as a member. After all, i would rarely get around to reading anything... I couldn't afford the fine's!

That and is it just me, or is it Pronounced Libe-ry? But the American's make a deal out of saying Libe-rary and make fun of those who say Liberry? Wierd.

I don't think this dog like's the view:

Just chillin':

Oh to be a sloth...


So True:

Is Scott Pigrim Going to be the best movie ever?

I just recently read part 2, and i love it. I can't wait for parts 3, 4, 5 and the yet to be released 6, and the movie!

A rather image from Krakatoa. ( i think, it could be a different volcano, when was Krakatoa, to early for photographs?) Just wow...

.Poor Foresight fail:


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sometime's a post is too late to be relevant...

In this case a post talking about what I did on Tuesday.

After all, I'm writing this 5 minutes before Thursday...

Well anyway, i'll keep it far briefer than the jotted abstract plan i scribbled into my notepad on the bus home. (More on this later)

I had my counsling appointment around mid-day so arriving in town close to 9am i went straight to an internet café.

Unfortunately i know this café all to well, for somewhere that is 1 euro an hour and popular, they really jip non-members on bandwith. I open firefox every time and it frequently crash's or is too slow to be used properly.

Last week i got to see 20 minutes of the glee finale before my credit ran out with little trouble, but this week i struggled to open article's about the mineral deposit's discovered in Afghanistan. (LINK)

Which was annoying. So i opened the game folder and couldn't have been arsed being PWND online by people with less of a life than myself, but their own computers..., so i opened up HALO: Combat Evolved.

Kickin' it oldschool.

I played for over an hour.

I went all the way from the first level, onto Halo itself, saved all the escape pods, then brought the fight to the Covenant on their Battle-Cruiser. Just when I rescued the captain i thought, hey this has been a long time, i better stop.

So i closed it and realised i had only about 15 minutes left. Good waste of time.

Appointment went well, sort of a depressing session that i doubt anyone wants to hear about. And frankly i don't want to go there.

I texted friends, but no one was about. Yay, another day alone in town.

I hoped to see Tegan and Sara in Tower Records but finished to late to get there on time.

I passed tower records at about 235 or so and there was a super huge crowd of Lesbian's, Hipsters, Gay men, Rocker youth and almost no-one older than 25.

I just walked on. I window-shop'd, looked at mobile's etc.

Then when attempting to google IFI Screen times on my phone outside of HMV i looked up and saw the Heathers standing there on Grafton Street.

I then started thinking, they must have been at Tegan and Sara, they are after all Ireland's answer to them so to speak. I also thought, My wallet is full of money, i could go right in to HMV, directly behind me, and buy a copy of their Album, Sticker promoting the Discover Ireland ad and all, and try and get their signature. But i just didn't. Didn't even take a photo.

My phone and good camera at hand if need be for any photo opportunity or blogging thoughts. But i just didn't, to melancholic from my session and pissed off with being alone and having no one to talk to or spend my time with.

I walked back down Grafton Street and as i walked i saw a group of young lads harrasing a street preformer.

One was actually perched on a lamp-post whispering in his ear trying to make him flinch or something. (it being one of those stay still preformer's)

As i walked they continued on as-well.

They then came across this guy:

Different part of the street, but the same street performer.

The bullying group of louts aproached him, one said "remember this guy".

They all stopped in front of him. One bent over and lifted than put down his tips cup.

The performer broke his pose and stared at them.

I continued to walk but couldn't help but keep watching.

I had wanted to drag the prat of the lamp-post when i first saw them, now i was concerned for the safety of the performer.

But as they crowded around him, others here and there in the street were taking notice, and the guy somehow persuaded them to fuck off. Crisis avoided.

I Turned back towards Tower Records when i saw that the crowd had now evaporated.

I smiled as they were still playing their latest album over the speakers.

I saw a small crowd at the foot of the stairs, some people taking and posing for photo's.

I approached from behind but couldn't pass, so i doubled back.

As i walked up the other aisle i realised it WAS actually Tegan and Sara.

Cool, they're still hanging around about an hour after the brief gig started.

I walked towards the magazine's, aiming to look at this months Empire, but then walked back to take a photo with my phone.

As i approached they were finishing up and they passed me, on their way out the back door. Missed opportunity.

However, hour's later i read a blog post about them. My lack of knowledge was truly blown out the window. I found out they were sisters...

Embarrassed i thought they were a married Lesbian couple, maybe it was their hair, maybe it was their massive lesbian/bi and indie/hipster/trendy fan base. I have no idea where i came up with this idea, maybe it was on from a stupid idiotic flame comment on youtube trying to argue that Tegan and Sara were better then Heathers, on a Heather's video at that... I'm not quite sure.

What i do know is, that i am fucking glad i didn't stop this international talented stars for a photo. They're Sisters, not a Lesbian Married couple, fuck that could have been awful if it came out in some way, although how i don't know, but i feel like such a tit for thinking it!

I then went to the Cinema, well first i walked about a bit.

Touring the cinema's so to speak. I walked to the Screen first and read the movie time's.

Girl on a Train, didn't recognise it should be good, i read a notice about 2 movie showing's cancelled, instantly forgot.

I expected the movie, which was in an hour's time would be a foreign movie, as i had not yet heard of it, and i read film blogs all the time.

The Savoy didn't have anything as soon as the Screen. So i walked on to Cineworld.

I bought popcorn in a centra.

I got to cineworld and saw no good choice's within the same time frame.

I struggled to try and set up an Unlimited card. 19.99 a month get's you UNLIMITED film's.

A dream i had thought about since i was 16 and going to every new movie with DS.

Now i had money, i would make it so. But the auto-form wasn't working easily, then it somehow couldn't find the address of my bank from a certain code, and since i didn't know the address myself, i couldn't finish to form... shucks.

I walked out, phoned my boss to find out what hour's i was working, saturday only, just for now. For about the billionth time he answered his phone by explaining he'd call me back, and then told me when i was working.

This has happened every single week when i have gotten him on the phone. He never ring's me back. It's as if it's an automatic response of his i think? He seem's to be so busy that he answers his call's this way?

Or does he genuinely have something to say to me each time, or does he forget about it? Who know's?

I then walked through Little Italy, over the millenium bridge and along the key's.

I had money to burn. I had dreamed, and figured out it was possible to buy an Inq Chat, €99, but i had to reserve money for my netbook which would arrive later in the week. (more on this when i get it, and review it, but the Irish Revenue office wanted to rob me blind with pointless taxes just to get what is rightfully mine).

So i decided to break a twenty on buying a the 2nd volume of Scot Pilgirm, in the run up to the movie i hope to buy them all.

I grabbed it on the shelf, the first one i picked up didn't have a price, so i comparred with the neighbouring one, 9.99.

I went to the till and handed the man the book.

I then took out a twenty and held it out.

But this was a PROPER comic book clerk.

He actually didn't say anything. He was like a comic book clerk ninja!

He placed the book on the counter gently.

Whipped up a paper bag, that i didn't ask for from under the counter.

He gingerly and carefully slipped the book in, it's thick, it wasn't going to bend and dog ear easily...

He then pulled a cellotape dispenser from the side of the till.

All the while i was still holding out the money.

He folded the end neatly and exactly and sealed it with the cellotape.

At this point i had pulled my money back, almost expecting a re-enactment of Rowan Atkinson in Love Actually.

I then pay'd the man and went to the cinema.

In turns out that Girl on a Train had been cancelled.

So i went to see Greenberg staring Ben Stiller Instead.

A review tomorrow, hopefully.

As for the earlier mentioned blog jotting in my notbook. Well i came up with several blogs i want to write over the coming weeks, especially with my netbook arriving.

The list is as follow's:

The Godfather: The viewing of a legend part II and Part III

Urban Landscape's series:

(in which in blog about urbanism, and cities, and transport, and my love of Sim city etc etc)

Post's within that series including:

Love of art Deco (photo's i took in Melbourne and stole from the web)
Shop front's of Dublin Study ( a large series of photo's i took on Dublin streets a few months ago)
Dublin's lack of Density - History, development, case for transport, green, waste, poor planning etc
Intermodeing/ my love of Public Transport and lack of interest in Car travel, and loathing of how it's infrastructure is used.
The Future:
        - Agglomeration's (super cities)
        -transport innovations
          -food/power/water/people - study of Malthusian theories of overpopulation and chanlenge's facing humanity.
        -extra-terrestrial living.

Lyrics retrospective/Poetry - Posting my old lyrics and poems.

Film Producing blog - My student film if i get around to it.

My opinions on Independent film and Irish film.

Continuing the music meme, which i abandoned...

Something about my funny way with words....

A massive case study series on the "NEED" for a New Star Trek Series.

And something i came up with when looking out the window that really got my mind going...:

Loitering vs Society: The battle over Animal instinct and human constructs.

Believe me that one may sound odd, but i had a really juicy argument flowing when i thought of it.

Toodle's for now.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Brief update 2:

Tomorrow i will be in Dublin, for a weekly visit.

Among the many thing's i will be doing is popping into Tower Records at 2pm to catch Tegan & Sara for free in advance of their gig tomorrow night, which i don't have tickets to.

Few people are about town, but i might also catch a milkshake/white hot chocolate and the 2nd Scott Pilgram book, and maybe even a movie?

Who know's. I'm sure my twitter will eat up my credit on Snaptu or mobile web anyway, as i microblog to dull the boredom of walking about on my own after my errands have been run etc.

I may even do the usual window shopping where i delude myself that I NEED a new phone. My INQ 1 is still going strong, but i would LOVE an INQ Chat, or an android phone. Of course i would need to earn a lot more money than i currently earn. Which is training wage's, which i should enquire about actually since i should be due Minimum wage soon enough.

(Techie swoon)

In other job related news, if i had a driver's license i have been informed by a family friend that with my limited nursing experience i would be qualified to be a Pharmaceutical Representative. This could pay very well, so i should get on the whole driver theory thing pronto. It could also be a way of saving for college, next Calendar year, instead of the comming academic year for which i would be broke, destitute and stuck with Nursing or blessed with a course choice i can't pay for. More news as it happens....

In other news, i watched The Godfather 2 and 3 over the weekend, another post soon, possibly tomorrow morning from my usual Internet café when i need to pass time.

Also, the follower widget, to your left, is still on the fritz. I will try every other day to fix this. If you dear reader have a google account, then the toolbar at the top of the page has a follow button. You can also copy and paste the Url of this blog into your RSS Feed Reader of choice i you want to.

And down at the very bottom of the page, is The Like Widget. Links to music, photo's, video's, their tour date's and their twitter. Enjoy the slice of wonderousness that is the like, without me having to gush about them every other post :-P


Friday, June 11, 2010

The Like Video collection post:

This post is predomently so that i can Show my Good Friend DS what's been happening with the like in the run up to their new album. But also i felt i should collect all The Like Video's that i am aware of, that are good and also of good quality etc etc.

First off, i can't post the original music video's as they are now only available on VEVO, the evil youtube offshoot for music video's that is America only and doesn't allow much embedding anywhere...

So here is the earliest clip i know of. A hillarious clip off of Ch4's Popworld:

The Like Coming on stage dressed as "zeta's" when supporting Muse. They go into the audience on a rubber dinghy. Cool stuff:

Then there is the Album making footage that the like shared with their fan's back in late 2007. If you notice this clip also include's an early version of He's not a boy.


This is a live Version of Release me from 2008, notice Charlotte Froom is still with the group.

This is the Rehearsal song they shared when they announced The Like 2.0 in late 2009, Reni Lane being present, this was just before a tour with Artic Monkey's:

Z Berg Performing an acoustic song with a friend:

Fair Game Mini movie, plus the introduction of Annie Monroe on the Organ:

He's Not a Boy Music Video:

A Live Set The like did for a website, including a cover of Will you still love me tomorrow, and an acoustic version of He's Not a boy:

I tried to buy the single for He's Not a Boy the other day in Dublin. No such look. It turn's out that not only are physical single's a rare thing in this day and age, but The Like only Released the He's Not A Boy "ep" in the UK and the US, for shame!

Can't wait for the album though!

Blog worries...

Yeah, it's possible to have them from time to time.

Not only is it Subject drought, writers block, laziness and forgetfulness, which plague me frequently, but also followers etc.

If you my dear readers haven't noticed, the follower's widget has been broken on my blog for some time. And i haven't the foggiest why. I sort of believe this could be why my official readership by those with google accounts my not have risen, but also why i only see a few devote readers posting comments. And of course i thank you for that.

I'd love to ye know, do all the blogging things of "networking" and being friendly and so on, but sometime's i forget to. I mainly just read stuff out there in the ether. Like the blogs i follow, i rarely physically go to them anymore, as i read them in my Google Reader account. For that i am sorry. It's just easier. So if i am not giving you views, it possibly shows.

And from time to time i do stay in touch with the Zietgeist of opinion my readers may have about me, although this is rare also. The reader's Ziegeist...

But i'm not clueless as to what my readers are up to. I can see weekly results thanks to the Lijit widget.

If you haven't noticed, it's the green thing to the left. You can search it, it's nice and handy. It also tell's me the number of page visit's i get, the most popular blog post's clicked on, and the google search's that lead people to my blog.

Sometimes this leads to oddities, such as Seminally Tuddled...

Current oddities and trends are the google search result's that lead people to my blog.

The top ten from the past week are as follow's:

  1. social dullard (4 times)
  2. "charlotte froom" split (1 time)
  3. "security is mostly superstition... is but a daring... (1 time)
  4. 622291_whoneeds6_mini (1 time)
  5. battlestar galactica gideon gaza (1 time)
  6. charlotte froom (1 time)
  7. song names for a band (1 time)
  8. the like (1 time)
  9. toast maker won't work (1 time)
  10. wishing he was dead the like lyrics (1 time)

Now the top one won't surprise anyone. It is my "well" established Screen Name and blogging name. It is also my profile presence for a lot of the internet, so if someone know's anything about me, they know to search for that in order to read my blog or stalk me etc...

Frequently i see result's for people searching for The Like, and like Related info. This is surprising since i have only made a few small post's here and there about them. Example's include, Ilikethelike and a guest post for ( I like the like, maybe you could too?)

Battlestar Galactica Gideon "gaza" is an interesting one. I love BSG and i love that i squeezed a comparison of the Gideon Massacre with the MV Mavi Marmara in my Gaza Post.

So this one pleased me mightily.

Toast maker won't work... How very odd, but i'm sure someone wanted to know other people's experience of non-working Toasters. Or they just didn't know what a toast maker was called...

Actually here is a heavily related post that i'm sure must have been part of what they found, 

I know i've promised it in the past, but i really should clean up tagging and links in this blog. And i have also promised to blog more often, for this i have little self control, and even less excuse's.

Hopefully when my laptop arrive's, more later, i will get into it a lot more.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Snap Happy #20

The same old story, a large quantity of Photo's worth posting.

Onward readers!

Do you remember during the run up to the London special on Friends, circa a long time ago, Joey and Chandler were watching Die Hard a lot for some reason. They then expressed excitement that Die Hard would be even better In Britain. Well they were wrong, it's better in Japan.

Where's my evidence you ask, here's my Gorram (yes i've been re-cherishing Firefly lately...) evidence:



Oh Japan...

Okay this is quite possibly the best asking for trouble name ever in the history of name's:

And somehow he looks like a Tibetan Monk, go figure...

With the run up to the world cup, Google (the magical "non-evil" rulers of the interweb's) put in this little Easter egg when you search for World cup:

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL! Is what we'll here, when anyone but France or England win, so Brazil. :Logic:


When he grows up, the phrase's chasing Tail and Chasing pussy will have such a different meaning, but now it's innocent.

Hollywood prop departments are LAZY!

It's the same newspaper printed over and over and over and over again!

Or it's the only true Cross Genre plot device... bear with me.... It's a time traveling inter-dimensional magical newspaper enchanted by ye know, magic, in order to save that woman on the page by being killed by time travelling teamsters who decide to delay her great great grandfathers house from being built before winter, thus making it harder for him to make whoopy with her Great great grandmother on those harsh winter nights! Dastardly!

Look, even Truman was in on it!

Well no, just the sink of the internet doing it's job.

The nerd within me was very impressed with this meme:

Yep, that is pretty accurate:

A beanie with a woolen beard? Somehow i want it, but might not be able to pull it off in the fashion sense of the phrase...:

Senior Speilbergo in the Mouth of Bruce During the filming of Jaws:


Now if only that thing actually worked... Maybe we could get it to anachronistically prevent A.I: Artificial Intelligence from ever happening....

I may have been born in '88, so i'm not a kid of the 80s per say, but even i want a proton pack backpack!

Best Hack ever:

The best Gif ever:

That is all for now. Toodle's.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Godfather Part 1: Viewing a Legend.

I'm 22, and only now have i seen this movie.

By the lonely and all engrossing glow of my Portable dvd player, at 2am on a Tuesday I slid the cover slip off the crisp and un-used box set. I felt the grooves and bumps of exquisite packaging and briefly took in the Stylish photo graphs and gave a flip view to the descriptions, just to take it all in.

I opened the 4 disk case like a book, struggled to move quietly in the dead of the night, and un-clipped the Disk, The Godfather Part 1.

I struggled with the cabinet containing my clothes, and removed a drawer, to fit my hand through and manipulate the one isolated socket. I plugged in the Charger and creeped about slowly. I had tapped into the mains and was raring to go.

I turned off the light and discarded my cloths, still waring my under ware, cause's that's how i roll.

I struggled and decided what level of blanket comfort i needed and adorned my Comfort top, 4 size's to small, a worn and bawbaly grey and oh so comfortable, i couldn't say nay.

On with the little black button and the credits rolled, no menu, no choice's, just cinematic gold.

I had never seen this movie as a whole, or been old enough to appreciate it when i had passed it's legend emitting from the tube. I knew several name's, i knew all the players, i even knew the big moments, but forged on without caring.

Classic film's can't exist in a vacuum with Virtue and reverence. The very essence of popular culture mean's this legendary film, older than i am now by the time i was born, has been payed discreet homage, ripped off, emulated and parodied loosely so frequently and with such blatant disregard for those not in the no, that i had seen most of the key scenes without seeing the movie.

I couldn't complain. I had held out long enough, i had to see it. I was not in the position to wait for a Cinema screening Towering over me in the glow of a projector, with sticky floors, high levels of infectious particles and allergens associated with crowds, or the specific saliva satiating saltiness of overpriced popcorn.

With just water, a double bed, a blanket, a comfort top, and a lonely glow, i sat, gasped, guffawed, wanted to scream WTF and was truly entertained.

The setting was beautiful, the fashions noticeable, the culture tangible and the world seemingly epic. The second dialogue explained the time, and characters were set out, i wanted to know the answers of this world, i wanted to context of all those spoilers shared and given exposition. I was in the deepened, passing into a world where both the familiar and the unanswered had to be watched closely and understood.

The cyclical nature of Vengeance. The characters not bit parts, but shinning lights of the culture and vital plot points from time to time. The struggle and evolution of family members and the innocent. It all came together in a tapestry i had only seen glimpse's of. A cultural snapshot, out of focus or damaged by other people's honourable homage's.

Like an Archaeologist i pieced together what i already knew from fragments and in the past had created a unique and unfinished picture in my head. I knew it was supposed to be grand, i knew it had epic qualities, and most certainly knew it was treasured.

But in watching it myself, in finally getting around to a classic. I was finally on the same page as those who gave it the time and dedication i finally found the room for. This IS a Classic.

This is among the Greats.

This is a cinematic experience i will treasure.

This is something that will change how i view stories, as many will pale in relation to this.

A movie so great it appears everywhere and is spoiled, and poked at in so many genre's and mediums that it is impossible to escape it's influence.

Out of the Vacuum of Ignorance and incomplete speculation, i found the time for a masterpiece. And i loved every frame, every second, every nuance, every line, each gunshot i did not expect made me skip a heart beat, every moment i had not seen was fresh clean and left me in Awe. This is Cinema at it's best.

And i can't wait for more.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

You MUST be Outraged, or at least tisk a bit!

Ah Flotilla-gate. It's all a big mess isn't it.

So instead of writing a rambling and partially wrong and sometime right analasys of the whole Israel-Palestine conflict i will give a few points and then delve a little deeper.

The Good intentions/idea's/positive's to make note of:

- This all started out by people willing to supply aid to those in need.

- Only one ship was attacked, the others were escorted safely to port.

- The world was watching, and so were Arab world news agencies on the ships.

- Most of the Aid is said to be on it's way to Gaza. Hamas however is reportorially refusing some of it.

- Egypt opened it's border to Gaza yesterday, to help the situation.

- Most of those detained from the ships, actavists, volunteers, media and aid workers have returned to their countries of origin.

The Ugly things to take from this.

- The aid convoy acted against orders to stay in Cyprus. And acted politically and provocatively in order to be heard.

- 9 people are dead.

- Diplomatic ties with Israel are damaged Worldwide.

-Turkey is deeply offended, they were once the only Arab ally of Isreal in the Middle East.

- Gaza is still not receiving all the supplies it needs. Apparently 1/4 of what is needed reaches people.

- The Blockade is still in place.

Things to still worry about:

- The predominantly Irish Ship that is still en route to Gaza.

- The blockade has not been lifted, despite international condemnation.

-Israel- United States talks about the construction of Settlements in the West Bank were called off and are likely to be delayed and further ignored for the near-by future.

- Global hypocracies are still rife in terms of Politics and reaction to such situations. Condemnation, harsh comments, sanctions, call's for restraint, all mean nothing.

- Oil is still leaking in the Gulf of Mexico.

- Oil is still destroying the Niger Delta.

-Oil is still destroying the Rain Forrest's in Peru.

- South and North Korea are still on the Verge of war.

- UK Police may soon carry fire arms following today's shooting massacre. Irish Police, will still not Carry arms following Dozens of crime-world shooting and executions over the past decade.

- Firefly is still canceled and hopes of being picked up, after such a long time, and a mediocre movie takings is still unlikely.

What can i really say about all this. Every side in this conflict is wrong in some way.

The Aid workers are good intentioned, but they are also full of several bad eggs and some more extreme people.

Although their act's are noble, they are flauting the will of a nation to protect itself.

They are also supporting the continued existance of a terrorist backed government.

The people of Gaza, and of Palestine in general deserve so much better. After all it is THEIR country.

Israel may now be a country, despite not really being a country that deserves to exist, or is in anyway the good guy. If anything they are the bad guy, but so are the people they are persecuting and inadvertently radicalising.

There is no quick soloution to this. There never is a quick fix. There are far to many hot heads of different points of view involved.

Islamist extremists, Zionist's, Orthodox Jews, Hamas and Fatah, American-Jewish influence, Old-school American Foreign Policy, Iran, Lebenon, The incompetency of the UN, the UN Security Council and the Legacy of fuck ups that follow the once Great British Empire.

I once heard an anecdotal story of a Nutritionist that found that the Diets of those in the Wider Israel/Palestine area have a low Zinc Diet. This man apparently concluded that the Low-Zinc diet lead to increased aggression.

His solution was making everyone eat Marmite.

Now as farcical as that story may be, it sort of describe's most people's reactions to ANY suggestion related to solving problems in the Region.

Now even though the world has relatively ignored the region and the conflict, despite it spilling over into world wide repercussions such as the Uzi Sub-machine Gun, Islamic Fundamentalism (a wider problem not solely related to the P.L.O etc) and security in Airports. (This last one being the fact that before Palestinian's hijacked plans in the 70s and landed them in Jordon, there was almost NO security in Airports. Something that for the most part affects all of us all the time, and generally sucks)

We have all had to listen to this situation, and in some way respond. Most of the time we are generally miss-informed.

There are precidents for defending all side's. Now it is a cluster fuck of Wrong that we can't excuse.

People are dead. These people put themselves in harms way, and attacked military force's in International waters to defend themselves and to protect their intent to bring supplies to a besieged community of 1.4 million people in Gaza.

Military forces, pursued, harassed and boarded ships in military waters in order to prevent them supplying aid to Gaza. When assaulted on one ship, and susstaining injuries and casualties the Military members did all they thought they could do in the circumstance, they opened fire.

They injured many and subsequentially killed 9 people.

This reminds me of the Gideon Masacre in Battlestar Galactica. Those not familiar with the show will have to bear with me. During a bit of a political crises in the Fleet a state of Marshal Law was called for. In order to maintain the running of Galactica certain supplies were needed from the other ships in the fleet. As a from of protest several ships refused to supply anything. In response Raiding parties of armed troops were sent out.

On the 6th sortey a group boarded the Gideon. They were met with a rioting crowd that was uncooperative and throwing coffee and debris at the troops (who are just ship security gaurds and marine like in use normally). Faced with a riot, which they were not geared or trained for the troops were stuck. Subsequentially in the meelee something collapsed that sounded like gunfire. Panicked the troops opened fire. 4 People died.

This messy story isn't referenced to many time's in BSG, but it was pretty shocking stuff. And great writing.

It is incidents like this that cause international outrage. It is only incidents that make people act.

Now how the world acts, i can not predict, or even suggest what would be the best thing to do.

It is all frankly a mess.

It is not like fiction, or even fantasy-science fiction. Ie This is Not Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace, the Israeli's are not the Trade Federation, Gaza is NOT Naboo, and the aid workers are NOT Jedi.

There will not be some over-arching conspiracy to bring down the galactic republic. No Israel is acting alone and it is the bully and aggressor here. They can't expect Hamas to stop Rocket attacks, ever.

This blockade will not yield. Israel can't win, and it will eventually have to listen to international Condemnation.

The real challenge is getting people to listen and act without giving up. This situation is likely to be ignored soon. As was the 2004 Tsunami, as is Iraq and Afghanistan, as is the world Drug trade and so has the Haitian Earthquake.

All it will hopefully take is enough people to keep acting, to keep doing good things, for evil to not prevail.

In the grander scheme of things Governments, beliefs, policies and so on mean nothing when people are malnourished, drinking dirty water and oppressed by both a foreign country and their elected Terrorist affiliated government.



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