Monday, July 27, 2009

The lost post....

I wrote a rather extensive Q-Rated post about streamlining your internet procrastination.

After nearly 2 hours it was nice and finished. I had had many breaks inbetween and so on but it did take a long time to type it. It had Hyperlinks and everything, it was a nice bit of work.

So since it was finished i copied it and put it into Word to do a spell check on it.

I then closed word, deleted the previous draft and tried to past it into blogger.

I realised to my horror i hadn't copied my changes, i had now lost it all. I reopened word but it was all gone. It wasn't saved.

I tried to save the draft on blogger but autosave beat me to it and i now had a blank page.

I then realised there had to be a clipboard in windows. A record of my copies and pastes and so on.

I wiki'd it.

I read how to open it and then opened Run.

I then Copied and pasted the command to start it into run.

When the clipboard opened i realised my second mistake. The clipboard store's all of one thing at a time. By copying the command prompt to start the clipboard i had lost the very thing i was looking for!

FUCKING WINDOWS! All that work gone just because Firefox wouldn't let me click the spell check on blogger! Damn it all to hell!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

I find it very hard to drink to your continued "success"


Now first off let me explain the title. It's actually a backwards quote from a Marianas Trench song.

In the song Sing, Sing the words are "i'm finding it very hard to drink to my continued success".

This being a reverse of that and really not that accurate but why i thought of it will become clear later.

This post will chronicle my friday night's adventure's, misadventure's and lack there of.

You see it was PG's second outing in celebration of her 21st. Several old friends would be there and an even larger number of her old friends.

I apologise that this will be a VERY long post. And i apologise for any offense i may cause to those involved or any reader that may take offense to my opinions or poor writing.

Also for a "guide" to who's who, please refer to this previous post which explains some of the characters involved.

And so the story goes:

Day+ Prep:

It was a day like any other really. Other than my dad was home so i got up at 11 instead of 9. Less puppy duty for me. So off i trot, from the bed to my desk. Whip out the study material, and then do little else after that.

So around 4 o'clock i slowly started to get ready. A quick cold ironing of my clothes, the steam beast of an iron that we have was low on water. Then i took a shower, shaved, brushed teeth and got dressed all within about 20 minutes. In all my prep and even checking my carrier bag i forgot my passport. I often do this. I keep it on my desk at eye level, when i'm sitting, just so i always know where it is, but i forgot it again, as always.

So slight rush out of the house to get the train. I said i would be fine with about 40 euro or so. Why i thought this was beyond me, that arbitrary figure suposidly factor the cost of at least one drink, hah!

So i had to walk up the hill in Drogheda in the humid weather. It had been stormy and raining on off all day. A rather dreary and uncomfortable stickiness to the air. Not easy to walk up that hill when wearing a t-shirt, shirt, blazer and non-restricting tie. It's a deep routed habit of mine to ALWAYS wear a t-shirt. Even when wearing my uniforms tunic i wear a t-shirt. I'm rather sensitive to touch sometimes so the idea of knowing where my nipple's are kind of frightens me. It should never happen!

As i reached the top of the hill i stopped at the petrol station. 2 800ml Lucozade sport's bottles for 1 euro! How could i say no!

I climbed the second smaller hill into the station and to my chagrin the ticket station was now closed, as it was 6 o'clock. So i had to use the electronic ticket machine.

BIG MISTAKE, and one i couldn't avoid. An adult SINGLE into Dublin was 15 Euro.

They currently have Adult 10 euro return, off peak.

So i whipped out my student card. Student Single to Dublin..... 10 euro 50 cent. 50 cent more than a return! for a single direction, single use! Disgusting.

I had no choice but to pay it. This would mean i had LESS than 20 euro to myself to spend on the night. And had to reserve a tenner to be able to get home the next day.

So i'm on my way in. Music playing out of my phone. I availed of the good signal and further tested the new applications i added to my phone. Being able to read my favourite blogs on the go with RSS feeds is so damn handy! But thats all for another post...

So i was to meet up with Budsey and Cleo just before we went to PG's thing in Captain A's. Originally this was going to be in Anseo on Camden street, which would have been pointless for me as it's quiet a walk from Westland Row(Pearse station) and past Captain A's at that. So it was switched to the Porterhouse. Which i knew well at this stage from Wednesday nights before debate's in the Society.

Now once in the porterhouse i said my hello's and then sat with very little to say. It's not like i didn’t have much to say it's just me being me, words never came to the front of my mind when i wanted them. I hate when this happens. You want to be apart of things and yet you sit there silent, only listening, because it's all you think you can do. I couldn't think of many questions and so on. It was unpleasant and awkward to say the least.

Then we moved on to Captain A's for 8. Now PG had texted me earlier saying they were running late or something but her claims seemed to be pre-emptive or something as they were already there.


So it was a slightly set menu with her parents paying. Set in that there were several choice's but far to few for a restaurant like Captain A's, you'd expect more variety normally. Basically every main course option was a type of burger.

Now this was alright but at the same time i was still at a loss for words. At several times i was left out of ever conversation around me and had little to contribute. Beside me Budsy was snapping away the odd photograph. Across the way Cleo was texting ahead to her Boyfriend and Avril was more involved with the group of friends surrounding PG.

One of PG's friends bought here a plethora of Hen night style gifts so a Dare book was passed around as a bit of a laugh. But none of them was ever acted upon, mainly because they were stupid. And from my point of view really really "common" and loutish. "Start a snogging competition" and all those kinds of retarded suggestions that would only appeal to drunk people.

In my inability to say anything, and not exactly having much fun. I "lurried" into as many soft drinks as i could. 1200 ml's already from the humid train ride. A large glass of fanta down, diet coke down, 2 of water down. Half way through my burger i had to pop off to the bathroom. I wasn't involved in any talking at the time so i just backed up my chair, didn't say anything and went up the stairs.

Now i remember Captain A's from my childhood. I remember the party after my sisters communion, the only one in our family. I also remember a dinner with our Lesbian "Aunty" at a slightly earlier stage where we discussed "The Simpsons", without yet seeing it, just knowing that we weren't supposed to due to how "rude" the early episodes were. How naive people were, i know i was merely a post-toddler but i thought it was supposed to be a naughty show at the time, South Park was still 9 or so years away...

When back from my "constitutional" i sat back down and it wasn't as if i'd missed much. The skinny friend of PG's across from me had removed all the sauce from her Chicken burger and only eaten a third of it and half the chips, and finished. Every one else was close to finishing with scraps still linning their plates.

I thought, oh i'm a man, it's only a mushroom burger and a few chips. I boasted that one time i ate a whole 16 inch pizza to myself. Now that was 4 years ago the night DS left for Scotland for the first time. I have rarely done such a thing since, although some of the meal's in Oz were of equal size. I remember the joy of squeezing in the best damn Pancake's i ever had after a feast of a meal in a restaurant on Circular Quay in Sydney. This was not one of those occasions.

With maybe 20 chips left and a bit of my burger bun left, i put up my white flag. It was the soft drinks, it was the glucose of the Lucozade sports drinks. It was a damn big burger!

There was a long enough wait for the cake. And at that stage the live music was about to start.

After the rapidly melting Meringue and ice-cream PG, Avril and one or two of her friends Resigned to the bathroom to re-aply their war paint. It was at this point it verged on the ridiculous.

What felt like 20 minutes, at least 4 live songs later, had past. The live bad weren’t half bad. What was left of us sang along or bopped about. A bit of Van Morrison's Brown Eyed Girl and other classic's.

In Discussing PG's Extended absence i said to Budsy "There's no Adventure in Constant Preparation." At that point i was not to know this observation would sum up the entire evening.

I tweeted that very bit of philosophy on my phone, i was so bored i actually had time to read the world of twitter!

Then PG and Avril Returned. We were all ready to go. The next location on our "war path" had changed. It was originally Eamonn Doran’s. A place i have also yet to vist. After there it would be onto Copper Faced Jacks as the evening had always been planed to be.

But instead it was changed to Flannery's on Camden street due to Doran’s being in Temple bar and most of the gang wearing High Heels....

The walk with Cleo:

So i was on point with Cleo. The rest of those not taking a taxi 8 minutes up the road were slowly clacking along behind in their torture devices.

It was here that i discovered i had fuck all animosity left for Cleo. I really didn't care about my old negative obsessive bitter thoughts. She was just a blank thought to me. I wasn't a close friend or jilted lover. She was just Cleo, or her real name, whatever. We didn't talk about much either. She even repeated facts she had mentioned many a time before.

I also shared a bit of Small talk that i had mentioned once or twice to my parents over the past couple of days, but it was so benign i can't even remember what it was, boring either way.


Once in the door i went straight for another trip to the bathroom. About a mile away at the back of the place.

The group had gathered in a TINY alcove beside the front door. Already spilling out into the doorway.

Glow sticks were all the rage for some reason. And the music wasn't half bad.

It was all a bit cramped though. And soon Budsey moved off to talk with Cleo and her Newly arrived Bf. I was stuck with the rest of the group and despite small attempts here and there to talk the music was a bit much to keep up much of a conversation.

Then even more of PG's friends arrived. Some i never caught the name of who didn't even stick around, and then also Prickmister himself my successor.

Now i won't go into to much detail but he's basically a bastard and PG should never of agreed for him to be present. But he had arrived with one of Her long time friends, so there was little complaining to be done, except it was already known that he was in a grumpy strop.

Now Mr Hightower Prickmister was exactly faithful while with PG and decided to inform her of this mere days after they finally did the horizontal mombo. And just about a week before she went of to Spain for the 2 weeks or so at the start of the summer. Months later she's still muddled over this 6 foot 4 + prick who frankly i would never think was suitable for anyone.

At one point when the upstairs was opened up i asked him LOUDLY in his ear to check if there was seats and so on up stairs that our group could move to. He did pop up but then came back soon after and never said anything, to anyone. We were basically causing an obstruction and we were cramped and un-socialable in a corner.

PG couldn't mingle with everyone and were we all getting split up. However for some reason this was a stop off point. Despite the possibility of getting comfy with good music if we just stayed in the right place.

So instead we moved off to Coppers at about 1140. This place of Legend. This bastion of supposed culchie slutishness, the let your hair down watering hole of Nurse's and Guards. All lies.

10 euro entry fee. It was empty at 1140! Full within 30 minutes. 2 euro per item in the cloak room. 3 euro for a 200ml glass bottle of Coke apparently.

Avril used this to add her own Vodka too, very economical.

Across the way from us it what was possibly the ONLY seating area in the entire basement was a bunch of sub-par looking female's. Now i don't mean to be rude but even with alcohol i'd have an aversion to those poor ladies.

Our group slowly formulated and we didn't exactly fit the space at that.

So after a while it ended up that i was on bag watch duty. With one or two others still hanging around with Mr Prick in the corner.

I briefly explained to Budsey what had happened between them, emphasising his Prickish qualities, apparently in more than one area, apparently "gifted" in that facility.

As i explained to PG much later on with someone that tall the blood can only control one vital system at once, so can't be expected to be rational when he's got so much blood being used by his "gifted" situation.

At one point, one of the few where he actually said much, he spoke with Avril. And in a sort of "only messing" way tried to insinuate that her Bf who was at some other party in a suburb for slightly crazy reasons, might have the temptation of girls and so on. He was basically being an asshole. And none of what Avril's bf was doing sounded to rational as it was but to say such a thing to her was just being an asshole. FULL STOP.

Throughout that moment i was making knowing stare's with PG about how much of a prat he was and we were also making jokes with our facial expressions about Penis Envy as he had been towering over all of us fishing for change in his pockets, for an extended period of time.

After his awful words to Avril I leaned over and said: "Some people have more Will power than 'others'." But the damage appeared to have been done. Although the negative seed's of doubt were already in her head due to the rather crazy things her bf was doing. For one he was just out of hospital for a seizure related to dehydration or something. And he decided to go on the piss with his mate's at some free gaff. Not with his Nurse Girlfriend on a much safer night out. He may be younger than her, actually the same age or so as myself, but still it was idiotic. Which led me to believe he was either being a complete idiot or who had poor influence from his friends who were giving the usual anti-commitment spiel that you see in Sit-coms and movies.

If they knew or saw Avril they would think twice about such words, but lads will be lads....

Now after a while on the dance floor PG returned and wasn't in the best of moods. The night was exactly a roaring success. And her old school mate's kept trying to force more drink into her and cheer her up. Everything they were trying was basically disgusting me. She was really down and what they were doing was shoving a drink in her face and saying the usual "forget him" "enjoy yourself" "just dance" shite that in effect means fuck all to anyone who is down.

Each time i had the chance to catch her attention i informed her she didn't need the drink. That HE shouldn't be there and that she could talk to me if she wanted. I also tried to imply that her friends weren’t helping and neither was where we were.

Some how however she went off again. As did the rest of the group.

I stayed on bag watch. Frankly i was not in the mood at all. People kept asking me was i was alright. They all didn’t look like that wanted to know or that they could change anything. I gave basic reply's and stayed put.

At one point i went off to get a Kopperberg. I had already had a mixed fruit one that PG didn't like in Flannery's, i had also had 2 rum and coke's of hers that she wasn't going to finish. I wasn't even drunk but i wanted to be just a bit. And i knew a flavored cider would do just the trick.

So through the seething mass of culchies and generally disgusting drunks who were predominantly male. The place was awash with loutish male drunks, and the girls not to better either. It was also full of younger people at that. The place looked 2 wrong songs away from a GAA club riot. There would be no Nirvana or Springstein on this sound system, not tonight! There was however several of the worst example's of U2's music, and the obligatory "Journey" and Galway girl....

Through the battle field of towering Neanderthals’ all in track suits or more low key clothing, me in jean's and salmon shirt with a blazer and purple tie.... I finally reached the bar.

Soon enough i could get the barmaids attention. A first for a place so packed. So i shouted Kopperberg, twice without any specific's as to what fruit i wanted. She eventually returned with a 500ml bottle and a glass with ice. I hand over a fiver. She just looks at me. She then screams at me twice incomprehensibly "7.10". Now she had leaned forward to say this and i was flummoxed. I looked in my change pouch fishing for coins that might have magically appeared. I was truly confused, i was actually expecting change from that fiver!

I said "I don't have it."

The look of scorn on her face was shocking. And i stumbled off annoyed. I'll return to this later.

Now Budsy tried several times to drag me onto the dance floor but sadly i never said yes. I was far from in the mood and frankly the music was really starting to piss me off with how shit, generic, retarded and far removed from melody or popular song it was.

There were a few funny moments with photographs as the group had returned for a while. Even a hilarious one where Budsy's legs were raised as she lent back with her arms around others and her dress was raising very high. So to "gaurd" her "virtue" i had lent in and tried to pull her dress down in the private area to save a bad picture. However the picture was taken at that very moment, to everyone's funny bone's tastes.

A lot more bag watching. At one point the Friend that had brought Prickmister with her vengefully deleted contacts from his phone and then dropped it by accident when finished, in turn seemingly breaking it or disabling the battery.

Drunks sat beside me several times but moved off each time members of the group arrived.

By 240 am i was going insane. I had tried to nod off to sleep to ill avail.

Then the culchie music started. Now it was just torture. It was minutes away from either a second Galway girl, A maniac 2000 or god forbid N17!

PG was briefly back and i texted her as she lent on the table, begging for us to go soon. She agreed with me over how shit it was and said she would collect Avril, and possibly go a tiny bit early.

This seemingly didn't happen. And i suffered on, alone till the last songs.

Near the end "i've got soul but i'm not a soldier" closed out the night.

I rushed across the mass of pond scum and other low life to get to the clock room before the rush. And the exited to the street. Soon followed by PG and then the rest.

PG, Avril and Myself then got a Taxi to Avril's in Rialto. We got stuck at the lights several times, especially at the foot of Camden street where nearly every Car in sight was a Taxi. A traffic jam of taxi's for the brief minute where every club and pub had closed at the same time on a main artery out of town, a nightmare really!

We got to rialto quick enough and Avril left the taxi straigt away, seemingly broke.

PG paid 5 euro of 11.45. Then to my horror that barmaid stole my fiver! She never gave it back! She made me pay for 5 fucking euro for fucking Corkage on a drink i refused because i couldn't pay for it! She robbed me and i didn't even realise it at the time assuming i had grabbed the note back! Not good. I needed my tenner and all my change to get the train the next day! So PG had to pay the whole fare. Not good.

Avril's and Nostalgia:

Ah this place. I had been here several times while dating PG after a night out, almost all of which were fucking awful, except for what me and PG did when alone, which even then wasn't the May West sometimes.

Up to the bathroom again. I realised the wall's were lacking wallpaper. The place seemed run down. I noticed Avril's old room was un-used with wall's and floor in poor disrepair.

Then i realised that the tv room was also in this state. Either way i lay on the couch and tried to get to sleep.

As i promised earlier PG popped in and offered tea or toast. "I Don't Drink Tea" "Food going to sleep?" i then asked "Do you want to talk in a bit?" And she said "yes".

This was 420 am as it was. So i waited, and waited. Then close to 5, as the sun started to rise she came in.

We discussed the whole Prickmister situation. Her friends, the evening. And i also mentioned how i was doing in the relationship department. My former bitterness over Cleo, the failure of venture's such as Hattrick, Hope or Daisy.

We talked for a good while and i even mention an idiotic idea that was stuck in my head of a "comfert fuck" as i had though about it, it didn't come out like that but that was the basic idea. I knew it would be rejected but i was attempting to convey that i was there for her, while also trying to convey my desperation and loneliness and how idiotic i was. I also said that it was for "nostalgia's" sake considering what had happened in that very room more than a year ago. You know been there, done that, lost the t-shirt.

Not to be. It got brighter and brighter and briefly she fell asleep. I woke her and sent her off to the double bed she had waiting for her upstairs.

The Morning:

At 1040 it was woken abruptly and slightly rudely by Avril. My alarm had been set for 11 but i had to sit up either way as the couch i was on was the only one available for watching the tv.

PG joined us and she sat with Avril's bf's broken laptop "checking her email's".

Throughout that whole time Avril was discussing her negative worries about what her BF had been up to and so on. She was also surprisingly unfamiliar with the basic concept of Will & Grace, such as Will being gay!

I gave what little advice i could although i felt there was little i could say. I know full well that when worrying about someone who has yet to reply your mind will jump to a million conclusions. And there was little i could do to quell that or stop it. And frankly i was tired.

The battery on my phone then died. So i had to call the parental's on PG's phone. I got a train time and headed home.

I stole my ride on the Luas for economic reasons and still had to pay a disgusting 10.50 one way to Drogheda.

I was Home.

In conclusion it was a shite night. The girl of the hour didnt enjoy herself either. And i didn't have much fun myself.

The aftermath also ment that i got a re-occurance of my rash and a few runs to the bathroom. Alcohol really doesn't like me in many many ways.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Tidley Bits

First order of business. In lieu of some appreciation from a reader i just have to post this as thanks.

Now Music.

Through the wonders of being a cheap basterd i have several albums to love of late. I previously mentioned
Florence + the machine and The Gaslight Anthem but today i will praise 2 more artists and add some
female artist's to the hall of WHY WOMEN ROCK .

Fristly La Roux's debut album La Roux

I initially saw In for the Kill on some music channel at least 5 months ago and though it was alright.
But insideosly it grew on me more and more. And then in the past few weeks Bulletproof has been recieving consitent
tv play so once it was available i grabbed myself a copy of the album and i love it. Electro Pop well and truely is back.

I predicted a resurgence in synth's and electric sounds nearly 3 years ago. This was during my heavy pop-punk
time and the sounds of North Carolina's Farewell and Mercy Mercedes and of course the brief stint of Hellogoodbye.

I have always been a bit weak at the knee's for synth's and keyboards, there's something about them that i just love.

After all the first bad i truely loved was The Cars. New Wave was rather amazing and it's exactly why i believe that
the soundtrack to The Wraith is the second best soundtrack ever, the best being the gay uber-film that is Top Gun.

Back to La Roux. She is rather talented. She may have a semi-assesited voice for some songs but she can sing.
And she is all round brilliant on this album. Almost every song is catchy and the tune's and riffs are all amazing.

Highlights include Bulletproof, In for the Kill, Tigerlily and Fascination.

4 Stars. A pop classic that is very mainstream freindly and damn addictive.

Marianas Trench - Masterpiece Theatre.

Now barely anyone knows this band but i can assure you they are HUGE in Canada.

They're biggest hit from their first album Fix Me was the raucus and infectious and slightly offensive Shake Tramp.

With the chorus "Try a little more, little more, little more, slap you like bitch and you take it like a whore".

I assure you this lyric is actually pure pop-punk genious as can be demonstrated by the hilarious video:

Now as with the begining of what to me is a "classic" video, Marianas Trench try to channel a little Queen here and there.

And on Masterpeice theatre they have the ball's to actually start their album with a Queen Rip-off sound and harmony, and it works!

Masterpiece Theatre 1 is an shockingly amazing track that starts as queen, turns into pop rock, turns into a bit of a swinging barbershop, and then turns back into a big pop-rock sound that blows your mind.

From there we hit the albums first two singles, Cross My heart and All to Myself.

I dare anyone not to get either of these songs stuck in their head. I've been hearing Cross my heart since christmas but All to Myself just won't leave my head, it's just melodic te fuck!

Cross My heart:

All To Myself:

Then the hits and aw inspiring songs continue with the Brilliance of "Arcadia" and the Lion King Sounds of Beside you.

Then Masterpiece Theatre 2 sit's in the middle, the weakest of the 3 masterpiece theatre songs.
Celebrity status and Sing Sing are the later highlights. With a Kate Voegele duet being a bit of a disapointment.

Then it close's with Master peice Theatre 3. A triumph of synths, pop punk, STRINGS and a mix of all the main lines
from all the other songs and the recurring line "This is just the part I portray".

4 and a Half Stars, utter brilliance!

The ladies entering the hall of why women rock are:

Fight Like Apes

Little Boots

Florence + the machine

La Roux

Ode to the blogosphere: A guide to my blog, and a rant or two

Is it just me or is it sometimes really stupid to leave comments on other people's blogs?

Every time i do it i just feel like a complete and utter twat, even if i have something relevant to say. The odd time i waded through the shit storm of shame to actually attempt and leave a valid and coherent argument on Perezhilton of all places. Yeah like that will ever happen.

Especially with my "fellow" irish bloggers i just feel like a sick-of-fanta lickarse twat. I try to weigh in opinion and humour but i just feel dirty and pathetic sometimes. After all, am i really in the same league? Is my cynicism, humorous observation or up to date know-how even worth the read?

I rather resign myself to the world of diary posts, self loathing and the odd tid bit of fan boy gushing over gadgetry, film and music.

I have several idea's from day to day of what to stuff into this blog like an extra topping on a less than generous Lidl Pizza. Most of which go off the wall and ramble and don't really cover anything except unkept sprawled column millimeters on some randomers computer screen.

But i shall forge on. After all i like saying things. I like writing. And there is after all a sense of success when you jam in some minor wit that you think is hilarious and genius. There is a sense of accomplishment when you shite on for hundreds of words about the societal worth of discarded metro's and their beneficial effects by remaining on the seats of rain soaked dingy irish public transport. Or some shorter and obviously less pandered sentence.

~The Who's What-now of Social Dullard's Learning Curve ~

I have thought about this many a time. After all my life and blog post's can be populated with many a character. Some are passing through like the tumbleweed that is life, living but bleak and all of that kind of metaphor which i never thought of before writing it and don't know where to take it....

So i'll describe all of my friends who i feel are of importance, impotence, imposter-ence and pissed their pants. The people who i mention most often and the face's without a real life name who populate my life.

The Parental Units: I can't say to much about them as i have no damning or complaining thoughts. They are my keepers and owner's of my sleeping space and generally most of my possessions. I can often be at odds with them over my studying and academic situation, and lack of a financial one. But in the end we're still family and we love each other. The odd diner time and evening spent on the couch usually involves a lot of humour and is truely family stuff.

The Sister: The sister, oh the sister. I may not know her to well these days as she is no longer the intermittent she-devil she was when she was a teenager. Now she is a loving companion and part of the family that is shacked up with an aussie down under. She not only is a source of further laughs and a Animal expert but also a possible INN keeper for any further trips to the land down under. She will return for 2 weeks this november with promise's in aiding in my driving lessons. Stay tuned for that...


The sisters husband. A lovable guy and fun new addition to the family. My mother love's him for his ability to finish any large meal and he is generally a like-able guy that we're happy is part of my sisters life.

The Dags: Ralph and Rosie. I won't give them nicknames although Shitbox and Princess come to mind. The mad little puppies that are growing fast and still struggling to keep their bodily excrement OUTSIDE.

The Cat. Daisy(the cat). She is basically the LADY of the House. Garfield in female form. She has my sisters room all to herself. A plush well looked after double bed and arm chair all to herself as well as over-flowing wardrobe's choke full of real and imitation designer hand bags. She use's my window as a cat flap and is also known as the cat of a thousand meow's for her continued efforts to get us to wait on her at her beck and call. This includes the window dance to enter the house, when ever she chose’s and of course the 4am wake up call that tells you she's to lazy to use her sandbox for un-lady-like business.

DS: DS is possibly my best friend and my frequent companion for cinema trips. This colourful individual is studying politics and psychology in some Middle of the glen's back water in Scotland and for the past 3 years has only been available for small snippets of the year because of his incarceration in the education system loop-hole that is Irish people learning on the cheap in Scotland. On a similar note my sister did the same. DS and i have over the years had many an idea from being a Movie producing team, to being in a band, and of course our dream of a US road trip at some arbitrary and hopefully well off point in the future. DS, myself and 20 cent used to be a sort of "three mousekateers" when it comes to cinema going but now it's just me and DS.

Gammaman: Possibly my second best friend and my main friend during the college year. A talkative, loud and charismatic soul this rather jumpy and highly caffeinated boom box of idea's and repetition has been a friend for nearly 10 years and has always been the same. He is a natural brainbox and know it all record stuck on repeat that was born to be a consultant of some kind. He missed his chance to do medicine but now he will kill cancer for a living instead and all the better for it. He is heavily involved in the Society, although not as much next year. However he now has "digs" on campus, right next to Westland row station so i may spend many a night recovering there over the next year.


PG: My ex girlfriend and still a relatively close friend. Well close in that i seem to still talk to her every day. Other than that i haven't actually seen her physical presence in several months. She is now going into fourth year nursing so it is unlikely i will see to much of her over the year. Her belated larger birthday party will be later in the week so stay tuned for that.

Budsy: She was quite possibly my closest friend in my old year. Unfortunately i have seen VERY little of her over the past year and i do miss her a lot. Even with all the new friends I’ve made few can compare to her ability to make you laugh or be scared all at the same time. A laugh riot from the wilds of Virginia town.

Chatterbox. Also a Virginia local this 100 words a minute girl has been my main companion during lecture's for the past year. She also failed and repeated along with me and was by coincidence part of the small Harem i had going over the previous two years. Even with the sheer speed and incomprehensible amount and way she speaks over the past 3 and a bit years i still don't know her to well, but she's a friend none-the-less.

Avril: This embittered and frequently mitching older student is a good friend of both PG and myself. Some how she still forge's on and is on the verge of making it into fourth year. She is a voice of reason and also knows how to put my idiocy down in just the right way. She is also the last reason left for owning a bebo account.

Cleo: A drop out and enigma from my former year. Readers and those who went back through my post's will know her as a cause of much internal grief over the past year. I quickly jumped the shark and became obsessed about her. So what if she is bi-sexual and almost got me into orgies. She was never interested, and was never going to be. Her life seems to me to be a female version of me but with no ability to write. I read her diary, she can't write for shit!

Current Nursing year:

Mystique. A red haired character who i barely know but know from a-far none-the-less.

Jade: I've been on placement with her and our two secondary school's have a long standing history together but other than that i don't know that much about her, although wouldn't say know to learning more.

Ria: A slightly manic Corkonian who i can't help laugh when around and also a class rep 2 years running.

Daisy: A surprisingly lazy and attractive dark haired girl with that boxed off hair cut. I got to know her well on placement in the baby farm and asked her out for some arbitrary point in the future after my return from Oz. This however never materialised and never really talked to her after that.

The Society:

Hope: A coincidence meant that this Erasmus student was actually a form schoolmate from a lower year back when i was in primary school. She hails from cape Canaveral these days but has decided to stay on here in ireland. I struck out at least twice during the year but she has remained a good friend either way.

Goldylocks: An old acquaintance from my choir days. I know very little about her now but she's a close friend of Gammaman's and will be on the Committee next year.

Cailin: Gammaman's Ex. I don't know her too well but frankly i don't care to anymore. I was never informed as to what exactly happened but the current replacement for gammaman is a bit of a mute dweeb so it's not exactly something to approve of. I can't pass much judgment but without knowing the full story what can we do but jumped to our own opinions and file people under "Frenemies".

Joker: A rather talented debater and common face in the Societies Newspaper room. Possibly the best debating assets we have and hilarious to boot. He will take over the duties of Gentle Ben in reading funny minutes before weekly chamber debates.

Lenn: An old childhood friend but now simple acquaintance. He is now in yet another prominent committee position and not a bad debater either. If you need advice on sophisticated alcohol or simply just port he's your man. He also knows a thing or two about the man upstairs but doesn't prescribe to any of his laws or followers beliefs.

Letch: A frequent and legendary sight in the Society. This long serving normal member of the society has been around the place for a long time and knows a fare few things. I'm not even sure where he'll be next year or what he'll be doing but i don't think he'll disappear just yet.

Percy: Last years Society leader and a usually approachable guy. He's going back to his business course will probably still have a bit of a presence from time to time.

Jayne: Possibly the next best debating asset of the society. This flamboyant soul is a friendly and efficient force in the society and will probably still be lending a hand in its day to day running’s.

Capone: Also a resident rainbow carrier but with the adage of being from Up north. He was a part of the committee last year but missed out on next year. So he will most likely still be around and a great addition to the ever growing plethora of talented know it all's that is the society.

Nordiemk2: This corduroy jacketed talented young man will be joining the lower ranks of the committee as one of it's strongest speakers and general all around nice guy.

Nescafé: This frequently tired young woman sighed relief when she handed the reigns of her job over to Lenn and is a very strong speaker and will probably still be around next year.

008: This dapper gentleman dress's decade's before his time and is very attentive to his appearance. Already on the path of alcohol at the end of the day for relaxation this easily noticeable figure was born into the wrong decade. He'd easily be well at home in the 60's or even the 20's.

BD: This debating expert and PD supporter is a long standing presence in the society and an voice of knowledge and reason on most topics and how the society works. He graduated last year but maintained a presence throughout and most likely will continue to offer guidance to the many people who have been with him over the years.

Sherminator: Oh Sherminator. This guy really does have a competitive streak in him. He never seems to NOT argue. He argues every side of every thing imaginable. He also ramble's on a lot. He often doesn't know when to stop. He may need visual aides from the audience in future just to slow him down and control his spluttering and sometimes disastrous mouth. He's a top debater but if only he could be controlled... And without a doubt he has a soft spot for Boop....

Boop: The leader of the younglings. Possibly the strongest New female debater to the society. Gammamans prodigy at that. She's a strong willed and determined young thing and will go far. But at the same time she's still a young woman so she can't be the boss all the time. She's also the target of many a joke on facebook which she take's in her stride.

Dona: A good friend of Gammaman and myself's. Dona despite her tattoo's, bi-sexuality and hatred of formal feminine atire is a talented but shy speaker. She's joined the committee for love of helping out and being a part of the society. But with the right encouragement she could go places.

Demi: A good friend of Boops and another member of the committee’s lower ranks. Unfortunately in the early day's i could never remember her name and often would substitute it in my head with that nickname. But now that she has facebook-age i will never forget whatserface...

Egyptian paul: A talented and yet another encyclopedia amongst the society's ranks. His similarity to Malkovich is so much that he actually dressed as him for Halloween in the Republic, which was rather hilarious.

Roxy: A rather interesting acting and singing student who is also a frequent sight amongst the society. She's a good speaker as well and will probably be around a lot more. She's also a good friend of most of the younger female's and new comers.

Malkovich: A talented speaker and arm chair facebook presence to the going's on of the society. Strangely i'm older than him but he is far wiser than i will ever be. He also maintains a strong connection to the Other society and his religious route's are of semi-frequent joke's due to the rarity of Judaism in the so called multi-denominational setting of trinity.

Kaffee: The legal eagle and level headed back seat observer of much of the societies goings on. He has many a good thought and it is a shame he doesn't debate more often. His 4 minutes out of 7 in the god debate alone was one of the best arguments that evening. He frequently is absent for extended periods of time leaving rumour to circulate...

DJ: A talented young entrepreneur who not only has his own record label he also runs a charity space for dublin's youth. He's also a good debater and missed out on joining the committee.

Ming: Possibly my closest new friend in the society. He's a good laugh and a talented on the spot debater. His thoughts can be out there to say the least sourcing from Philosophy, theology and science fiction. One of those characters that just warms a room by their presence. Probably should shave though.

Hmm can't think of many other's. There are other's but i think i covered all the important people for now.