Thursday, April 29, 2010

I'm so indie i listen to bands that don't exist yet...

Or so goes my favorite popular cultural meta-jibe of the moment.

After all what is indie? Fuck if i know.

Yes like most labels there's a fashion, a mind set, a certain set of political belief's and of course Music and film Genre's.

Frankly i hate label's.

I for one can't ever think of one i fit into.

I like to think of myself as a tortured un-focused, un-achieving, daydreaming possible arty type person.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Film. It is the one medium that when i talk about it my whole body feel's like it's glowing with the smuggness i get from knowing i what i know and sharing it with the world. It is an overwhelming feeling of belonging, and being heard while at the same time talking about how you regularly escape reality. Nothing surpasses how Smug and happy talking about you're favourite art form can make you.

Some people do this with Music, some with Art. Some even do it with Fashion and lifestyles. But i, i'm an individual. Well in some area's anyway. After all i have yet to be allowed shop for my own clothes for parental fear of looking like a tramp, knacker, low-life, or some kind of fruit cake.

But in my love for film, which is generally universal and forgiving i can't say i'm any kind of Genre Thumping supporter.

Some people love Horror, Some Love Rom-coms, Some love crime. Some love blockbusters.

I. I love everything that i find good.

I have hated very few films.

Films in my hate pile include, The Ring 2, Peaches, Battlefield Earth, Spiderman 3 and Epic Movie. Oh and the last 20 minutes of Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.

Considering the hundreds of movies i have seen, this is a small enough list.

In terms of music i'm entirely individualistic, and in some sense's indie.

Like anyone i listen to popular music. But usually miss a few hits here and there because i avoid consuming radio.

My own taste is vastly eclectic. But i've had my musical taste best described to me by an arty person as, wait for it.

"The musical Taste of a 16 year old girl."

Okay so i admit, i love pop-punk. Fall Out Boy and Paramore being the top contributors of the Genre in my collection. But i love the genre, i love the feel, and i love the melody. But i also love pop-punk bands that no-one has heard of.

Sadly my first Major music love was Mest. A punk band. Now i look back, they were kind of awful. But they have a special place in my heart.

Quirky un-signed bands and now defunct bands from all over that i have found on myspace over the years.

A Day Away, Farewell, Mercy Mercedes, The Mile After, Holiday Parade, The High Court, Emily, The Shower Scene, Blue Syndrome, Modrocket and Yelle.

All absoloute random bands who make up my playlists and shuffle just as much as bigger Bands Like The Academy Is..., Cute is what we aim for, All Time Low, The All-American Rejects, Green Day and the "Indie-tacular" The Like.

And of course Canadian melodic masters Marianas Trench.

I'm not sure where i was taking this post, but now i will include, Youtube clips!!!

Meta-meme's, and uber quirks and so on that i just love.

Ah the Muppets, they're just all warm and fuzzy.

Out of all the summer blockbusters and so on, this little indie film has stood out to me in recent daily film blog and trailer news. I've heard little about it because it's so small time, but something just seem's to say this is going to be quite fun and charming.

Sort of like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind (one of my top favorite movies of all time) this film blends romance with Science fiction. And i have to say the Philosophical question of a timer countdown to your true love is just brilliant. That and the Catchy twist that the protagonists Timer is blank! Also sort of reminds me of the Coloured diamonds on the hands of people in Logan's Run.

Werner Hertzog. A legend of Cinema as it is. My wonderful English teacher introduced me to his work via the means of Friday's film club. I always attended for 3 straight years with the exception of only 2 or so occasions (that and falling asleep to Citizen Kane). But 2 gem's that i remember vividly are Hertzog Film's.

Aguirre, the Wrath of God Which is basically just a descent into madness and utter brilliance.


Fitzcarraldo Which is where he Literally lifted a steamboat up a mountain using the local people and a shit load of rope and tree's. It's mind-blowingly impressive, and equally insane. 

And this clip, where he "READ'S" Where's Wally, it's just un-fucking-believably cool!

It's total non-sense of the highest order, but at the same time it's great! Oh BTW, it isn't actually Werner Hertzog, but it's amazing none-the-less!

For now, no more quirky-ness.

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Snap Happy #16

I'm lazy when it comes to all the photo's i collect over time. So here's a few.


I absolutely love the story of the British Social Worker who posted a memo of suggestions for the pope. To have the ball's to do that for a laugh, and some how keep your job. Okay, so not the same job, but damn, that guy must be loving his handy work!


But i do feel sorry for some of the people who were affected by the big E jkljlkjljkljjjhuhjbjkhk eruption.

Oh the things this picture make's me think. And considering it would have all been illegal a few years ago makes it just as bad...

LOOK AT THE FLUTTERBY'S, they're ye know, Fluttering, by!



I think the future is safe, with children like this!

Time for a new Church....

I know, big scary subject but its true.

I am very much a product of the modern world in terms of my Spirituality and religious leanings. For the most part i have none to speak of. I have "moral's" and a sense of right and wrong, and like to believe in all kinds of un-proven possibilities like Alien's or Faster than light travel, but i don't with any concrete certainty believe in a higher power.

There have been many instance's where i may doubt my lack of belief. Where something beyond my comprehension, a stroke of good like, fate etc are in my favor or at my request verbally or mentally to myself, i have gotten out of tight situations etc in faux desperate prayer. And yet i don't believe in a Higher power, and even less so believe what religions tell me or others.

The Catholic Church and most Judeo-christian and Islamic teachings in no way speak to me. I believe in Science and many of it's theories. I believe the earth is billions of years old and the universe a few billion older.

I believe that life Evolved on this planet from the edge of volcanoes and the ocean floor and over billions of years and uncountable dead ends and mistakes we ended up with US. Homo-Spapien-Sapien.

The smartest and most resourceful of all the apes and the one species that's affected this blue marble the most.

And yet as the only sentient species on the planet we think we're not a miricle unto-ourselves. Because we could not explain our very existance we came up with several possible soloutions to the void in our Hearts and minds that make us feel tiny and insignificant in the wider scheme of things. We had the gumption to think "WE" were created in a Single God's image. Or we were merely pawns of several spiteful and all knowing aspects of nature and society that played games atop high mountains with our very live's.

The Belief in One all powerful God has been a massive shaping force of Western Society and by extension the entire world.

And the Catholic Church as been one of the longest of this type of belief.

Running Schools, Governments, vast wealth and the moral concience of many important decisions the Catholic Church has Reigned over Western Society in some way shape or form since the 4th century, and indeed earlier.

In recent years, with smaller numbers in their oppulant churchs and liberation of how citizen's around the world conduct themselves and view themselves, the church has lost influence.

When power and governments changed in Several countries the church was there to pick up the pieces. To be the confesion takers and the nurse's they filled a void when people looked over the horror of their actions and needed guidance.

When Ireland finally achieved a somewhat total freedom and sovereignty from the British Empire, the fledgling state of Scholars, nationalists, playwrights, rebel's and terrorists took help from anyone they could. They treated the British as reluctant friends and the Church as a massive support structure in which to rely on to offset the cost of state education and other vital instatutions.

But Before the Brits left they had a very British system of Bureocracy, they checked regularly what the Church was up to in these varies institutions. When they left, so did this type of inspection. The Church was viewed by the naive masses as incapable of doing any wrong.

A brotherhood of Abuser's and deviant men slowly formed in some aspects of the churchs, and not isolated at all, existed throughout the world in the 20th century. The Irish priests however, just like the Irish in their great famine and poverty fueled disporia,  were spread far and wide.

To missions in Africa and to Irish Communities and Doicies in America and beyond.

The level's of abuse that the church's staff inflicted on their congregations, the future beleivers who would irrefrably damaged by the abuse suffered upon them.

The nature and cause of this abuse varries. It is most definetly nothing to do with Homosexuality as some within the Church will claim.

Many of these abuser's were abused themselves, or kept from knowing the truth about sexuality and healthy and acceptable sexual interests. With warped and suppresed views of sexuality and damaged psychological and psycho-sexual views of the world around them these men and sometimes women used their position of power as a church figure to express thier warped views and deviencies and thus spread the abuse.

I could never excuse their actions. But i can understand their route cause's.

Many of these people were swept under the rug. And question of doubt was quickly hushed and the offending party moved out of sight to another seat of power. Where they were either out of the way or free to abuse yet again.

For some 70 years of the 20th century and possibly stretching into the churches more distant recent past, the cycle of abuse and the scandal's that came with it continued.

But over time the amount of abused parties increased and the church's numbers, and the people's faith in them dwindled. The truth could no longer be hidden.

The current Pope was even involved in the Body of the church responsible for investigating suchs claims. Strangely enough the same office that conducted the Spanish Inquisition. A body that wiped the Muslim's out of western Europe and tried to quash the emergence of Protestanism and other Church's that sought change.

This year alone the abuse claims and scandal has esculated to the point that the whole Catholic world is shocked and appalled and seemingly no corner was untouched by this scandal.

The Churches Doctrine, belief and claims are constantly comming under heavy fire by and increasingly judgemental media that seeks to damage the church's reputation further than it already has been.

The attitude towards AIDS in Africa and the wider world is also of grave concern.

Under Catholic teachings Contraception is immoral and wrong.

Condom's despite being 99% effective in preventing Conception, Sexual Transmitted Diseases and HIV are considered to be a pointless deterent to the plague that is HIV/AIDS. In Africa the spread is in the church's thinking stopable through Abstinance and good moral conduct etc etc.

And yet due to poverty and the monopoly on possible treatments by western companies millions of people die each year from infections they would otherwise have been able to fight if it were not for the immuno-suppresion of HIV-AIDS. The Church in many aspects is failing these people and yet it still asks for them to believe in them as represntatives of God.


At the start of this post i showed a picture from the latest episode Dr Who. Where a reformed "Church" is featured in the form of Soldier like Representative's of a Anglican type Protestant Church. This future Church being more of a crusading Achiolgical and Anti-Xenological force that protects the "faithful's" interests in this far flung future.

Now obviously that's not the kind of change anyone could propose. Afterall it's the usual high concept, little explaining that Sciencefiction and especially Dr Who usually dishes out to put a quick smile on the fan-boys. But change none-the-less.

The Catholic Church is aproaching an empass where it's past mistakes are tarnishing any hope of redeeming it's current form. It is also loosing out any moral high ground or strong relivance in today's modern world.

Society has changed so much that few Religions have time to catch up. And yet despite our liberation, our independance, our individualism and our materlialism we have lost some semblence of moral intergreity and spirituality ourselves. And with few strong and trustworthy people of influence left to turn to many people are left with a hole in their existance.

Psychology and materialism can only mend so much. Spirituality may include Sport, Music and other group gatherings but there some among the greater society that need Religion. And With one of the Largest church's falling apart, and Evangelism, Islam and even the Cult of Scientology being less than attractive options for some people, change is neccissary.

What form i can not say. But i welcome it.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Finding a job....

It's supposed to be easy. Is it not?

Well when your CV is as spartan as mine, and my future is so vague, what exactly have i got to sell about myself as a possible good employee?

If only it really was Simple. If only there were ye know, unrealistic and consistently proven to fail schemes and policies where everyone could have a job... And such and such.

If only.

From The Learning Curve

This morning before heading off to a flat footed tour of Dublin's shop fronts looking for Positions Vacant signs and any sort of sign etc

I bought a Dime bar. Although it's changed. It's now a Daim bar? When the feck did that happen! THEY'RE OUT TO RUIN MY CHILDHOOD.

Not to long ago it was the World cup, in America of all places. And amongst the chants of Ole Ole Ole that hung over from before i had memory when the boy's in Green were off to Italy, there was also the emergence of a new chocolate bar.

It had a strange ad. It was an Ad with Armadillo's. As a child of only 6 or so, on the cusp of my constantly re-watching Willow phase, how was i to know of this strange animal. But there it was. Hard on the outside, soft on the inside. The opposite of this new product. The Dime bar.

I remember it well. And strangely i mostly remember the ad, and not the bar itself. I never ate it regularly throughout my years. I even remember reminiscing about it circa 2001, let alone now.

But under a new name, it's still in existent. And still sticks to you're teeth. But Daim? Fucking awful name if you ask me!

From The Learning Curve

I thought of posting the job finds i found myself in my travels, that i would be unlikely to fill myself, but that would be cruel. If i can't work neither can you dear readers!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Well that and i could NOT be arsed.

I also saw this sign. Rather good for musician's. Interesting too:

From The Learning Curve

Also this, OLDER sign that i spotted around the time i returned to this fair isle.

From The Learning Curve

I'll probably post properly sometime soon. Had idea's for today but just to tired from all my walking.

Fuck all jobs out there!

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Friday, April 16, 2010

If i could, i'd vote Lib-Dem.

Now i will not profess to knowing anything, about politics. Half the time i can't even spell the word.

But i agree with a lot the things that the Liberal Democrat's in the Britain talk about. And following tonights debate on Itv 1 i feel that Nick Clegg (Leader of the Lib-Dem's) came out on top.

I didn't see all of the debate, i saw about 50 minutes out of 90, but i agreed with a lot of his points.

There appears to be a lot of the same old crap sprouting from the two main political parties in mainland Britain. 2 parties that have been in power for large blocks of time for the past 25 years or more and for the most part dominate the British political landscape and it's policies, laws, legislature and foreign policy.

In the 1980s, the "old" Conservative's reigned supreme under the Thatcher-ite era. An era often portayed in the media, and my imagination, as being full of greed, right wing idea's and questionable action's (Sinking of the Belgrano in the Falklands war?). But in bed with Reagan (the American president at the time), and bad move's on behind the falling Iron curtain the cold war ended. And to some extent the west's capitalist's way's seemed to be winning.

Under John Major and America Under Bush, Russia slowly fell apart and the 1st Iraq war happened.

By 1997 Tony Blair, a young fresh faced "New Labour" PM came in. Offering a change, as most politicians do. What exactly i can't remember. It was the era of Brit-pop and so on, time's were good.

Sure Dianna Died, but there was a peace process in Northern Ireland and Britain had a shinny new future.

Fast forward to the next century and in their grumpy way the Brits weren't too happy with the waste and ridiculous state of their nation but they kept going. The Millennium Dome sat idle for years, a folly of false promises of large scale change. The real change in London was the Emergence of The financial Center's around the Bank of London and at Canary Wharf/ Isle of Dogs. (Former docklands left desolate thanks to Containerisation and the breaking of selfish unions under Thatcher)

Following 9/11 Tony Blair reinforced a special friendship with the American's, now under the Disputed and widely lampooned George W. Bush. Britain Followed America into Iraq in 2003, seeking rumoured Weapon's of Mass Destruction. British troops died in Basra and trained the local Authorities while the American's played Cowboys and Haji's elsewhere. In 2005 as plan's slowly formed for eventual British withdrawal from Iraq, they joined the fight in Afghanistan. (Swiftly invaded in 2001 to oust the Fundamentalist government that housed suspected terrorist leaders.)

Eventually after about 10 years Tony Blair stepped down, shortly into his 3rd Consecutive term, letting Gordon Brown, former Chancellor of the Exchequer (guy looking after the money and regulation and taxes etc).

Brown briefly had his honneymoon period then became a media pariah. Anger has followed him in the media  for at least 3 to 4 years. He didn't call an election a few years ago after the poll's dipped out of his favour, so he waited till the 5 year term was up, to see if he could be elected properly.

Several attempted "coups" and so on followed him in recent years. Even accusations of being a bully. And as the Finacial Crisis, the credit crunch, thar be hard time's, that recent hic-up in your pockets, set in he wasn't directly to blame. It wasn't in his hands any more.

Now the election. After YEARS, and probably far longer than i have meekly referenced. The British public have been guided and influenced by the same political ideologies. "Thatcher-ism" and "Blair-ite" thinking have led Bratain to where it is now. Of course this is both a good, bad, and neutral thing. But in many aspects the landscape of British polotics and representation need's changing.

With an unpopular war, a National Health Service, ageing Population, Increasing Unemployment, Economic Downturn/Depression/Recession (depending on the economist's you read, and the media fear-mongering you believe), MP's Expense's Scandal's, Public disillusionment with politics etc etc.

The Lib-Dem's are offering something Truely different for a change. But they can't do it alone. Unfortunatly despite wonderful Liberal idea's that i agree with, such as scrapping Britain's Nuclear weapons, cutting expense's and "waste" (without calling it waste) and so on and so forth. The Lib-Dem's sing a different tune, play on things from a different angle and are given less of a spotlight.

They have less of a spotlight because the British Electoral landscape is frankly so fucked up i have yet to even understand it. Apparently a large number of constituencies are so "certain" that they almost never change hands between parties. Only so called "marginal" area's are where political battle's of policies and personalities actually happen. And these can be few and far between.

What's worse is their form of Voting. I haven't the foggiest how it works, but it's not the same as here in Ireland where we effectively give everyone a vote and run through their successive round's of vote's until they have enough to be elected.

In Britain however, the person with the most, goes through, first, and that's about it. This pretty much shuts out big race's in lots of area's making any competition unappealing and pointless.

This also means that a party like the Lib-Dem's is far smaller than it's bigger rival's. With less chance's to branch out into other constituencies, their policies and ideal's rarely spread to all area's or aspects of the vast populous of mainland Britain, and for the most part England.

What makes this all more complicated is that Wale's, Scotland and Northern Ireland also elect some people into the "British" Parliament in Westminster.

Considering these partial Nations also have their own Assemblies and Parliaments, in various complicated form's. Northern Ireland's is currently sort of not actually sitting in a full capacity, but it still run's the place. The Scottish one run's a lot Scotland's affairs, and it's Westminster Representative's, Including Gordon Brown, apparently do something? Same with Wale's, i think? Oh and of Course, The Isle of Man, Isle of White, Channel Islands and other United Kingdom territories in Western Europe.

The Lib-Dem's, are on the scale of things Small. But they may be the key to deciding the shape of the Government formed in this coming election. And most likely stand to gain the most historically from this. If it's a very close race another election could be coming very soon. And slowly and surely i at least hope they gain more influence.

I may not have listed the policies, i may not even know them. But i feel that the Lib-Dem's are sort of better for Britain and wider world, than more Labour or even the "new" Conservatives.

I'd vote for them, if i could, and if they were even running a candidate in any hypothetical constituency i might live in....

Also, i apologise for this polico-centric rant. With few facts.

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Monday, April 12, 2010

An Unthinkably bad trailer...

I watch A LOT of trailers. After all i love films, and i love keeping up to date with news about film etc.

So when i came across this trailer for a movie i had yet to hear about, i was kind of surprised.

I read the Actors first, Samuel L. Jackson (Pulp Fiction), Michael Sheen (Frost/Nixon, The Damned United), Carrie Anne Moss (Momento, The Matrix). Right thats some acting chops right there. We're talking reliable people for Popcorn Munching and bankable reliability.

Right so the trailer starts. 

Micheal Sheen's a baddie. Okay, i'll go with that, he was possibly the best thing in Twilight Saga: New Moon

He Has put bombs in 3 cities. Okay that's sinister. They're all nuclear, that's very sinister. This looks good!

  IT WAS A PLAN (Well yeah, it wouldn't be done willy nilly, its 3 thermo-nuclear devices after all, you don't waste something like that?)
OF MASS DESTRUCTION ( Well the next line say's they're nuclear bombs, no fucking kidding!)

Que Rousing Score....Maybe some tention, a few city shots, imply some action and reaction to the "PLAN".

Brandon Ralph! That poor dude who tried to be Superman, he's arressting someone, he's FBI, he appears to be on Point.

UNTIL THE FBI CALLED IN... (We Can read FBI on a shirt, we're not slow!)

They appear to have called in the Shadow of Samuel "Big Mother Fucker" L. Jackson. Yeah i'd be scared to.

And Michael Sheen's all strapped up, shirtless and out of breath. Ooo Torture! This movie's hitting above it's wait, it's going to justify torture! Ooo, now i hope it's going to be good!

IT'S SECRET Weapon. ( We just saw him, we know it's Jackson?)

Sam: "You're Only Mis-calculation in your plan... (music stops) was me!"  (Ie Don't fuck with me. You i'll unleash furious anger etc etc)

Bearded guy: "What is this place?"

Sam: "Nowhere. Doesn't Exist. Neither do we." (Oh how cryptic and Philosophical.)

SAMUEL L. JACKSON (Why the red? We recognise this bad ass mo' fo' already.)

Sam: "He has to believe, i have no Limits." ( Right okay, so your testing Sheen. You also have implied limit's? Okay still a bit cerebral, bordering on cheesy.)

CARRIE ANNE MOSS ( She must be in charge. She doesn't look to happy, to be hear or to be doing this.)

Carrie. "The suspect is being Tortured" (cut in sound and picture. Higher Pitch. Different lines?) "THIS IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL!"

Her Boss?: "If those bombs go off (picture of a bomb and ticking clock. Implying the impeding doom. 6 Days 13 hours 27 minutes, to be exact.) there won't be a CONSTITUTION!" 

Wait what? Was this movie written by the Tea-Party? 3 cities and, 3 bombs and apparently a piece of paper governing 50 states and 310 million people cease's to exist? That's one bad-ass plan!


Sheen: "I don't need your help. (moss is offering help? Concerned for his well being, the terrorist evil mastermind needs protecting? Sam is a bad mo' fo after all??) "I can take it. I 'DESERVE' It". (Okay, we get that you've done a big wrong, we'd beat the snot out of you to, but you actually want to be tortured? What kind of sick twist is this setting us up for, and revealing in the trailer?)

BOOM! A small-ish bomb. That mean's more action!

WHEN TERRORIST (thats Sheen)

Sheen: "I'm Here because I wanna be here!" (So not only is it apparently a big "PLAN". But he want's to be there. Further reinforcing the cool twist, the tangent plot point etc. The part where they make it slightly different to other action flic's

MEETS INTERROGATOR ( That's Samuel L. Jackson, do keep up..)

Sam: "I will find you're line and i will break you." (Oh, no he didn't!)

Sheen: NOOOOOOOOOO-agggghhhh. (Either he's pissed, being tortured, denying something, or passing kidney stones.)

Carrey Anne Moss Gesticulate's, she mean's business!

Carrey: "I will not allow this to happen!"

Sam: "This is not about you!" (cut in image and sound) "This is war." "This is Sacrifice!"

Troops running about. Oh so now it's "ABOVE" the FBI. Martial law? Yeah that's unconstitutional.

General: "This operation is Terminated!"

More action, smoke, gun pointing.

How far would you go ( To what? See a good movie trailer? Buy a carton of milk?)

Samuel beats someone amongst the commotion. Music soars with Choral sounds.

To Protect your Country (Oh okay, so it's a morale question. Okay i can go with that. Eh, i'm guessing this movie shows us how it's well thought out characters and they're role's lead them to go to a certain point, in the pursuit of "Protecting" their country. We can all associate with that...)

Sam: "There's NO TIME!" ( While he's being choked? That's a strong wind pipe!)


Yep it truly is "Unthinkable" how bad this trailer gets towards the end! What a shame.

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

I lost a match, an election, and a mud fight all in a few days.

And somehow it took me twice as long to blog about it!

Rallying the Troops:

On good friday the legendary and oh so important face off match between the society and the Others took place.

Considering The Society has Won the past 4 years, last year 11-2, it was bound to be a good time. Although this year, we were quaking in our boots a bit. As Malkovich, an interloper between both societies, fond of the drink, and a massive football fan was now in charge of the Others side.

The society,  had Letch. And this time we couldn't call upon any of the over 25 former members releaving their youth like previous matches. So instead The society had to field nothing but it's own people, including myself and a ringer from UCD.

I arrived early at the Gimby and was the only society member in sight for ages. The fear built as i saw the ARMY of other's arrive. A sea of red... Some 18 plus actual players and a team of supporters too.

Soon Nordie 2 and Letch showed up and soon followed by Apollo, this years Auditor. It quickly became apparent that we were short a few players, and even lacking people to cheer us on.

So everyone who was there went into overdrive phoning everyone we could think of to get them to play in the match. Unfortunately this only ended up amassing a team of 10 people, for certain for the match.

So we arrived at the pitch, red army in toe, with only 10 or so players. At the last second just at kick off, Sherminator and Egyptian Paul popped up racing in on Bikes, just in time!

I played for a few minutes but was flat footed and awful. So i ended up on the metaphorical bench and decided to take a few photo's and be a linesman for a while.

Slowly but surely the slaughter grew. Within the first half the score was around 7-0 with a few contested goals.

The society had gained a few more players by this time, With Capone apparently falling asleep on the bus so still missing in action, his arrival later, albeit hilarious didn't make any difference.

The 2nd half was a stronger performance for a few minutes, by some miracle. We didn't let anything in for at least 10 minutes or more, but most of our team were knackered.

Eventually they started to fly in, and despite switching goalies many time's we couldn't stop it.

I myself even let in at least one, maybe even two... It was just impossible in the mud, with no physical skill or co-ordination, or even proper gear.

The final score was 15+ - 0.

The Societies winning streak destroyed. It's pride and players battered emotionally, and in some case's physically.

So we huddled around, claimed a girl Fresher was the Man of the match for being our best Mid-fielder, and then decided to shake hands with the Opposition. But with a slight ploy.

Slaughter in the mud:

The Society did the honourable thing and shook hands with the opposition. But we had a target in our cross-hair's. Why i'm not sure, but we did. It was an american who we'd shouted to have as a sub since the very begining, just because of his nickname. And he probably seem'd like the best target.

We sought him out. The Others were already flinging each other around in the mud and delighted with themselves. The society wanted some kind of act of anything, whether fun, vengence, ignorance or plain stupidity, they were going to get their man.

We all weaved through the crowd shaking hands. Target spotted.

Within seconds of a reached out hand he was pounced upon.

As i flung myself into the breach i just thought of that colloquial adage, "PILE ON" that's usually screamed when people, ye know, Pile on.

In the ensuing mud soaked mass, huddle and seething of pushes, tustle's and groan's we all got very muddy.

And as i rose from the mass as it cleared the target caught me and slapped to large wad's of Mud into my head with both hands with an almighty smack.

Icky, sticky, uncomfertable and sort of sore, it was still worth it.

Although this was the extent of my tustling in the mud, several people continued to drag, push, throw and pin people all over the place.

I composed myself on the side lines, some people changed and we got an Other to help take a team photo, with some difficulty as some of our members were still knee and face deep in the mud. But we got a proud, mucky photo of the Losers in Blue.

Both side's then joined together in a mass huddle and an Overall photo was taken, something which didn't occur last year, mainly because of the 11-0 for the 4th year in a row.

This time i think the victory was far more obvious. The society knew it was beat, and despite cries of "It's a Pyrrhic victory, if we had 1 goal we would have won it on a emotional level", the hatchets were buried.


So with it all said and done the 2 teams started to pack up.

I had brought a spare change of cloths so with my coat and some well placed shuffling i changed out of my mucky Tracksuit bottoms, and even changed top and t-shirt, as well as shoes. Despite little play i was well prepared to not sully Bus Eireann whenever i headed home.

As the crowd trickled away i asked where everyone was heading. Most of the Society were heading different ways, Home, buses, town etc The other's though had a house near by to go to and even clean up. That and promise of a place to drink and wind down etc, although it being good friday it was BYOB.

So i followed the crowd and joined in.

At the free gaff i queued with the rest of the others as they all waited to get clean. Out back some used a hose, while others waited for the bathroom.

I was relatively clean, with the exception of my face. So i was near the end of the queue.

After the passing  underwear, wet cloths and freshly cleaned bodies of several people passing me over about 20 minutes i was informed the sink was actually free and separate in the Toilet so i popped in and washed my face.

As i washed someone else joined me at the sink and also started to clean while i was almost finished, so i had to hover my hands over the open toilet bowl while i ringed my hands to the full extent of my Nursing training.


Letch and our man of the match had also joined the mass at the house, but after a while i was the last Society only representative left. But the "craic" was good, and i was having fun laughing at several random stories and with and at all the company so i stayed.

In fact i was there a good while. And i enjoyed it a lot. A fresh reprieve from the slightly more serious talk that you get several times when around Society people. The others were almost from another world, ye know, actually acting like young people and not overtly Intellectual or constantly arguing. Free spirits if you will.

For the most part i just sat and laughed along with all that was happening, rarely pipping up much. After all i knew all of 4 or 5 names of the people around me and couldn't think of much to say. But i was comfortable enough and having fun. Although my rash was visible and it bugged me a lot, so much so i took an emergency extra tablet just to make sure it went away, and didn't bother me to much.

By the evening we ended up playing I never, or in this strange Hiberno-English version, Never have i ever, ye know, for the unintentional grammar nazi's that the Irish language make's us.

This is of course, a drinking game. But i took a glass of water, wasn't unwinding that much, and there wasn't a communal supply going anyway.

A lot of hilarious stories came out, all private of course, so no scandal i'm afraid. But my answers are perflectly admissable.

Never have i ever been involved in sexual act on public transport. Drink.
Never Have i ever had a threesome. Drink.

Someone noticed this and jokingly called me a "Sexual Deviant" in a sort of surprised slagging i guess.

To which my instant response was, strangely and honestly, "Different Continents."

I enjoyed my time, but by 9 i had to leave to get a bus. I wasn't sure what schedual the buses were running on so i had to make my exit.

And by pure luck i got on the bus within a minute of it's departure.


On tuesday was the election for the society.

I ran last year, and that was chronicled in several posts (which i should link to at some stage).

I voted pretty early after a brief spell in an internet cafe.

I ate Mc D's for lunch, far more expensive than Burger King, bad choice. But i ate slowly, layer by layer of my Big Mac as i watched music video's on the plasma's upstairs.

I kept popping up to the pav to see the drinking voters, but no one was around. That is if i would even recognise my competition, mainly newbie's.

I popped into the national gallery for a while and then back to campus.

Finaly Lenn and Capone were there drinking away with cheap can's of Bevaria, oh memories.

The one armed man joined us. As he sat down i prepared my 750 mil bottle of Pepsi i had been drinking all morning and started to pour the Jameson Whisky i had swipped from the Cloak room's upper shelf. I'd say i added about 100ml to what was left of the pepsi.

Then Nordie 2 and some of the Freshed faced younglings.

Then the new Auditor elect, Joker.

Ming eventually joined us and the storries and laughter lasted a few hours before the count.

Before we all left the Whiskey started to hit me. My face had become pretty numb, it felt like it was drooping. I was a bit dizzy and sort of tingly. And everything was even easier to laugh at. Faster and stronger than any other drunk i had ever been. And even slightly more fun than the downer i get from beer or beer equivilant alco-pops.

The count was just as devastating as i remember. And Ming didn't get elected. I had a long wait for my result.

Several long counts later, i still had all of 3 votes.

And then that was it, i was "eliminated" for not having enough votes. I guess not being around all year, being in another continent etc kind of acted against me.

I shook hands, met the new committee. But it was just as devastating as before. But if i am returning to nursing, as i fully intend to unless some Monetary miracle allows me to do a film course, i will use the Society as a massive social safety net next year. For sanity's sake i'll have to. I'll also get more involved with The Others, as i think they're a bit more my kind of people than i ever realised.

As for the summer, working hopefully. And of course, my student/amateur film...

Until the next time i do something note worthy.. Ciao.

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Friday, April 9, 2010

Excuse's excuse's....

I've been constructing a post about the past week, for the past week.

I could write it now, or i could sleep. And have yet another refreshed look at what i'd like to say....

Yeah, i'll do that. I'll put off the inevitable rant.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

3D Film has now officially gone beyond a gimmick....

Now i like what 3D is doing. Avatar was good, Nightmare before Christmas in 3D was good. And i approve of a lot of other 3D movies.

But this one takes to biscuit!

Step Up 3D

I have not seen Either Step Up 1 or 2, or any such film's. But now the 3rd outing in this Franchise mainly aimed at certain American youths and Dance Fan's, is just taking the whole genre and the gimmick a bit to far.

There's entire sequence's in this movie that don't even appear to make sense.

I point mainly towards a scene where the main character and the male lead stand on a grate and let green spheroid's fly up into the sky with an air vent? Why?

Because they could put a camera over them with a birds eye view and then add CGI and 3D to the scene and blow gullible people's minds.

And i'm not sure, but is the group with Light Suit's and Laser's the same group that won Britain's got talent? If so far due's, but for feck sake that's just more gimmickry.

Movies, especialy of the Dance or Musical variety should have story, they should have some depth. Basing a movie around coreography, music promotion, and 3D effect's is just plain exploitation. The general Cinematography doesn't even look like anything spectacular. Adding 3D to what would have been pretty much the SAME dance movie for a 3rd time is just insulting to the cinema goer.

Although, frankly, i may actually make me want to see this one... And then again, it can only be seen this way in the cinema, so it's going to make MILLIONS! And 8.50 or so of my money may be amongst that...

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Snap Happy #15 : Random Funnies

I'm bored, and have a vast collection of funny pictures, so i shall share them.

World Leaders Running, to what we don't know, but it looks like they mean business!

This is the sad state of films for some legendary actors....

Google Envelopes: A concept to have the option to send Gmail E-mail's as Hard copy mail!


A cat with cat shaped fur.

We all worry when prompted to do something crazy on our computers!

Sometimes it's hard to find a job you're qualified for....


The 5 second Rule explained....

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In which i hope to return to College and the Society.

Oh how i neglect thee dear blog, no more, never more, not again!

Well, maybe at least once a week if all else fails.

So i have ACTUALLY decided anything but i have put myself forward for Election in The society so that i can be on the committee next year and get more involved etc

And in all likely hood i am returning to nursing next year, as its the cheaper and better option.

So it's 3 years of Nursing. Okay so it made me unhappy but if i can do it my way, work hard, and be involved in college and other things as well then all the better. It's not beyond the realm of possibility that i can do it.

I also have idea's to quench my filmographic thirst while i'm studying. Translation i have an idea to make a cheap as chips student film that's right in my general interest. More to come as i start to get it together. But what i can say blog wise, without giving away to much, is that it's a Drama/Sci-fi about conscription to an Alien war. 

Yeah it's all just an idea. But i hope to make a short film, maybe under an hour all about the drama of young people deciding if they will go to an unknown war for the saftey of humanity etc All do able on the cheap with home video equipment etc and a lot of orchistrated and rehearsed scenes and so on. Maybe even some improvised stuff in the form of a Debate.

More to come latter i guess. And more clear etc.

Oh and i'll be playing some Football on Good Friday in great Trinity college tradition in the Society Vs Others Match. The same match i was at last year actually..

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