Wednesday, September 8, 2010

pokemon blue, day 1

Today was my first day playing pokemon blue.

I named my little pixilated self after me, and my fucked up rival red.

I chose charmander he chose squirtal, devious coded little cunt!

I beat the brat with several scratches and went of on the road of my pokemon adventure.

After prof oaks package, pokedex receiving and getting a map, the real game began.

In the fittest the bugs were pitiful but before hand I had back tracked again and caught a pidgey and rattata.

Helpful against the bug trainers and for catching a caterpillar and pupous waste of space.

By Bricks gym I was still not ready to win. I lost to the first trainer. So I reshuffled my pokemon and went in circles in some grass and fought wild pokemon. I caught two more rattata's one at a higher level than the one I owned. I also fucked my fighting pokemon to give them all exp points, including the shelled waste of space...

The trainer was still a challenge. And a stop to the poke centre was needed. Then Brock...

It took two goes and a lot of effort, but I didn't want to only use charmander. I gave every one a bash at his geodude. I then had only charmander left on full strength for his onix.

I fucked in the cocoon and my almost gone pidgey to drag it out and save my charmander from the pain of bide.

I eventual won and headed on the road. A tone of trainers awaited at the foot of Mt. Moon. I took on two in a row 3 times and healed my pokemon to not be caught out, and to learn as much as I could.

The battery light started to flash on the weak AAAs so I saved my first day of blue.

Stats and a list of pokemon in future posts.
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