Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bored blog for bored reason's.

Well despite the rather narative and possibly alienating account of yesterday i thought in my boredom that i would write yet another blog, ye know rant about stuff to pass the time. Why because i can?

Swine Flu:

I could rant about the major risk's relating to this but i'm sure a lot of people are. In fact if anything i shouldn't be a risk, the failings by many people are especially glaring and almost insane. Basically a pig farm in some out of the way town was poorly controlled and 1,800 people in a town of 3,000 were struck by a mysterious illness nearly a month ago. This backward town is fully of weekend home's for people from the big cities particularly Mexico city. A sick census worker, a toddler and holidaying workers all contributed to the further spread of an illness that should have been noticed earlier and possibly should never have happened. The virus has mutated into an active human flu infection and it's approaching summer. Tourist movement, a religious celebration in mexico and generally awful health promotion has lead to 21 confirmed dead and several hundred infected world wide. Just a failure of the highest proportion's. And the cause, a poorly maintained pig farm owned by an American "pork tycoon". 15,000 pigs in around 20 warehouse's in completely awful conditions, more abhorrent then most animal rights advocate's can imagine. Sick, poorly cared for pigs harbored and spread a disease that is common to themselves and it got out of their poor living area and infected humans. Thousands became sick and then it jumped forward evolutionarily and is now a dangerous human flu. It just shouldn't happen and now we're all at risk. At the least a few hundred people may die, and a moderate level a few thousand, at a pandemic level 15% of the world maybe more or less, and insanely up to 50% of the civilised world if the shit really hiteth the fan.

A few anicdote's that i think are funny to consider:

Star Trek's release date has been postponned in mexico because of ban's on mass gatherings.

Chris Pine the star of Star Trek is in a "shelved" movie about a bird flue pandemic that the studio's have been holding onto waiting to make a profit, this movie is called "Carrier's" and here's the trailer: (hopefully this works, it's apparently after a sponsor's ad)

This is the Imbd for it, a september release is apperently planed, they've been sitting on this one since 2007!

Another little thing i noticed on my iPod that i found funny when thinking of this blog. There's a Cab song called This City is Contagious, it's about Las Vegas but it's still a great song and kind of ironic at the moment:

On another Las Vegas related note. Katy Perry's rather good song Waking up in Vegas has just been released as a single in most of the developed world. The video "dropped" a few days ago and it's pretty good. 4 months or so after first hearing it i still don't quiet get what the chorus. "Shut up and put your money where your mouth is, that's what you get for waking up in vegas." What exactly is the person getting? A mouth full of money? Is saliva covered notes legal tender? Or is it just 2 phrase's slammed together for a catchy chorus? Either way, it's brilliant, catchy te fuck and even if you don't like it she leaves great mammaries in her wake:

Assertive action via Caffine:

I know it's probably a bad thing, i am after all a trainee health professional. But caffinated drink's of the non tea or coffee variety do help me shut up my negative head sometimes. They also give me that bouncy energy and confidence to be "assertive" and all that BS i find difficult to do when wrapped with shyness, anxiety, and reluctance to participate. Now i don't rely on it or anything but it can help from time to time.

One such action that resulted from a placeboed caffine/sugar rush this afternoon was inviting Hope to some lunch to celebrate her election to the Other's committee and the fact she's sticking with her education here in trinity instead of returning to the sunshine and citrus goodness of Florida. So that's something, i shall do that hopefully at some time tomorrow, although my tutorial's are at the worst time, 2-4.

Gay, Lesbian, bisexual, transgender, transexual and Eddie Izzards:

It is on many level's great to live in this modern age. Sure we have relatively good health, tv, internet, radio, some electronic credit left, many advanced technologies, a buzz word american-african in the white house and tolerance for homosexual's and other formally sexually "deviant" groups.

Gay people in general are less of a taboo these days. In fact people don't really care anymore. In some aspects of pop culture it's the opposite. Being different can be a bonus. Supposedly the gay population is 10% of the male population. Irish statistic's claim less than 4% openly gay and practicing which is a progressive number to say the least. Lesbian's aren't as numerous but bisexual's and girls who have or would experiment are both sitting around the 2% mark, or at least were honest enough to include themselves in the a sexual health survey.

I also would like to say i have nothing against gay people. Oddly however i used to be afraid of the possible advance's of gay men. Being in a boys school and being a lonely sexually frustrated predominantly straight teenager kind of did that. But one thing i never got over was a slight nagging in my head about how "camp" and effeminate some gay men were. I get the whole attraction to men thing, i find some men attractive and can sometime's react and treat them the same way as a woman. But what i've always found confusing and sometime's annoying was the idea of Gay men delibritly going out of their way to be stylish, flamboyant, camp etc. Maybe my bi-curiosity only want's men to be men, but men who do things. I don't know, i don't fully support the idea in my head but i do think that men, straight, gay or not so picky shouldn't have to confirm to the stereotype of their sexual orientation. I'm a whiny moody bitch, most girl's don't seem to like it. I talk about my emotions all the time. I'm a troubled individual, i'm not a macho man, i don't find sport's interesting and i am not effeminate, i'm far from tidy or interested in jimmy choo's or couture. I'm an in between sort of person and to some degree despite my tolerance the idea of my bi-curiosity or hetro-flexability does scare me at times because i am a confused predominantly hetro male. After all i was interested in girls from a VERY early age. Anything after that was just a bit confusing to say the least.

Regret of the week:

A little textual check up with Cleo. I don't know why but i did it anyway. She's not going to Oz for the summer. Apparently there's some J named someone in her life now although she didn't mention that to me. I guess i caved to bitterness and curiosity and i hate when i do that. Deleting her number would be nice but i doubt i could do that. Thought of it with PG a few time's but alas to no avail or good reason.

One of my favourite war heroes:

John Dutton Frost. He led 745 men at Arnhem bridge doing the job of some 9,000 -11,500 men planed for 2 days, but did it for 4 and a half until they could only fight with their fists. With no support, no relief, surrounded by Waffen SS panzer division's and with no radio's they held out far longer than was expected of them and they did it till the last 11 or so men were arrested after charging with bayonette's. Paratrooper's are the hardiest of troops and this legendary man led them through many great achievement's.

I had one or two more things to share but my internet is acting up on me so i can't suggest some of my favourite band's with links to their myspace's and other pages. Those youtube clips were hard enough to put up!

Patience yet young padawan's.

Ah yes another day rather exceedingly wasted in the presence of the society but also the fun had as well, so much so that i'm still sort of in that day follow a rather tiny amount of sleep but i will get to that latter.

My day before the night:
Ah my "good intention's" for wednesday was work on my sociology essay. Eh, what happened there i wonder? Yeah, that didn't really come to pass. I had the books with me, i have chosen the question and how i hope to tackle it but as for reading or draught's or work, eh apparently not yet, and i do have several other subjects and an exam to repeat.

Now what i did do was my usual procrastination rounds of the internet, fair game i say, fair game. But after watching some new family guy i got around to writing my story. This being the one I’ve been typing for half a year. So chapter 3, been on that for a while. Just over 32 pages, damn that took a while. Why, well other than editing and so on as i went i was reluctant for a good while, especially with what i just did with it. I revealed a big plot point. I actually started giving additional dialogue to the massive characters i had been building up. It's far from perfect; now that i've reached this moment i know my layered characters need more running up to it. I spent so long diving head first into this universe and describing it with asides while the story chundled along with very little happening i somehow got to this important point and it's far from perfect. I'm not going to go back and fix it yet though. I want to do the aftermath and the moral choices and character usage related to it. After all the wormhole travel is supposed to be slow and all that; so this problem is going to boil on the ship for a good while. It doesn't have to be big reveal then choice, more weighing the options and covering it from all angles while also building upon the characters more and more. Yeah it's difficult, yeah it's a bit messy at the moment but so far more major editing when im only 36 page's and 20,000+ words in and starting a 4th chapter, no thanks i want to actually write that mo fo!

Now i was V proud of getting past that "stumbling block", it was annoying me that i could spit the idea of the plot point out. And obviously i see fault in it but i'm happy i got it done. This was in turn my feeble and misguided excuse to "pamper" myself. Well no, just to switch off and be even lazier. So what did this entail, well with iPod on and earbuds in i strolled around thinking of where i would take it and the read some papers in the Gimby, then LUNCH! Onward to Middle-class haven that is M&S, no no more sperm flavoured smoothies, just the sandwich, crisp and soft drink deal again. Walking out via the art's block i did witness Fox toying with her iPod, thought of saying hello but didn't. Then after picking up a sandwich of that wasn't in the deal and paying around 5 euro something for my lunch by pure mislabelled mistake she (fox) was also queuing in M&S, small world that is this fare city.

Back to the gimby and within a while she was there again with One armed man, good times. No Irish times, bad times. Facebook was a-buzz with outrage of blaspheming liable law thingy. Not good, somewhat random and crazy. And according to "experts" most notably Green Giant it is based on old laws and amendments that needed clarification and all this mumbo-jumbo and apparently it's against how we voted in the UN on certain bill's bushed by Muslim state's looking for similar things. In those instance’s we followed Europe, now we're coming out of nowhere and emulating this little clip. Madness!

Now the night previously i had informed Boop that it may be a good idea for the younglings to meet over drinks to bring in the new year and the future and all that jazz. A bit belated and logistically and chronically difficult and i turn it couldnt materialise but i had the idea and it's the thought that counts i suppose. But of course the night out afterwards was possibly better anyway so i'll get to that in a bit. Eh yeah, wasted day in the chat room, read ALL the papers, although no evening rag to shudder at. Wasted a lot of kb credit's on surfing random thing's like Conservapedia's article on ww1 that seemed to be less controversial that i thought it could be but obviously put a lot of weight on america and pretended the other allies were awful at fighting up to their involvement..... or at least didn't inform you of any facts relating to success, just notable failures and tragedies. After all in the Somme the french were amazing, but because thousands of brits failed it left several dozen mile's of the front in chaos and any gains by one tiny section utterly pointless, for shame.

Obvious talk of Swine flu to and people joked with Cailin that her current unwell nature could be flu or mumps, cruel but hilarious to a least some degree. Then the fresher’s came by with Demi bringing cake and the Padawan's mixing a rather powerful cocktail of some sorts.

The Last escapade of the committee:

So it was a rather amenable and sometimes slow thanking session with a few jibe's at the comment system that some people despised. But all in good taste and everyone was rather happy with their jobs etc. Gammaman upset me briefly but he made up for it later by a hand bump or some such thing just as a general friendship thing. Eh what else, oh yeah it was sad to see Percy go and he did a good job and the future looks bright with Apollo, Joker, Lenn and Boop being some of the head face's in next year's committee.

Onto the partay!:

A little ritual called the Midnight, where at mid night a micro-private business is held where the stonecutter master one last time confers with the sssshh-master and hands over the reins to the new master. This involves a drink in every hand and a lot of cheering. Leading up to this moment, 20 minutes in-between a long thanking session and the actual cheering, i mingled and so on around the room with several face's. Caught up with Kaffee, tried to spur on some kind of plan with the Committee mk2 as for our plan's next year and repeatedly tried to slow Ming down from consuming that cocktail so quickly, fruitless really, but that's cause it had grenadine.... A few more laps and a quick cheeking shoulder tap to gammaman as i passed. I had intended to be assertive and outgoing and all that jazz, plan next year, learn about the website make my presence known and so on. To some extent i did that, i also down a blue bear very quickly and became rather jittery and anxious. Not fulfilling all my "tasks" and generally being a loss for words most of the time.

After the cheering it was on to a club for Z list-ers, or so they said. It was empty; after all it was a wednesday. The spearhead group was not long on it's own when everyone else arrived and the party got started and so on. With this i whipped out my bitchin' camera as my cheap "durable" one was knackered and wouldn't even turn on. To take my place among the party and so on i sort of used the camera for a while to document the proceedings and stake my own little niche and so on. This worked until the battery symbol prematurely appeared and then i was left without that safety net.

This is where thing's get a bit touchy feely so bare with me....
I've been and usually am socially inept at clubs and so on but this one hit me like a train wreck. I knew i was fine i knew i was more than capable of doing anything but for some reason my mind was warped and racing with anxiety. Negativity took hold and i could seem to calm down or shut it up. I didn't want to dance, not exactly easy with r'n'b on shuffle from an iPod somewhere. But i was really panicked; i ducked into the bathroom for some silence at least 3 or 4 times, 2 of which to actually use the bathroom. My pulse was normal, my breathing was normal, my stomach a bit iffy but more hungry then anything. But i was still terrified, wrecked with anxiety and generally feeling reluctant and out of place and it scared me. I knew i was "fine" but i couldn't shut any of it up. It took a very long time for it to go away. Hell it wasn't until the wind-up (down) music at the end of the night that i could actually enjoy myself. Why does it take so long for me to feel comfortable at such things?

I won't over analyse that but it felt pretty shit. On the group continued to a Chinese and that was good fun for a bit, if not rather tired and so on. The group fractured further and what was left of us availed of Lenn's hospitality and walked to the 'bello to crash on his floor. The walk alone was rather hilarious. They were all smashed and slurring and generally out of it. Nearly every minute at least one thing was making me laugh or titter or some such amusement. We finally got there at around 415am and a whispering session of giggle's over whiskey began. I have names for all who were there but i don't have to tell the whole story. It was great fun and it continued till around 6am when the last person left and Lenn went to sleep. This left 6 of us sprawled uncomfortably and in the oddest of ways trying to get some sleep. However this was not easy. Not for me anyway. So many energy drinks throughout my 24 hours of being awake meant i was still up a bit, and full of shit's and giggles. At first the snoring of one person was the funniest thing to me, but then i was tired and it wouldnt stop. Then the person beside him snored intermittently at sound levels that would increase as it persisted. This took a long time to get used to and maybe half an hour before they both moved and changed their breathing to something less audible. 3 1/2 hours of intermittent napping, good time's. Demi was the first to depart and then at some stage so did BD. Upon waking it was just One armed man and gentle ben and myself made our "walk of shame" all the way from the 'bello into campus all still in shirts and jackets or suits. This was 10 am, good times.

I do/did have lectures today but upon missing the first lecture and arriving in town in time for the 3rd, i didn't wander over to D'olier street for 1 or 2 before lunch or the lonely 1 after. I have tutorials tomorrow as far as i am aware so i will get to those in time i guess.

I did have one or two other observations but in trawling through my short term and sleep deprived memory i have lost them somewhere in the abyss that is my train of thought.

So for now i bid you all toddles.

Monday, April 27, 2009

My morning so far, in blog form!

Oh yes, i am procrastinating that much, no seriously i am. To give an account of my morning so far is of course rather odd but then again it's the narrative i have playing in my head right now and in a desire to shut it up i will put it in words and on my blog. Sounds like a good idea, let's hope it works.

Now i got to bed rather late last night. Oh how late you ask, well how about touching on 2 am. I had slept to 4pm for no reason that day and falling asleep wasn't exactly going to be easy. I surfed and procrastinated around the web following several things all over the place. From population density, to the aral sea ecological disaster, to the chicago river, to the Eastland disaster, to the Titanic to this little amazing story:

An amazing story of a woman both lucky and unlucky enough to have been on all 3 of the Olympic class ships when they had accidents, ie when both the Titanic and Brittanic sank! She was a steward for white star line and was on the Olympic when it hit another ship, survived Titanic and was a WW1 nurse on the Brittanic when it allegedly hit a sea-mine. She was unlucky still to have been in the lifeboat that was sucked into the propeller as the ship sank, but jumped out in time and hit her head on the hull of the ship. An amazing woman, best cheap biopic of an ordinary person never made goes too.......

Now as for today. Very little sleep as i was saying. Did my a bathroom break before hopping into a pointless attempt to slumber due to my excessive sleep and inactivity. But 4 hours later i woke up rather reluctantly and scavenged for un-ironed cloth's in the wash basket and took a shower. Even with my new haircut my washing routine didn't change much, possibly a waste but i don't care. Breakfast oh breakfast. Well firstly i had a pre-made pancake from the package and then check the clock, plenty of time. I decided on Rasher sandwich's. Unfortunately the puppy doo doo i didn't pick up infront of the fridge had the audacity to be under where i stood and i ended up wasting precious rasher cooking time wiping my shoe. Then i chucked the rashers in and poured some smoothie for myself and filled my water bottle, currently a 500ml former sprite bottle. Mmm, good rashers, butter a bit solid so i chucked it onto the bread in clumps. BBC NI weather report was Heavily unusable for louth, not a cloud in the sky and i couldn't find my sunglasses in my bag. This meant the whole way into dublin the light hitting my eyes flickered faster than strobe lights as the sun ducked in and out from behind all the bushes and banks along the coast.

Arriving in dublin my mother in her kidness gave me a fiver. You know that little blue note that should go very far in a time of recession but its most useful usage has gone up in price, evil! I'll get to that in a minute or two. Firstly straight off the train into the Java Hutt's. The email thing a bit of web browsing and then the fecking thing crashes. My mobile phone was getting faster results on html page's that it wasn't built for than the speed the computer took to tell me it was broken and couldn't find a connection to the web. A reboot didn't matter it froze even worse again. That was the last straw, up i got and walked on to eason's. Empire's 20 years issue was a must item to see if it was worth buying. After all Spielberg himself was guest editor. Mean's jack shit really. Other than a few nice picture's from famous face's it's not exactly that great of an issue. Didn't give myself enough time to read the star trek review but it received 4 stars, i'm happy with that.

Then on to my cinephilia mecca that is Cineworld. A megaplex that is just great. I was hoping that my fiver and assorted change would get me into an early bird movie and i might perchance be able to sneak a second one in. But it was not to be. Dropping an ear bud, pausing my music i asked the desk clerk the price of the early bird,(formally 5 euro exactly) it was now shockingly 630 or more. I said to the clerk in return "oh right, i'll be back." just after fishing in the change pouch of my wallet hopping, just hopping that there was a euro i had missed. There wasn't. Back to Henry street, sunlight and truck's lining each end. I queued for the ATM and a beggar with an mp3 player and an mobile sat there asking for change. People actually gave it to him. And after being asked directly i handed over 3 20 cent coins, why i don't know. I had noticed his accoutrement's, his forwardness, but i guess i was aiming to extract paper, i had no use for metal! Of course i needed metal how silly. This reminded me of a similar beggar last monday. He came up to me with the biggest fake sincere and forced polite accent ever, almost as if he was a comedian or an actor. It was giving me a sense of dark humour and parody, i found it almost offensive and also innovative and that. I gave him a euro and told him he didn't have to be so polite. I didn't queit get his response but the moment stuck with me. Politeness as an act being off putting but still making me give money, I NEVER GIVE MONEY. Upon entering my pin into the ATM i tried in vein to see the screen and search through what was yet again a different user interface to every other machine i had yet used in the short time i've had a debit card. Annoyingly the main selection didn't have a 10 euro as a choice, so i tried to request it another way. To no avail, but i tried again. Knowing i only had around 18 euro i attempted to get a 20, nope this didn't work either. So knowing i "wouldn't be back" i walked back south, disapointed.

I popped into marks and sparks after looking for a yoghurt or health drink in a near by londis. Seeing the Sandwhich, softdrink and crisp deal for 2.75 i though, "mmm, lunch". I then moved to the adjacent aisle and saw the smoothies. Such amazing choice, for some reason however i settled on the Vanilla and Maple syrup smoothie for 1.90. I then picked up the lunch, mixing and matching Tuna and sweetcorn sandwich, light sparkling florida orange and ready salted crisps. I then queued at the cash register. A thought crossed my mind, debit card/laser card, aha that cashback thing! I had no idea how it worked but it could be useful! Of course as fate would have it the customer in front of me was attempting to pay via credit card, but the machine was "broken" apparently. This meant she had to sign for her purchase but without that old kind of mechanical swipe. No it was a swipe on the price screen and a receipt from the till, odd, maybe a m&s card and not a credit card, who knows, not me. So forgetting the convenient idea of using my now defunct laser card i pennied up the small blue note that had shaped my morning.

Walking back via the Ha' Penny bridge and temple bar i noticed interesting deal's in the walk through centra. For one a breakfast roll all day for 1.99, now that's fattening and cheap all at once, sound's good! I also saw an odd very large black machine. Apparently a coin collector of some sort. Possibly for all that underused copper we all have. It equate's it into a voucher and you can use it for purchasing within the store, how quaint!

Warning Disturbing thought:
Now as for the M&S vanilla and maple syrup smoothie, not just any smoothie a very strong and sweet M&S smoothie. It was odd to say the least, i liked it but it also gave the slight reminder of a certain bodily fluid that many are not to found of. Although if that particular substance tasted like this i'm sure it would be far more amenable and a lot more girls would switch to specialist porn to "ride" out the recession, just a thought.

Now on College green i noticed an electronic's shop with a electronic book reader advertised in the window, cool enough unto itself. But then i saw it. The thing i must have, the other goal of my summer. A white samsung "notebook" laptop with a gig of ram and 160 GB of space for €399. Just wow, the idea of that uber-sleak dainty white keyboard and screen in my pocsession. Wow, i rarely want gadgets or anything really. I can pirate music, i can watch movies and tv online, i can break all those laws. I also have 2 camera's, a bitching one from my sister and a cheapish model from a few birthday's ago that still can take a lot of physical punishment. I also have an ipod and my glorious new phone with web access and unlimited Mp3 play potential via micro-sd cards. But the thought of a notebook. A mini-laptop where i could ratta tap tap my blogs, my stories, my college work if need be and gain repedative strain injuries from trying to control Train empires on it's tiny touch pad! OMG typing, the web, and Open TTD on the move! I must have, i must have! Yeah, a gf wouldn't be more likely than a job or enough money from said unlikely job to be able to get it. But i can dream.......

Also since when was there a webcam on front Arch? Is it a security camera or can you log onto it or something?

With 5 minutes of the "morning" left, i say good by for now and will blog as always and increasingly at some other point in the week.

Friday, April 24, 2009

The Paddling of the swollen ass.... With paddles!

Okay, this is actually quiet scary. It's almost as if in choosing the gratuitous Stonecutter's reference i was adding insult to a salted injury and licking it off with some lime!

Translation, it was a bloodbath of tension. But i will get to that latter i will first discuss the drinking! That is after all a nicer aspect of the day, that was fun!

So rocking up in town about midday or so i proceeded straight to the Gimby for some newspapers and to vote etc. Unfortunately i could only vote so i did so. That i won't discuss now possibly later. Then after that i did my email thang and wrote the previous blog. I then transfered the slow progress of my sci-fi novel to my email. I've been writing it for 6 months at this stage, i'm in the third chapter, about page 32 and only now am i reaching the reveal of the catalyst for the plot so to speak. Then Went down to the Others and had a nice read of some newspapers, mainly an entertainment supplement. I then made my way through front square in the drizzle and dropped my sociology books off in the library and didn't do more than that. And onward to the Pav!

I probably should have gone earlier there was already a crowd. I-T, Gentle Ben, I-T, Capone, One Armed Man, Miss Grumpy, Demi, Nordie2 and Goldilocks. Goldilocks had to leave not to long after my arrival so i squeezed through and sat beside Nordie2 and an increasingly plastered Capone who started ranting about Hannibal. One armed man and I-T also went over a lot of military history while Sherminator dag his usual large whole's trying to brag about "speaks" or "debate" almost anything. Percy and Joker made a breif stop by and had some lunch. Then Boop and Malkovich as well as a few assorted others came in over time. The drinking on some people's part's was rather impressive, the piss swill however was not. I bough the same, got through one can, couldnt take the taste anymore and siphoned it off to everyone else. I then got some water and WKD, something i know has a flavour i can actually stand. Good time's were had all round and we then moved off to the Gimby.

Some sort of "emergency" meeting was held and we had to wait, so we decided to wait in the chamber. Fox initiated a few games, including Simon say's and a rather hilarious game of human table with a drunk Capone, I-t, Dona and myself with DJ jumping on us for the killer blow. After that we moved on upstairs and the real tension began.

The Results:

Nailbitting and stomach churning just don't describe it well enough. It was a harrowing experiance that i would not wish on many. It was difficult to know end. So hard to sit and wait and chat to people while Letch, Julia-roberts, Jayne and Percy counted what must have been a mind boggling countitie of ballot's and results. 92 people voted over all out of 142 eligable to vote. There was 14 positions to be decided. 7 out of 12 younglings would be added to the plethora of veteran's that make up our command structure. They would be Joining Boop and Joker who were already through.

The first result was for Deputy Letter writer and guest smoocher. This was nail bitting it was between Sherminator, DJ and CK. Sherminator took it in the second round and it was rather deserved.

Next was a really really really long process. Sherminator's vote's had to be removed and equated to all of the younglings running. Complicated and i doubt i know how it was done. But the first results were then given, i only got something like 3000+, something to do with decimal points of the fractions of the eligible balot's or whatever. And a rather nice guy got nothing at all. In that round i think both Cailin and Egyptian Paul got through. The second round came around and my numbers shot up the most, ie all of one or 2 votes. But this didn't save me and i was out. Gammaman, fox, Ming and many others came over and gave their condolance's. It then continued and was rater difficult for everyone. Then a batch win happened with Nordie2, Dona and Outlander getting through. DJ and Ming lost out in the round just before that. Then with the batch win CK was convinced he was out, it was however not to be. It had to go on again for an even more difficult wait. Demi was emotional and CK nervous, but eventually it went to Demi, well deserved.

Onto the office's. Lenn got in ahead of Malkovich for Nescafé's old job. Then Goldilocks pipped Capone for the head Guest Smoocher job. Then a really really tough one was the Bookie. This was between one armed man and Potter. One armed man was viably nervous, and had been drinking all day. Unfortunately he lost out but it was amenable all round. Then Gammaman's job, was one by a female i didn't even know and couldn't see in the crowd as i was keeping to myself and just sadened by the whole thing.

Then the biggie, the Stonecutter Master. This was between BD, Gentle Ben and Apollo. The tension was awful. Everyone was watching the piles as they shuffled the stacks counted and recounted and so on. It was visable who was leading and it was impressive to say the least. Gentle Ben sat with Apollo and then BD joined them. The result's came and with a clear win it was Apollo. His first official decree, "TO THE PAV!"

What an election, amazing, i am saddened that i didn't get through but i figured out what the main reason was. In my democratic altruistic good intentions i forgot that i was supposed to vote myself FIRST, i put myself somewhere in the middle. I somehow was ignorant to the fact that i was meant to put the numeral 1 beside my name. I also can't blame anyone, it was difficult wit so many of us.

I shared words with most and even with the mystery-man himself the recently very absent Kaffee. Next year is looking great with a really equal ratio of women included as well which is nice in this day and age.

As for next year, BRING IT ON!!!!!

The Unblinking eye

As promised i would come up with this follow up thread on the election process. Now of course i said almost sweet f'a that was obvious but i have some pre-election results and other tid bits and rants to add to the blogosphere.

Sheep's Clothing oratory catwalk competition:

More of a round about way of using a cliché to reference a historical figure who was part of The Society and a failed uprising. The competition is named after him and was of course of the highest calibre of in house debating. While the others had a team debate we had a individual and from what i can tell the standard was just as good in both but ours was great fun even if it lacked a sword. The motion was something to do with panning religions who persecute women. The prop did well enough but they shied away from some harder points like and floundered under the oppositions returning salvo's. In the end it was the opposition who got it with the first and 2nd place speakers both being from the latter half of the opp. The champion being Joker and well disserved at that. Anyone who can start such a speech in Esperanto to prove a point about the failure of liberal idea's disserves the highest praise possible.

Provisional results:

On a rather prolonged and formal Wednesday where the "Hon-membs" returned to see the progress of the society the election nominees were read out. This took rather a long about of time considering the strength of the fresher’s/harem running, 11 of us in total. The 12th however was automatically elected as no one opposed her. Boop is now the boss of the new group of people and after 5 all 8 or so people under her wing will be known. A few hushed rumours floated about concerning a possible rival for the position but in truly shocking style it was a cake walk and well deserved instead of a possible cat fight.

The other provisional result is that the Joker ran for the position of scribe/comedian and got it unopposed. Considering his wit and talent it was a great choice but in shock he said "I have no imperative to be funny." Hopefully speaking of his acceptance speech and not his position as a whole but none-the-less he will make a wonderful addition to the role.

Hush hush continue's:

The election is today. 11 of us younglings hope to become padawan's and several well know face's are attempting to climb the ladder further. With some face's like Letch and Percy soon leaving us for good it may be a different world next year. One armed man is going for bookie, BD and Gentle Ben our the main contenders for stonecutter master with Apollo rounding it off to 3. Other position’s i'm not as clear on but some face's are trying their hands at entering the fray and it's nice to see that happening.

I feel rather useless with the whole naming of the freshers as i was certainly off with a few of the nicknames brought forward. Several were not running and i apologise for that. However the name's will still stand and the nicknames of the winners will be posted at some point after their hangovers.

There is an evil study monster and his name is EXAMBLOR!!!!!!!

Yeah i have A LOT of work to do. Not only for the summer exams but the exam on Haematology and Oncology that i have to repeat with the likely prospect of another one due to my failure to admit an assignment. I've had a bitch of a time looking for the sociology and i will enlist the assistance of Chaterbox when i can. I really should also email my tutor and maybe my ex-tutor as sociology is his course. I also have a "time owing" thing hanging over me in my imperative to email my tutor. It didnt say my time dropped below 70% attendance or anything but they want a "valid" excuse for a large period of absence. The rules apparently say on a doctor's note is valid for such periods. Well i told my tutor in advance that i would be in the land down under. Upon my return i also missed an additional day by attending Joker's mini-iv and infamous batman motion instead of lectures. From what i have recently understood i hate the lecturer that was on that day so i don't care anyway. But they want me to correspond and to explain that absence or something. I was in all the other time's, 1 week, 1 day of tutorials and 1 additional day of lecture's is Not 30% of the year. Although considering my name wasn't printed on the sign in sheet for ALL of the first term they could be dicking me around too. Ugggghhhh, i really don't want to deal with that now.

Pav, Society friends and unblinking indifference! Woo!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What's the worst that can happen?

Upon leaving the computer room to see if i could source a hard copy of my seen questions i walked in the patch's of sunshine on trinity campus. Through the wind filled with white and pink petal's from the tree's i strolled relatively happily over to D'Olier street to see if i could find the mysterious sheet of paper i was looking for for my study.

Upon entering the foyee of our magnificent art deco building i passed the café and at the counter was my tutor. She waved at me and came over to talk. I paused my music. She then informed me that she was talking with one of the course people in the know and infomed me that the exam i failed from febuary can't be compensated and that i have to repeat it. I said study was going fine, a partial if not complete lie and proceeded to the upper level.

While walking under the large chandaler i grimmiced and whispered fuck to myself and proceeded on my less merry way. I reached the place where my exam may be filled and to my lack of surprise it was not there as i suspected. I then entered the marbled bathroom and did my business. While washing my hands i stared deep into my own eyes, clearly pissed off. Probably should have shaved, 10am shadow there.

Left the building into blistering sunshine on a windblocked street. My winter coat still on. I popped into the spar/centra transvestite newsagent's and said a brief hello to one of my old classmates. I proceeded to the ATM and extract what's left of my travel allounce to help pay for a Society hoodie that i really want to show my dedication and so on. I then fished in my change pouch in my wallet and spotted the 2 euro coin i had found this morning. While alighting from the commuter i was measuring the monitary contents of my wallet and spotted the German double headed eagle of a 2 euro coin amoungst the tile's and commuters feet. I picked up the coin and was happy with my day. Free coin, chance of lunch with old friends and prospect of sunshine till the evening. That 2 euro went to some Dr Pepper. Some jolt cola or red bull cola would have been nicer, but in my bitter twisted mood i felt "what's the worst that could happen?" is quiet possibly the best philosophy of brand name drink i needed.

Stepping out to the sun i fished into my bag for my sunglass's and with my winter coat still on i strolled with utter contempt and semi-bitterness trying to ignore the shattering news and desperattly shuffling for music that reflected my mood on my iPod. With sunglass's and all i returned to campus and proceded to The Gimby to read some newspaper's and have a liquid lunch, of sorts. Unfortunatly there were people preparing for some kind of presentation for some reason. I have no idea what for. Something to do with a libary and a record of the year to be presented or some shizzle like that that wasn't explained to me because i didn't actually ask anyone.
So even further up the stairs i ascended to the swelter box computer room. Struck gold and found a computer that worked and ran to Facebook, twitter and Blogger to vent my genericised tradename philosophy of "What's the worst that can happen......"

More later, i may break habbit and sit on the cricket pitch with my sunglass's and iPod, once that run's out of juice the mp3 prowess of my mobile. I will still have my avoision zone of the web a thumbing away, but it's healthy, some good vitamin D synthesis and all that jazz.

Crossing the Dessert

Yes it is a gratuitous Simpson's quote, and frankly my readers i don't give a damn, if things work out stay tuned for the following also, The Unblinking eye and The Paddling of the Swollen ass...with Paddles!

I will cover recent event in a more day by day basis. As in i will talk about Monday and Tuesday. I also have a few Choice rant's to stick in there as well as certain things happened etc etc

Sociology of health and illness:

Curse my active imagination. I'm meant to be studying this Shizzle but i just keep making jumps of liberal centrist socialist logic that just piss me off sometimes. Like i'm all for good politics for society's and active imagination but when i'm supposed to be studying i'm just doing myself no favours. Well firstly i was just reading the preface and secondly i didn't have the seen questions with me so i had no clear aim as to what i should be reading. Big mistake.

So there i am trying to fit in at least some study in the library. Not good since the so called nursing area is actually dominated by certain branch's of the english department. Or some such subject. It also has the odd random and unimportant user's like medicine students... But this mean's a hell of a lot of very studious people all working away and various things and taking up a lot of space and socialising or traipsing up and down coming in and out of the glorious sunlight that seemed to distract everyone as if it was unheard of... How is a Nurse supposed to study in those conditions, hell i have qualms with make nurse's study academia anyway but when i'm someone with no routine and so disastrous over the past 2 years at studying it's just hellish to sit there and to have not prepared myself for what i should be doing.

Okay granted i started with a to do list for the day. This mainly featured things that were not to do with study that i had to get done, well 1 thing i had to get done. Now sociology seen questions were top of the list. The next day they were still the top of the list. I've "had" them for weeks now, i could have researched all 5 choice's backwards at this stage but placement and laziness and the other things i had to do including one i didn't submit means i'm behind. That and i have several other subjects to get my head around at some stage as well over the next 4 weeks. Wonderbar.....

Stonecutter meeting:

To put myself forward in the whole hush hush election process i had to have a talk with Percy the head of the society. Slightly daunting even he is a nice person. So i prepared a list of what i did during the year and sort of psyched myself up for selling myself, that didn't happen. What happened was he appeared to grow an extra foot or so towering over me and he took me for "coffee" in the basement restaurant on campus. He then in a casual way dragged out the whole "i'll be majorly busy with placement for half of next year" thing. Kind made my interest almost mute or at least it made it more difficult to sell my point. I did what i could considering and i can't comment to deeply on it but tonight i'll find out how i am nominated for what position or something along those lines. Anyway i'll call this instant the Crossing the Dessert moment, although some desert would be nice.

Music appreciation rant:

Ah this was an upset of my monday afternoon. I'm not even sure how it started but it really got to me. And i felt i couldn't articulate myself well enough at the time. But then again i was being faced with an argument that wasn't moving and argument that plague's a lot of criticism of certain medium's. That is the idea that through talent, structure and other supposedly quantitative parts one piece of music is better than another just because of those parts. Or in other words, They just suck, they're bad, they're awful and there is no other justification necessary to bring this argument across. Well i've probably over thought this because it's stubbornness overwhelmed me so much but i just don't except that. I'm going to go ultra-liberal and say that NO one experience of music is the same as the next. Each person see's a song differently as their own unique experience. A spiritual experience if you will.

Let me elaborate more.... Music after all started as a means of expressing Faith in the gods, expressing love and the odd bit of philosophy. And of course when music grew really complicated and talented it was all about the emotion's it could invoke and so on. Of course modern music isn't exactly like that. For one thing it's standardised into a shorter format so to speak and usually requires verse, chorus, verse, chorus, break, chorus or go crazy and stick in a pre-chorus. Or at least that's Pop, Rock and R'n'B, Jazz, blues, classical and gospel don't exactly follow these rule's. Music is very personal taste aswell. Sure not everyone has Eclectic taste but that's within their rights. Some people seek only a certain sound because that is what they like and what they enjoy. To say any particular artist or genre is inferior or is superior is verging on arrogance. Everything has it's merits as even if it's shit it's speaks to you on some level, whether that be revulsion or guilty pleasure.

To drive home my point even further i will list the top bands and artist's i listen to according to the Last FM service and explain why i like them in brackets:

Fall Out Boy: (well written, well produced, addictive pop punk, it makes me smile and laugh and only fall out boy can sing about tragedy in happy infectious songs)

Green Day: (punk, rock, pop-punk and stadium rock, throughout all their era's they are still amazing. They never "sold out" fan's just didn't see the same experience in their music. They are a force to be reckoned with. Can't wait for their new album)

Mest (my first favourite band. In retrospect they suck. But nostalgia and great simplistic pop-punk melody and raw emotion of their latter music really spoke to me and i love them inspite of their short comings)

Paramore:(catchy, melodic, pop-punk. Great vocal's from a hot female lead and just a fun band to sing along to, their b-side's being the best)

A Day Away :(A virtually unknown pop-punk band from springfield missouri. Their music is happy and catchy on level's that cannot be ignored. Simple pop-punk structures that just catch your attention and inspire you to want to sing along even if you can't)

Emily (This one being the Emily that are a now defunct Irish pop-punk band from dublin. Their slightly heavier riffs and infectious catchiness is just amazing. I love them to bits and am saddened that they are gone. Also their last song was partially named by me so they will always have a place in my playlist)

Stereophonic's: (possibly one of the most underrated popular band's out there. I love all of their hits and love all of their early stuff with a few choice gems’ in-between. They can't be ignored and they are just entertaining on multiple levels)

The Academy Is... (i'm surprised that they are in my top 10 but it doesn't surprise me that i've played them as frequently or with as much admiration as any of the other artists. They are catchy and fun and of the same school of artist's as Fall Out Boy and Paramore.)

Blink 182/Boxcar Racer/Angel's and Airwave's/+44 (Not all in 10th place but that entire lineage of artist's and their side projects and new bands are just amazing. I love all their stuff, less so for boxcar racer but the rest i love)

Panic at the Disco: I don't listen to their second album that often, but the proof is that their first is so catchy and brilliant that they squeeze into 10th place as an amazing catchy force that i just love on my playlist.

The All-American Rejects: An enigma, awful first album, possibly a seminal genius second and a rather mediocre 3rd album. Every song on their second album is melodic brilliance. Few albums can top it for sheer enjoyment and participation factor.

Fightstar: melodic post-hardcore, whatever that means. I think they are amazing they're so much different in some ways to most of what i listen to and yet they do the exact same thing which is make catchy songs that i love.

The Like: Oh the like. 3 beautiful women with a Smokey voiced singer with big...eye's leading them. They're just amazing, Z Berg may be hard to understand but somehow i get her lyrics and love them immensely. It also helps that she locked eyes with me at a gig and wouldn't stop staring, those eye's are like black hole's or something!

My Chemical Romance: I really really really don't like their earlier "emo" stuff but Black Parade is an amazing album. I played it to death, pardon the pun, i dont listen to it AS often anymore but i don't skip many of the songs when they come around either.

Avril Lavigne: People write good songs for her and she has an amazing voice, it's just a pity her poppier stuff is so shit.

Cute is what we aim for: Ignoring most of their second album i focus mainly on the catchy and quick witted fast lyrics of their first album. It's just fun to try and follow their tongue twisting lyrics and amazing melody.

Farewell: Just wow. Really ultra happy electro-pop-punk that is just so fun. It's just bubbling with optimism and great keyboard and synth hooks, simply amazing.

The Veronica's: Quickly rising into the top 20 are this amazing non-identical twins from Australia. Their catchy electro-pop is just amazing. It's quiet possibly the campest music i listen to but i don't care, i love it immensely they're just so fun, and hot to!

Plain White T's: SO much more than that one hit wonder. This is a band that is simple happy pop-punk. Formulaic and simple. They are just great on many levels. And their Cameo's on Greek are always a plus.

Chicks: Quiet possibly my largest guilty pleasure. They're a very odd indie band from Ireland that released their posthumous album from 2001 last year. And it was the album of last summer for me. Most of their songs are kind of god awful but it's songs like Fuck music, Structure's and Hey Kid's that i just love.

And a shout out to the band in 40th place The Cab. Oh the Cab. Yet another member of the fall out boy school of bands. They are Pop-band perfection. Well produced, really happy melodic songs and just plain brilliant. I intend to listen to them more often but with so much else on my playlist i can't seem to fit them in sometimes...

My argument kind of dragged on to pointlessness didn't it? Ah who cares.

I did have a few more points but i think i will leave them till my next blog. Until then folks, toodles.

Now that's just my top 20 bands and artist's in relation to how often i've played them.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

INQuirey into interesting events and usual ramblings

Yeah i think i am blogging a lot more frequently than truly necessary, no seriously, i have far less diary stuff to say. With only 1 day of social stuff with barely anything happening and the major even to politically sensitive to mention or theorise on i'm left with relatively sweet f' A.

But i somehow do have a few things to say, surprisingly....

The HAND OF GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From Blogging

This is quiet possibly the coolest astrological image i have seen in a long time. Forget the Eagle nebula or that one near orion's belt, this baby is b-e-a-utiful! It's pulsar B1509 spinning rapidly and creating a field of debris that appears to be a hand reaching out towards a nebula that is around 150 light-years across. Now if it was the hand of a supreme being it is rather impressive. Of course it's just an amazing optical illusion noticed by the Chandra X-Ray Observatory but still amazing!

In other god related musings. I am after all agnostic. I don't really like religions, i prefer to believe the empirical evidence and hypothesis of science over some stories and alagorys. But there is an inherent thing that humans can't know everything. We seem to explain this by creating an idea of a higher power or force that is the cause of existence or a possible source of predetermined nature or a added push for the improbabilities that surround us. Like our planet being the right distance from our sun to form life, and for symbiosis, oxygen breathing, mass extinctions, natural selection, co-operation, competitiveness and a few world wide events like ice age's to get to the point where we exist. The Jedi's say it's just the force and we all have natural morale's and evil's within us, Jewdeo-Christians and Muslims think it's all to do with a god or Jehovah or Allah, and some think it's poly-deities or Buddha. I on the other hand don't have a name for it. Choose not to worship or acknowledge it to any set text and feel i can get through life without needing any guiding hand or any such worships. Like some Christian's saying that "god" love's everyone and has a plan for everyone. If it has a plan for me in this insignificant moderate zone in a minor galaxy in the moderate area of the universe's infinity then good for them, i don't mind. I prefer to think if i was in more control of my life that i would be it's deciding factor not to have to bend over to predetermination. Am i really predetermined to be my own worst enemy or can i do something about it? This is all just about god, spirituality and all that jazz is more complex and has to do with psychology and physiology and less to do with theology, or at least in my head.

Bleeding GLACIERS!, and climate change:
From Blogging

Beautiful. This is of course Iron at the foot of a glacier. This iron got there because a super colony of pre-historic bacterium that don't require oxygen survived the mass extinction of those similar to them and became trapped under the ice of the southern continent of Antarctica. This untouched world is surviving despite what we do on the rest of the planet.

This wonderful and unique(from out point of view) planet is full of wonders and things that inspire awe and impress us on a constant basis. I won't go into the science of things but this planet is a massive collection of coincidence and Luck. It also has natural cycles beyond Human control. We are after a victim of our own efficiency as a species. We're not really meant to be 6 billion+ strong. We're not meant to live sedentary life styles and consume the planet's resource's en mass. But we do, and we have to live with that. I may be a hypocritical socialist and a fan of science but i am not a big fan of Green thinking. Yes we shouldn't be burning fossil fuels, but it's unrealistic to expect us to change quickly or do the right things when we could. For one the dominant nature of Capitalism on this planet will restrict it from ever happening at any fast rate until those in power can make money from it or Green types do their own thing and compete with them on a similar level and make thier own business level.

For instance nuclear power is NOT a bad thing. We're increasing our knowledge of it constantly. Eventually other types of Fission and hopefully cheap types of fusion will become available. There is little to fear from this vital energy source. Solar power and Wave are also where it's at but we're a bit slow on the uptake.

Climate change may or may not be perciptated by our actions, we can't prove it but it's happening. It's NOT global warming. It's a mass change that we can't fully explain. Things aren't going to be the same, we're either going to get a bit hotter or we're to slowly or quickly get closer to another ice age. Desertification is also a massive factor heavily ignored due to the more obvious and monochrome loss of the icecaps. The Sahara is getting bigger all the time. It's growing both south and north. Southern Spain is starting to dry up. And the heat of the desert for at least 2 summers in a row has caused a weather front that has kept Europe warm and wet and flooded the British isles. That's more than industrial factors or ice cap's melting, thats also a fracking huge body of sand that covers a large portion of a continent. The gulf stream also flowed further south than normal the past two years, or at least the first year. The worlds climate is topsey turvey, storms are getting stronger and predictability is getting harder. The climate is changing. Either a natural reaction or one perpetuated by us. We will never know fully in the foreseeable future but we can do some things to change it. It could or could not be to late, but thing's are f'd up and we are not helping anything by continuing to rape the planet for our greedy needs.

All well and good saying this but i would not give up my computer and so on. I would just prefare we fueled our existence in a more sustainable way so that we don't loose all are great mod cons and consumerist wonders. Is that so much to ask?

G20 death, Columbine and the media and csi effect's on justice:

I mentioned it before and it seem's this story is far from simple. It turns out the man in question had a lot more contact with the police than originally thought. He ran into them a few time's. Apparently trapped inside the police cordon and getting in the way of a police van and being accosted and warned a few time's. His cause of death has also been changed to an abdominal Haemorrhage. It was originally a heart attack. The coroner saw liver damage, heart damage and an abdo bleed. He thought it was a heart attack. But this second one says the bleed was more substantial and apparently the cause of his death. It make's me think was this second test influenced by the media's coverage? Knowledge that he was assaulted, knowledge he was an alcoholic? Or is it more accurate now that more things are known about his life and what happened to him? Originally it was believed stress of several encounters influenced his underlying problems and he had a heart attack. But now it's believed underlying conditions such as alcohol damage, lifestyle and being assaulted led to a purfuse abdominal bleed that caused his death. The origin of the bleed and other factor's require further test's but letting the media world know this will obviously destroy any chance of a far and unbiased opinion in prosecuting the officers involved and their sentencing by a jury of their peers. The CSI and media effect on this case are going to destroy it. The Investigator's tried to gag the Guardian in the first place so they could get the whole picture of what happened. Now that the media circus continues more and more is being discovered and ruining what should be a Police investigation not a media investigation. Although i am happy that brutality and so on are being covered i am also aware that this kind of coverage is RUINING the case.

The same happened for Columbine. I read this in a good piece about it in the Guardian's G2. The media believed all the missinformation. It was blown into believable porportions instead of anything resembling the hidden truth. The two killers hated their world and were a known threat. The sherrif department had failed to investigate them properly despite warning signs. So they believed and purpetuated each rumor and let the media make it's own story beyond that of the media. BS about the trenchcoat mafia and hatred of goths. These guy's were disturbed but they had friends. They wanted to kill the entire school, they had bombs and automatic weapons. They intended to be renowned for the chaos they caused and for destroying their whole worlds. Instead they were deamonised and believed to be something their weren't. The Virginia tech killer actually claimed they were Martyrs. The media and poor handling by law enforcement created a monster the boy's hadn't intended. They wanted to kill 2000 students and then go down shooting as they took out emergency service's and the cops. Instead they killed 13 people. 11 in the libary 2 in the car park. It was not the prolonged hell of the media's story but 48 minute's of failure and mayhem that the cops made worse threw inaction and slow response. The 13th person died because the swat didn't get to them in time. Failure after failure.

It seem's all of the biggest stories are originally something different to what we are told or believe. And what emerge's may also be very wrong. Both Columbine and the G20 death are being ruined by police ineptitude and media witch hunts. Neither works in tandem and the public are fed confusing and verdict changing information long before justice can ever be decided fairly and equally.

INQ 1.5 suggestions:

I love my mobile phone, i think it's great but sometimes it can get on my nerve's it has a few flaws that could be changed. One great thing i have discovered it's potential as a media player. Micro sd card's are getting bigger and bigger which means my phone can be used as an ipod of sorts. Unfortunately the media player is fucking awful! It's interface is weak and it doesn't power save, you have to go back to the "home" yourself to get the screen to shut off, poor planing.

Other sugestions:

-The switcher wheel to be controlled by an actual wheel and not a button.
-The media player to be improved with a shuffle for all MUSIC
-To come with game's as standard
-to have a keypad that is more ergonomic. It's to thin for my hand and my bizzare thumb shape.
-an intermediate predictive text that finish's words you type manually based on recording your patterns of typing and commonly used phrase's. My old phone did this!
-Making the usb port hatch less of a nuisance when attaching charger, usb cable or hands free headset.
-A light and/or flash for the camera, maybe even higher pixels to?
-better editing control of order sequence's on the switcher.

What was the point of that?

Music and Photo organising:

Possibly the only well organise thing's in my room are my music and photo folder's on my computer. My photo's are very well organised i have to say. All by categories and so on. Even a large folder with sub folders for "social" photo's of which i put the most pride in. My music is oranised-ish as well. All albums, real and pirated all in my music folder. Some of the older pirated mp3's are all in a shared folder than sometimes is harder to find but most of those are organised by artist even if all random b-sides and cover's or from artist's whose albums are impossible to find pirated or who don't even have albums. I like that i have at least what i use the most so well organised. Oh same goes for my desktop(on my computer), all game shortcuts organised by game genre. That's also good....

I could rant on more, hell i have plenty of rant's in me. The Pirate bay came to mind. That incident from yesterday that could be upsetting to Society Politic's could also be important. But i don't want to fuel any conspiracies or any hatred. I think that one is best left a mystery as any animosity surrounding the blind election's is best left alone.

Video of the blog: BO Burnham, a rather hilarious artist that VerryBerry introduced me to a good while ago. Also a minor connection to the whole Tom Leher thing. But anyway he's great give him a viewing:

Chow for now.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Politico-centric leanings and an eye on tweet by tweet history

My god, my childhood and faux rebellious teen self should hate me. Well okay, i'm still the nerd i was and probably more glued to the keyboard and somewhat better at spelling but being so politically and socially driven in some matters is just SHOCKING. Nah, i'm exaggerating a tiny wincey bit, oxymoronic i know but hey how else do you start a rant and a rave?


Tweet, tweet, tweet. No not the morning chorus, no not a bird in distress, no not some wierd childish girly girly getting on your nerves. No i am talking, as i do at an increasing rate about that little thing called Twitter. Possibly the fastest growing internet meme since, well the internet?

Because celbrities are there it draws in the gossip hungry. Because they are just like micro-bloggers they are semi-real "a-moral" people. If i want to see apulusk and his smokin wife tweet all lovey dovey i can, although i don't really. More the obnoxious joking's of bloglomaniac perez hilton at various celeb's especially his sometimes OTT abuse of tween star Miley Cyrus which provide's the odd laugh. But also for what twitter can do. Okay so you can find out who's making tea, who hate's the rain or a certain opinion on a news topic, but it's fast, it's simple and it works.

#AmazonFAIL was noticed so quickly because the deviant's, blogosphere members, message board posters and newsreaders of the web latch on to this stuff faster than a hobo on a 50! Such a massive mistake traveled fast on the statistics of Twitter and hit the trend's section attracting more and more people. A worthy thing as it helped make people aware of a news story they should look up, and help spread the outrage.

The G20 protests were prolifically tweeted upon and frankly that's a good thing, if not biast and some time's lacking in moral's as recent OTT scaremongering article's have stated. But it does inform you what those people think and that is the kind of news mob's like. Logical opinion doesn't need to exist when 140 charecters can simply make you aware of something that someone else is doing or witnessing.

The #Tea Party, a rather insane series of protests by right-wing conservative's and anti-income tax evaders is also another interesting example. No-taxation without representing our opinion on twitter first.... Of course there is no indian outfits, no poisoned diuretic boston harbour and of course no real uprising. But for a country with trillion dollar debt how they opperate on a pay your taxes once a year basis is beyond me. Irish workers are taxed out of their sallary. American's have to put aside money and balance credit in order to pay the government that has HEAVILY miss spent it's money on just 1 short season a year. Utter madness. Now of course the Constitution of those united state's doesn't mention income tax, remember it was written by rich landowners after 13 years of squabling over their newly independent land. How american economics works is beyond me but the fact that The conservative right wing that i inherently and automatically loath is using Twitter and hatred of taxes to make their voice's heard is an impressive sight.

However what is even cooler, what belong's in the history books is of course, the MOLDOVA TWITTER-loution! Yep, a 20,000 flash mob of angry voters who didn't agree with the ruling communist's winning a Russia backed election took to a popular square and stormed government. All via social networking site's and Twitter. It's main proponent is now "in hiding". She was kicked out of Russia for linking it's government to a certain death in opinionated blogs and articles. She thinks the Secret service's and Russia in general are after her and that the Moldovan police want her with or without a warrant. By talking with like minded and disillusioned youth a mob, more than a flash mob, descended on important buildings and stormed them. Thinks got out of hand and in theory they were thugs and vandal's for what they did, but they made themselves heard. I can't support everything they did but they were heard, there is apparently a re-count of the election results. Twitter, and large number's can be heard.

Unfortunatly as of yet such a progressive movement won't occur here in ireland. If FF win the next election by some kind of evil banker plot backed by jewish new yorker's in LA with Irish cousins and properties in the curradh and belarus.... Then we won't bat an eye lid. Sure those of us who do use modern media will cry wolf. But as Gynecovnastia-gate (moobgate) thought us, biffo doesn't like it when we subvert his non-elected position. Nah, we're still a republic, we will make ourselves heard, but things are shit and new social and political media will pave the way forward for "change".

Wow that point took a very very long time!

So for the gap, i know this isn't real time or anything but i went to the bathroom, got some more water for my behavioral polydypsia (i drink a lot by habit) and a few mini chocolate eggs that are V. bad but addictive like M+M's but about 60 calories a pop or more.

I have decided to let my facial growth, grow. Now i have very fair hair as it is, and i can only seem to grow hair thickly on my neck and chin but it's a start. I keep having to trim my tache and cheeks as it just looks awful or slightly downy. As for my beard area it's kind of scruffy and darker than my light brown hair so it's slightly odd and un-kept. I'm holding out for the possibility that i can actually grow a beard but based on progress and previous experience i just don't have the hair follicle's for it. A pity since i really can't be arsed sometimes. So much so that i had to shave manually for my sisters wedding because i forgot to charge my shaver. I BUTCHERED MY FACE. It really hurt. It was a disaster. However the make-up person for the bridesmade's/bridal party and family was able to turn the clots into "beauty spots". They itched, they looked odd but it covered the fact that i should not be allowed a razor, or to forget about shaving. Now of course i can do relatively well with the butcher knives the HSE provides when carrying for patients that need help, but my hair is light but in clumps and i generally just suck at taking care of my face.

My "Abi-Stance":

I'm kind of fed up with the whole "game" or whatever buzz word i use to describe it. After a lot of rejection and a lot on my plate i've temporarily given up on the whole seeking a partner. I just couldn't be arsed. Sure i find loads of girls, and the odd male attractive but after all the failure with female's i really don't feel like bothering. I would rather get my shit done and build up my self-confidence etc then keeping putting myself out there for yet more and more failure. 7 rejections in a year, it's seriously bad. Okay so i was up and down depressed for most of that time but whatever i was doing i wasn't making any impression on the female's i chose that would make them choose me. That and i chose a lot of crazies. NOTE TO SELF AVOID THE CRAZIES. Especially after the inflamitary obsession and disturbing idiation that occured in my head surrounding the whole Cleo thing. I want to avoid her like the plague, she just flicks the crazy switch in my head and she isn't even anything special. Yet another f'd up person that i want to help who refuse's help and copes far better than me with their problems and cause's me to be the only problem because i'm an idiot and latch onto the crazies. Same goes for PG i'd say. So for now i will be a lone wolf, but of course i'm a young male, i have urges, i won't be giving up on my nature or the possibility of admirers but i will not be actively seeking potential partners as i haven't the time or self strength left to bother or care.


Okay so after a hilarious private business meeting on wednesday afternoon, where sherminator failed to have his fine's revised nominations were opened. This means the potential future people of the society put themselves forward, ie talk to the Stonecutter leader, and then wait for people to vote for them after nominations close. Which is wednesday with elections on the friday. So other than talking to grand master we can't canvass in anyway what-so-ever. We put our name's forward for either an ordinary member of the committee or specific office's, mainly lower office's that are like deputee's and are just the office prefaced with pro-. You can run for both MC and Pro-whatever or for SMC who looks after the officers. It's an olde system and possibly a good one. It doesn't ruin friendships and it doesn't get in the way of our debating nature. That's saved for the debate's. If people like you they will vote, you have to count on that alone. It would suck for governement but for a society like this it's a good enough system.

Other than saying that i doubt i can say more. I will be talking to Percy at some stage, as for what reason's i can not say. However once the process is over i can disclose who the future is and if or if not i am involved.

Other political plan's:

It seemed odd in my head but i actually have considered running for class rep next year. Shocking i know. I suck at study, have a difficult task of passing this year the second time round but i feel i should try and represent the Nursing student cause. I don't know why. I'm a shit student. I don't want to continue being a nurse if or when i finish but i feel those girls need representation that will ask good questions and hopefully get something done. Now i have almost NO friends in this new year. I am just a repeating student that sits off to himself and most of the time with Chatterbox. I had brief friends while on placement but other than that i'm not exactly known or anything like that. But i am oppinionated and if a work at finishing and hopefully passing this year i feel there is a drive in me to want to also do that work. Awful i know, insane also, but i have an incling that i want to do it and that it could be a good idea. I must be insane. One issue i would like to raise is the awful introduction of electronic Sign in device's which will require student id cards to be swipped to register yourself for each class. What's insane is that the girl's will swap cards regardless. The class as a whole will pop in and out inbetween lec's to get coffee or junk, do they sign in each time. Some people don't leave there seats, do we have to get out of the large tight rows to sign in each time a class starts? The current system of a sheet of paper and your signature works just fine. But the contract is signed and it will be in place next year.

Another issue that i would "run" with is of course our representation and our possible job prospect's in what is a very bleak and unforgiving nation. The country seem's to be fucking us over. We may possibly loose our pay in 4th year. The class size for next year's first year has dropped by 300 nationwide. This drive's up the leaving certificate points making it a harder course to get into. Irish nurse's are slowly becoming a rarity in our own hospitals as all of our graduate's run to place's like australia. The tax payer pay's for 3 years of free education, then a partial salary that's taxed (i don't get that bit) and then with no guaranteed job the Newly qualified nurse moves to a country with a far better health care system and is unlikely to come back. Yes that is a wonderful system. I am very likely to do the same. I have a easy ticket with my sister marrying an Aussie and "owning" a house (as of yesterday) there. Although i welcome an irish contingent of hot nurse's i know joining me, i feel it's not right for this country to train us and then see us fuck off for an affordable life? If anything i would increase the nursing places and HEAVILY ENCOURAGE MALE'S to join. The rate is shocking, 10% or less compared to 40% in most of the western world. The profession needs male's. Pead's (care of children) needs make figures, Psych need's males (for strength and similar male figure status) and general need's us also for a more balanced work force. But yet few even think about it. It's madness. I may not want to continue at it but i feel it is a good job, it's very difficult and it is sometimes emotionally draining but it can be worth while, especially child care.

The Leher Circle:

An odd little thing i would like to mike light of. In primary school one of my best friends was the societies Lenn. He introduced me to the hilarious Tom Leher a comedic singer from the 50's. I then introduced Tom Leher to a friend in secondary school who was a best friend of Gammaman who is one of my best friends. In college and in the society Lenn is one of Gammaman's best friends. And i still share the music on to others recently sharing the Elements to Dona to help her learn the periodic table to a well known tune..

Video of the blog: Fever featuring Animal from the muppets: Possibly the funniest clip i know. The timing is just brilliant, it's one of my favorite sketch's ever.

Chow for now.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

An ace on my forehead and 22 in my pocket.

Oh lookie here, i am back again. I really do have a blogging mood about me don't i. Now this is going to be a bit more wordy, i could grab some choice pics and a nice embedded clip but i thought no, this is a rant.

#AmazonFAIL and the blogosphere:

Yes i had a very slow weekend, it get's like that when procrastination rules and you have no easter eggs because you're poor and a heathen. Well less of that right now. No i would like to talk about my developing addiction to the blogosphere and celeb gossip and so on. Perez, oh perez, he's annoying, informative and rude, and damn addictive. I guess you have to love to hate him. His treatment of some celebs is just plain awful but at the same time he has become an almost "vital" source of pointless plastic up to the second gossip and general pointless trivia that won't be worth a damn in the history books. But i will still watch him and the celebs on the wonder of twitter. Where else can i see Miley Cyrus and Mark Hoppus complain of being awake at 3m while i grow weary of lecture's on the endocrine system. I love twitter, i plan and hope to use it more and more but for the moment if i want my friends to know my microblogging pointlessness i have facebook's status for that, but soon the world! (via twitter..)

Amazon and their FAIL. Wow, dumb move. Okay so most of the blogosphere was tweeting and blogging more about the outrage than actual facts but they won themselves no favors. This so called "glitch" is ridiculous. They were obviously trying to censor the website or on a lighter side make it less accessible to susceptible children and easily offended crybabies of America's conservative underbelly. Major failure! They are after all a website, a book source and did i mention that both of them combined are part of counter-culture's, subversive groups and so called deviants? Books and the internet are breeding grounds of free thought and expression. Books especially. To try and make it harder to find specific books that fit "adult" points of view is just censorship, especially when things such as playboys center folds catalog isn't labeled the same way. No instead it was gay and lesbian literature, politics, biography's/auto-biography's and education. Truly a face palm moment in internet history.

Armand de Brignac, aka Ace of Spades champ-hagen:

Wow. Just plain wow. Big fancy bottle, pretentious and pointless bitter liquid and a snobbery perpetuated by cali-trash in response to supposed racism from the makers of Cristal. Jay-z switching to a smaller less known and outrageous champ-hagen as a boycott of Cristal is just the oddest story i read today, but also the most interesting. Forget yet another revolt in Thailand, or piracy, this is the "REAL" news. Veiniculture has always baffled me. It's bitter or some other adverb-ed grapes mushed and fermented into several species of unbearable sickening acidic liquids some red and evil, some sweet and white, others powerful and sparkling. Now i liked the movie Bottle Shock about the Californians wining recognition for superior wine's to the French, it after all has the future Captain kirk in it. But wine to me, a non-drinker and someone with the worst palate imaginable is just an enigma i will never ever understand. It's awful stuff, acidic and downright awful. But Champ-hagen is the creme de le creme of it all. Sparkling, expensive and a sign of wealth or lack of sense. And the very idea that Hollywood and r'n'b hot heads are going nutzo over this new really rare and high demand champ-hagen is just crazy. I thank you english Independent for intriguing me with news as pointless as religiously following perez, Out with hot tubs of Cristal, in with ACE OF SPADES!

The recession loike, is loike this bad thing?:

Loike i didn't know what the fock was going on. Loike in passing over loike the last 2 years i saw this like new cereal that was on ch4 news a lot. Snowy was talking about this credit crunch thing like it was the bee's knee's. But then loike the sub-prime's went sour and it all got into this massive cathrine of banks foreclosing and loike Communists complaining of a black guy in the Cassa blanca up there in the O.C. But loike i didn't mind loike, i was fine this is, loike ireland? We're loaded roysh? I guess i was wrong there, i don't apologise but i'm sorry i got that wrong big time. Even Darcy and all those planks have to take a cut, and biffo, that lump of ham in the gallery, he has to like sort this all out and he was the wan who slow baked this in his easy bake oven in loike the first place. Now it's like the weather, if you've got nuttin' to say to a boird it's lioke how's the recession going for ya? Then it's loike everyone's a banker on dress down wednesday it's brilliant loike. That man about town old Rosser he'd be milkin' it for all he's worth if he weren't fictional loike.

HUSH HUSH, on the QT, Down low, get down and buggie!:

It's politics time. I don't even think i can say anything. I don't really have a clue of how restricted the NO CANVASSING rule's are. Can i even criticise and complement the potential new underdogs of tomorrow with nicknames and minor descriptions? I haven't a clue! But i may ask gammaman and then get back to it....

Okay i got a bit tired of waiting. Who really read's this anyway? It will also be delayed in appearing on facebook where it is most liable against people who's names i am protecting for several legitimate and pointless reason's.

I will be as cautious as possible:

The Fresher's/harem/posse who are eligable, i think, for positions are:

Nordie 2 (discribed long ago, talented and a great asset)

Sherminator: Oh sherminator. Great guy, very talented, great idea's, some times a trainwreck but a hilarious one and he can't really go wrong.

Ripper: Not exactly the most talented but a constant face, great sense of humor and it would be heard to imagine the group without him about the place.

Cailin: She's been rather sparse in sighting's lately but she ain't so bad, sort of an obvious person for at least some position.

Dona: Oh Dona, possibly the greatest of us all. Her personality is bigger than most people's combined talent or experiance. Even if she never speaks again she would still be one of the most valued people of the society.

Vickie: Ah the interloper. She is good, she has fire, she has ambition, but some have misgivings but she is bound to get something from either us or the others....

Boop: She is basically a combination of all the girls. Also a prodigy in the making, possibly the best female of our group at that. Love her or hate her, she's a keeper.

Roxy: I'm not sure if she has spoken but she is talented, in more ways than one.

That's as vague as i can leave it. Hope and IT unfortunately are erasmus students so they won't be with us next year but they are both amazing. IT is more cockiness, bravado and knowledge but damn does he do it well, he's basically flawed in tactic but it would take someone substantial to shoot him down the right way. I have yet to imagine how, but i doubt i will ever see it, it would be a chalange for even the greatest speaker.

Ah lectures and study:

I really have to hit the study plan tomorrow. Start the whole Sociology scene question thing that i've had for, what 8 weeks, and have less than 5 to do it in? Better get cracking. Then of course my fuck up with the assignment means i really need to get my head out and work flat out madness from tomorrow and election onwards. Charm offensive maybe but i doubt i have time or am allowed to do so. So i shall study from now on. I've said it before but i really really really really must.

As for in lectures, Chaterbox was around today so not so lonely. Still saw some odd instance's, like Jade almost sitting in my row but then turning away to sit else where. There was something about it that raised several paranoid and hypothetical question's. All of which don't matter. She wears ugg boots, is basically orange and even if she is a Mucker and i'm a Griffen it's not as set in stone as my fantasies suggest. I couldn't give a rat's arse at the moment about any of them. After all i don't know them. Sure Mystique and Jade are hot, and Daisy a missed oppertunity but who am i kidding why should i even bother? I think i'll ignore pursuing relationships for the moment and just let shizzle happen.

In other scary news that wasn't resolved or discussed how i would have prefered. It has come to my attention that during the fabled xmas that led to the downward spiral of my relationship with PG, apparently she didn't like me very much because i got on her nerve's or some such shit. But afterwards it was all fine and dandy to her and it continued for another 3 months. I feigned that relationship after that horrible month. If we had broken up over that stupid spat maybe things wouldn't be this way, and just maybe i might not have failed..... Although nothing convince's me that i would have worked.... Although the hypothetical of a relationship forming with the a-sexual hattrick would probably still have been a goal of mine that would probably have failed also.

Tuddle pip for now. And i hope my nicknames don't get me into trouble.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Payback get's all the bad press, Circumstance is the real bitch!

Ah yes i return for yet another blog. I like writing blogs. Not only for an internet diary and retrospective and reflective look of recent event's but also to vent opinion on a few choice subject's whenever i feel like it.

Now for this one i'll cover a few things, the society's victory over the OTHERS of course, but also New York and why it makes great destruction porn, circumstance, photography/social networking and maybe a few other small tid bits here and there and my newish feature of embedded youtube clips.

We are the champions...:

Our winning team:

From Blogging

Yes we did it again. Okay so speak's wise we haven't done too well this year versus the OTHERS in debating, i'm taking this from other people's comments as i'm not THAT in the loop, but at least we can beat them at football...

Apparently this is either the 3rd or 4th year in a row that we have Trounced them at the beautiful game. Now it's not so beautiful when a society of hippies/free thinkers/homosexuals/gender bandits and alcoholics face up to faux -intellectual wannabe alcoholic snobs who have a far large team and even bigger audience, but it was still good craic. Now i end up being the linesman/photographer but i didn't mind. I had good fun, pointed my judging call's like i was in rugby(like i know the differences) and snapped most of my pictures in the first half, i still had fun. And the Muffin with icecream in supermacs after words was worth the trek!

I'll set the seen up again somewhat. Departing from Protestantville at the heart of our fair city, a campus invaded by tourists and seeming as busy as if it were a normal college day, but no it was good friday and the livers of students were resting a mere few hours before multiple free gafs. 2 societies set off to settle old rivalry's and to have a bit of healthy fun in a southside park. Taking the bus up the dualer we then walked up hills in windy estates to the stillorgan stepps, no seriously they were like steps in a mountain range, hill, flat, hill, flat. Then with a pitch viewing the whole of the city with The posh head and the smoke stacks in full view we began the battle royale. The result, 9-2 with even Percy the Stonecutter chief getting a goal in.

Supermacks and circumstance:

So after that there was a lot of walking back down hill to the dualer to go into town. We were persuaded of a supermacs near by but alas there was none. But we forge on and took over the upper deck of a bus to rest our tired out moxy and support, and of course more rest for the people who actually played. A little bit of disent led to people parting way's on Dame street but the rest of us forged on to Sackville street and had ourselves a belated lunch of fast food and patriotism. After that the group widdled down again and i was left with Dona trying to encourage her to come to the free gaff that was on that night. Alas my efforts were fruitless. I then wasted my 2nd pair of batteries sitting in the computer huts, at a cooking 55%+ humidity and 23+ celsius, despite it only being clear skies and 8 outside, fucking radiators. I in all my technosavy nature and wisdom couldn't get my photo's to go onto college computers and onward to facebook. It was pointless, i then crashed a computer... I also tried to find out the "jack" from Gammaman and DS and planed to spruce myself up in a train station bathroom before heading to the partay. Unfortunatly as i left the huts to get ready, DS claimed he couldn't go, which meant i lost my crashpad and means of additional taxi fare. Then i waited in Amiens street station for gammaman to confirm he was okay with the new arrangements that didn't involve me, at the same time as Chatting further to dona, canceling a request for batteries and being considerate to the host of the party. God i love my new phone! So i went onward home. Circumstance really was a big bitch!


Right this pissed me off to no end, and eventually poved i was wasting my time. To upload my pictures i had to do all of the following.

Waste 4 pairs of incorrect batteries figuring out i was doing it all wrongly.
Swith the SD card from my good camera to my cheap one.
Repeat connection to computer.
Upload to google picassa 3.
Crop and delete pictures.
Fail to upload picture's to facebook.
Use Irfanview to decrease the pixel's of all the picures from 4000 x 3000 to 800 x600 to save space in the upload to facebook.
Save and back up the crop and editing changes to the pictures.
Upload them again to facebook.
Upon uploading them discover the last upload actually worked.
Delete 40+ photo's in their larger un-cropped state.
Then bitch about it in a status update.
Then delete 93 notifications of tag's of people in the photo's from my email inbox because someone got far to click happy.
Then i made 2 de-motivational poster's of funny scene's from the match.

All in all i spent FAR to long on those photos! And yet i had good fun while there, spent good time with friends and yet said very little and was the most inept and pointless linesman ever. And to think i wanted to take the photo's for the partay? What was i getting myself into?

New York, New york, so good they destroyed it a dozen time's over!:

From Blogging

New York. Almost everyone in the world has heard of this wonderful city. We all know a few of it's landmarks. It's a beautiful multi-cultural, multi-ethnic melting pot of american that we all love and easily recognise. It is also the biggest victim of hollywood special effect's budgets!

Thanks to the ever reliable wikipedia i will give you the list of films that destroy new york, and add a few notes to a the odd one i actually know:

Deluge (1933) Earlies example, big flood/earthquake, scary for the time.
When Worlds Collide (1951) A nice matte painting of flooded new york at end.
Invasion U.S.A. (1952)
The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms (1953)
Earth vs. the Flying Saucers (1956)
20 Million Miles to Earth (1957)
The World, the Flesh and the Devil (1959)
Crack in the World (1965)
Destroy All Monsters (1968)
Planet of the Apes (1968)"Damn you maniacs, you blew it up, damn you all to hell!"
Beneath the Planet of the Apes (1970)"It survices, but the mutants worship a bomb!"
The Human Tornado (1971)
Meteor (1979)"awful film!"
Escape from New York (1981)"It's a big prison and a classic film"
Q (1982)
2019, After the Fall of New York (1983)
Graveyard Shift (1987)
Solar Crisis (1990)
Daylight (1995)"Actually just a fictional tunnel, but new york nonetheless)
Independence Day (1996)(empire states building as epicentre of alien attack)
The Postman (1997)
Deep Impact (1998)"Massive flood, tallest but not best"
Godzilla (1998)"zilla reeks havoc downtown."
Armageddon (1998)"michael bay spares no expense in destruction"
End of Days (1999)"the devil going biblical on it's ass!"
Aftershock: Earthquake in New York (1999)
A.I.: Artificial Intelligence (2001)"Under water new york surprisingly intact,even in ice?"
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (2001)"New york and new new york both goners!"
The Time Machine (2002)"The moon splits in two!"
The Day After Tomorrow (2004)"Best flood sequence involving new york goes to!"
Godzilla Final Wars (2004)"Godzilla beats all his enemies even zilla in a time travel battle royale!"
Category 7: The End of the World (2004)
War of the Worlds (2005)"Actually brooklynn but new york bites it off camera too"
10.5: Apocalypse (2005)
Disaster Zone: Volcano in New York (2006)
Resident Evil Extinction (2007)
I Am Legend (2007)
Cloverfield (2008)"big monster comes to play"
Wall-E (2008)"it's full of trash, what's new?"
Disaster Movie (2008)
The Day The Earth Stood Still (2008)"you're joking right?"
Watchmen (2009)"9/11 times 1985!"
Knowing (2009)"sunburst that seem's to defy earths rotation runs up new york"
Transformers 2: Revenge of the fallen. (in the trailer you see michael bay going Armageddon on new york and paris but using decepticons.)
2012 (2009)

And i'm sure both King Kong's count?

Now that is A LOT of films! But they all do it reasonably well and very disturbingly after 9/11. Watchmen deserve's a nod for upping the ante even more so than was originally in the graphic novel. And the image's of a Veidt funded ground zero working faster the real one was also very disturbing!

Other cities destroyed several times or threatened with attack:

Paris (micahel bay love's doing it!)
London (war of the worlds(book), many a dr who episode..)
San Francisco (a real earthquake, x-men 3, the core,Star trek iv:the voyage home, Star trek deep space 9 (breen attack), Star Trek(2009))
Tokyo (godzilla's many classic films)

Sydney, Hong Kong, and Los Angeles also have had a few knocks in cinematic history.

Oddly no Dublin as of yet, although Micheal Collin's and an episode of Indiana Jone's being set during the rising kind of cover that from a historical point of view, not much fiction though.

Destroyed new york image:
From Blogging

The Onion poigniant article of the blog:

Click to read:

Just imagine if such things were true. If Drug dealing was a ligitimite business the state could make a fortune in taxes! Like those drug hawls the gaurds keep making, several million to several hundred million at a time. Imaging how many schools or hospital's could benifit if we sold those drugs on at a taxed inflated price? We as a state could be loaded! It makes economic and no morale sense, and is just hilarious and also a brilliant idea.

Video of the blog: Ce Jeu by Yelle; An amazingly happy song that i can't understand:

Well until the next time i do something or think of something to say. Tuddles.