Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Puppies and Yuppies: The legendary morning of Wednesday the 5th of november 2008

It all began on that fateful night, the 4th of November. Unsure of my ability to go to the election coverage in the society i was granted leave from my ward early by the very friendly nurse's there. So i made my way into the big smoke and into college. Apon finding society closed and no one present i went and watched How i met your mother and family guy in the computer lab. I then joined the opening of proceedings for the election with my position of being able to be there still in limbo. A few confused texts too the parental units and queries too those in charge or connected within the society and eventually it was all sealed. The Stonecutter master whom i will Name Percy for some reason came up with the soloution to help me enter a loop hole in the possible name checking of those attending by the Junior Dean. So i doned a society fleece with an Obama button and GammaMan set up his flap-top so as i could check in the names of those attending. Soon we had around 47 people, less but for star trek referance purpose's ill use 47.

The night was set. Election coverage began and the rest slowly but surely became history. I as a slightly middle of the road opinion in regard to america's lack of choice system was torn over who to back or why i should care. Barrack Role, Yes we can and DNC 2004 were all youtube clips of the great man that did sway me a bit but he's a face with buzz words. His true inteligence is hiden from voters, and thats just sketchy. He also is most obviously backed by some shady lobey groups, but who isnt? So in the mits of doubt Hope, Jayne(male name), and i formed a anything but obama corner of the room for a while. Now Jayne was for Ron Paul and Hope a disillousioned Hillary fan didnt really have anything. I as slightly less informed, and weary of both sides desided to support Chilli Willi. WE WANT CHILLI WILLI!!

Alas, i recieved no RHCP. The night wore on and i began to see many a flaw and oddity in the american system. Its flaws arent too bad, but its not exactly a smart or difficult system. States named thier people before 100% or even 10% was counted. It was scary! Backing and giving odd numbers with no population based basis to candidates without full results. By 330am Obama had enough allready that the inclusion of the gaurunteed west coast threesome meant that he had won. So we awaited Mcain's Concession speech. And it came around 400am. The crowd were ugly, booing their loss, but Mcain did a great job and gave an amazing speech, i actually liked him, he didnt seem too bad at all, but Karibu barbie....

So then we waited for Obama speech. It finally came at around 5 am. And it was amazin'. It was also hillarious as i was still slightly cynical and full of caffine so i kept shouting out Rhetoric and heckles to several of his lines, to great comedic timing that i could not replicate to save my life! His kids are now getting a puppy, have fracking sweet is that! The PUPPY SPEECH was born!

As things wound up and we ignored Biden's walk to the podium. Groups parted and a plan was formulated. A certain Legend who will remain annoyminous started to mention the idea of Blue and red shots to celebrate. However no "early bar" was open yet. So in all of the Legend's deligating skills he blagged 15 of us into a hotel in the great bus depot, into the penthouse no less. Slightly bewilldered and hysterical at the great event and the fact we were in a hotel we packed into a lift and got lost in a long dark corridor going back and forth trying to find our room. Once found, we were in AWE! It was THE PENTHOUSE! Now, small hotel, but damn! A balcony, king sized bed, 2 large plasma tv's, a mini-grand piano(broken?) and stairs too a roof garden. A roof garden with its own Jetstream style american Trailer in it! All in shock the champagne was rolled out and we cheered for Obama and the Legend. The many prominant hotch potche's of the big smoke's sky line stood out and we looked on with awe as we stood in the centre of our glorious city with chapagne in had and 24 hours of awake behind a lot of us! Photo's snapped, poses's in bathrobe with a cigar, and pacts for facebook coverage helped the dawn continue. Then we all had Rasher's and Sausege's on toast and a tiny bit more champagne. We retired too the roof again briefly admiring the sun rise and then it was off, promise of those coloured drinks.

We walked too the Bar just on the corner of a large queue and a massive eyesoar and for somereason sense kicked in and we didnt have the american politic's themed drinks. After all, we were all tired and the LEGEND had already forked out for us needlessly for what was an amazing morning! He left to nap and then give a lecture before a radio interview and later a book launch. Our group decreased once again and we went to a small rugby and sailing ship themed bar close too the train and from there we broke up again.........

The story continues but its no where near as interesting but damn what a night! I left out some personal comentary, but in truth i dont need that, this story was amazing as is, and i think that one negative thing for which i did not mention has no barring on what was one of the best nights i have ever had!

Thank you too the Legend and the managing skills of the StoneCutter Percy!

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